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  1. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Very observant,,g,,m,,
  2. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Well done Liam,, ooorrraa best mate,, c u at bellsdale,,, ha ha,
  3. Pollok

    Superb Tommy. Peeing ma breaks here,,
  4. Scores on the doors

    Some you win some you loose plucker ,still canny get the smile aff ma face fa Saturday,,, s,n,I,p,s
  5. Beith v Buffs

    Spot on clash,,,,,

    How's it gone Wiseman ?? Long time no see Hope u an the boy's r good... ooorra best buddy...
  7. Beith V Buffs

    Cherrs buddy.. could not have wrote a better result... still only half..time.. good position tho.. ...... top o the world just now.......... hope i fell the same this time next week at this time.. buffs nae mugs .....
  8. Glens v Beith

    you can take as many as you wont g.b. and pin then on your wall with the rest o the mighty photos u may have... ha.ha
  9. Scores & scorers Sat 19th Dec.

    1 nil hurlford
  10. Linlithgow Rose 2015-16

    The new signing.s look pretty good.. only time will tell.. take care my pal ooorra best ta s.b.a...
  11. Linlithgow Rose 2015-16

    must b yur gid self wishyman thats a bad oweman..... last time you were at bellsdale the game got abandoned.. lol.. hope your well ma gid friend.....
  12. talbot 2 0 pope 48mins 4365 pope
  13. arthurlie 3 buffs 1 hurlford 1 shotts 2 rob roy 1 glencairn 2 mussy 2 nitten 2 edinburgh 2 montrose 2 downfield 3 east craige 1
  14. lie 2 glens 0 maybole 1 shettleston 2 gow 1 deunipace 3 winton 4 rossvale 2 bonnyrigg 2 nitten 2 edinburgh 2 tayport 5