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  1. There probably is a few parallels happening here. Especially after McGlynn's tenure (who was VERY well backed financially, the most I can remember in my time following Raith), there was definitely a couple of inflated wages we needed to shift. I've absolutely no issue with Murray putting his stamp on the team and booting out the dead wood (sorry Bene) left over, and creating a squad that's in line with his philosophies. I did suspect that this season was maybe a step too far for Berra - when he put in the challenge at the end of the Aberdeen game he had a look on his face that said "urgh, f**k this". Despite the awful timing, I suspect the parting is amicable and Christophe has a gig lined up elsewhere, as well as Murray having plans of what to do with his wages. It just better happen quickly or my happy clapper exterior is gonna give way to the existential dread that I'm feeling within
  2. Definitely feels like a clean break from the old regime. Or as close to it as we could get. I was really disillusioned back in February but now I'm feeling all Rovers-y again.
  3. From what I know about Scott Brown (for what ever this is worth) is that his persona on the pitch is entirely different to his persona off the pitch and that he's actually a fairly good egg. However none of the names being floated around particularly fill me with joy, Scott Brown included. Although the thought of Brown coaching Ross Matthews into the maddest b*****d in Scottish Football does intrigue me just a little.
  4. It's still absolutely scudding me that this was still even allowed to happen in the first place and I've only been half paying attention to the football results for the past few weeks because of it. It's also taken me away from this forum. And that's really made me sad - like great big hole has been been left in a part of my life. It's honestly like I've been dragging my heels after a big breakup, and the club (the ex in this metaphor) have now dumped the new shitehawk boyfriend, realised they've pissed our relationship up the wall and are begging for me to take them back saying "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, you're the only one for me and I realise that now". But I'm still not ready to come back, not yet, not fully... But I probably will go back to them eventually cause I'm a sucker, they're the best I've ever had and I crave this weird masochistic relationship I have with them. I'll probably re-asses at the end of the season, this season is pretty much bust for me. Oh, and David Goodwillie can rot at Clyde for the rest of his miserable little career. Good riddance to the c**t.
  5. How do we start the process of getting these people out of the club?
  6. Woke up and remembered it wasn't just a bad dream. Absolutely gutted. I've supported this club for over 20 years. It's one of the things that's kept myself and my brother close despite living in different continents. It's provided me with some of my happiest memories, until today. I personally know woman who've been on the wrong end of this monstrous crime. Particularly somebody very close to me, who, like Goodwillie's victim, could never get a concrete criminal conviction because of the "he said/she said" about it. This makes me so so so sad. Sold the morals of this once great club for a misguided shot at promotion. I couldn't be more disappointed. I won't be supporting until he's gone, and I will be contacting the club to explain why I can't in good faith follow the club down this avenue and I encourage anybody who feels the same way to do the same.
  7. This is playing out beat for beat the same way the season we got relegated.
  8. Happy enough with Gullan. Seems like a good egg (i.e. not a rapist) and there's clearly a player there and he's a known quantity. He'll definitely contribute and it's competition which hopefully will push an extra couple of percents from Varian and Poplatnik too.
  9. Curve ball from McGlynn with that line-up. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Been looking forward to this all week...been in covid isolation since boxing day. Would take another 5-1.
  10. Add me to the list of massively appreciative people who were daft enough to leave the kingdom and rely on the exemplary work of Raith TV to stay connected to the club. Outstanding work as always.
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