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  1. Awful result. Always going to happen playing for a point against a poor Rangers team. Should have gotten right in their faces. As bad as getting pumped that.
  2. It's a shame Mark McGhee just took over at Eastbourne as he'd surely have thrown his name in the hat
  3. Rangers marketing themselves as a Protestant club for Protestants certainly contributes to the issue.
  4. Nothing to fear against these terrorist loving c***s
  5. It's hilarious that they don't realise the reason police/Aberdeen don't want them travelling is because they're fucking scum. Act like scum and you'll be treated as such. Im sure the home support are delighted they'll only be 2000 of the c***s.
  6. It's good to see the Spanish polis see Celtic fans for the mutant b*****ds they are. They seem to get battered and be hated wherever they go, wonder where TGFITW moniker comes from [emoji38]
  7. Title challenge [emoji38] They haven't won a major trophy in eight years [emoji38]
  8. I feel we’re a better side and we should be going into this with no fear. Expecting an absolute shitfest and a narrow home win.
  9. Dundee could have played another 90 minutes and not scored. Despite having less of the play that was a comfortable afternoon and a well deserved three points.
  10. We should be dispatching teams like Dundee if we want to be out the mire but this will be a tough game. I’m going for a hard fought 1-1
  11. The Glasgow Sevco They really are the gift that keeps on giving.
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