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  1. Happy Ramsdens Cup day! I'd only just started seeing my current girlfriend of 6 years when the cup final happened and I managed to get a last minute ticket to the game, totally ditching her important plans. She wasn't happy at the time, but I sure as hell was. Best decision I ever made. When the goal went in I lost my wallet too, I spent the next 2 minutes scrambling around looking for it, for an auld codger to find it 2 rows ahead of me. What a day. I miss football.
  2. Amazing effort from everyone. Well done! A little light an in otherwise dismal week. Imagine if Alan Young and Drysdale were still at the club? Probably would've just said to void the league, boarded up the doors and said "Cannae stand in Corona's way, eh".
  3. I live less than a mile from Craven Cottage and a good pal of mine is a Fulham fan. Got a reason to see another team now that's not The Rovers ­čĹŹdelighted for Bowie. What an opportunity he's got.
  4. The novelty of Baird scoring against a former team that's not us would be lovely.
  5. I'd rather McGlynn looked for a RB and a Striker first tbh
  6. I like it! Improvement on the last home strip in my opinion which I never felt was very Raith Rovers-y
  7. Blind optimism setting in. However expect to be in a hoor of a mood come 6pm. I'll be watching on Alba while setting up for tonight's gig here in London while explaining to the folk I'm with why two teams they've never heard of are so tightly woven into just how happy I'll be for the rest of day.
  8. Days like today make me really hate living so far away.
  9. I'm more pleased for you, Wardy, than any of the rest of us.
  10. Barry couldn't motivate a Labrador to eat its dinner. #SmithOut
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