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  1. Much obliged! For some reason I had it in my head that this game was at Arbroath...I already know where the Raith links are ha.
  2. Rare Saturday off for me so gonna tune in. I'm assuming there's a live stream of the game? Watching from England so what's everyone's go-to VPN? Watching on a Mac with Google Chrome if that makes a difference to anything.
  3. SHREE YEAR!? Outstanding. Thought he was brilliant last season. That solo goal he scored at Alloa **chefs kiss**.
  4. Haven't been to Hampden since the Germany game in 2015 having moved to London 6 years ago. Feeling very lucky to have been there last night. What a game, what an atmosphere, what a team. Somehow managed to escape a hangover too. On the train back south now and I've watched the highlights on YouTube about a dozen times. This will prop my mood up for the forseeable future. Ooooooh Yiiisssiiirr!
  5. This has truly evolved into one of p&bs finest hours. Well done everyone.
  6. Put Vaughan in that team and we'd be laughing. We so badly need a replacement for him because Tait is not the answer in his role...either way he's gone in January so McGlynn needs to pull his finger out and get somebody capable in. Frustrating to not win, but that save from OFW was McGurn-esk and worth points on it's own so fair play. Happy to keep Grant in a job for a few more weeks.
  7. Keatings facing up to the rigours of JMcGs training.
  8. Wish I banked away some of that feel good stuff from the Aberdeen game. Needing a big hit of it.
  9. Great draw for the cash. Might be worth an extra player or a set of bionic knees for Lewis Vaughan.
  10. That last 30 minutes of the Hamilton game really came at a heavy price.
  11. Vaughan running rings around MacDonald is my favourite thing about today so far.
  12. As chance would have it, I'm having to make the most fleeting journey back to the kingdom this weekend and there was a big Raith Rovers shaped gap in the middle of my day. Got my tickets! Haven't been to a game since the Montrose game Burns Day 2020. Absolutely buzzing.
  13. Hendry clearly doesn't think like your regular Scottish career footballer, he also said himself he doesn't support anybody in particular so he's thinking long term instead of shooting for the SPL immediately and failing (**cough cough** Armstrong). 1 good season at FGR and his stock will sky rocket, as somebody else said, the potential roof is much higher in England he's gotten himself a bigger shop window to put himself in. I actually think it's a smart move. If he went to L1 or Championship, he'd have a harder time trying to prove himself...I worry for Bowie in that regard, although a completely different situation all together. I'm glad he didn't end up at another jobber scottish club so we don't have to see him improve another team we're competing with. All the best to the Kirkcaldy Modric - what a pler.
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