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  1. Showed a good bit of dig and grit to break down a very defensive set up in the 2nd half. Disappointed with Dunbar, they showed some nice touches and the goal was a well worked training ground routine, but utterly ruined the game with needless heavy tackles and general bad sportsmanship Hamilton was excellent while he was on, disappointing that he raised his hand and got sent off would have been great to see more of him. Big Alassan looked good when he came on, as did the two trialists who came on a bit later. Excited to see how we do this season in the league
  2. Absolutely ruined a great friendly with their antics, especially embarrassing considering they're winning right now
  3. BU twitter only said "new coach"
  4. Was there anyone else on a longer contract. Hope Ryan Stevenson resigns, definitely a useful player for us the couple seasons he's been here
  5. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/were-disappointed-to-lose-him-boness-united-boss-max-christie-signs-spaniard-after-long-serving-keepers-shock-exit-3724155?fbclid=IwAR0F3gpCV4Oy19Yhg4TGA_M0r1-2W7lN-ooayXf-ciNVoMuCC6hOgWa0ejY Nick Locke signed on for next season and 2 new signings John Ward, 18, from Berwick Rangers where he'd been on an amateur contract. Described as a utility man who can play full back or in midfield. Alassan Jones, 21, ex Dundee United, L:ivingston and Haddington Athletic attacking midfielder who can also play up front according to Max. Was on loan at Bonnyrigg for the aborted 20/21 season.
  6. East of Scotland League forum for this pish
  7. after you lot have made a mockery of the league it wouldnt be a suprising development. The sooner a rival gets formed with actual teams and Bo'ness and the other 3 teams with integrity get out the better at this stage, want nothing to do with diddy wee hobby teams with old firm egotists with money funding them
  8. 11 clubs staffed or owned by cowardly, greedy idiots willing to dig even deeper into the pile of crap they put the LL in already.
  9. Stood by Max for a long time and been against some of the stuff said about him but I fear he has taken us as far as he can, that said who's to come in and do a better job? It also doesn't help that there is a Mr Big in Bo'ness but he made the choice to create his own ego fed team and has helped make the job of recruitment if players and sponsors that much harder.
  10. Back again for the first time in a while today! Mon the BU!
  11. All the best to Kieran, same to Reis Peggle and Michael McFarlane who are headed back to their parent clubs. Need some signings in to replace them, and hopefully someone can find Craig Comrie at some point?
  12. Remember him being decent for us during that loan spell, good to see more reinforcement in defense for sure
  13. We've signed 18 year old Forward Gregor Nichol from Queens Park on loan till the end of the season Confirmation on QP website that loan was completed in time for him to be able to be in squad for tomorrow's game
  14. Also big congratulations to Kieran Anderson on reaching 100 appearances for the club, been crucial to a number of big moments in that time, he scored the goal that secured us our last superleague title, and was heavily involved in the Elgin comback to name just a couple
  15. Simply werent good enough yesterday but 4-1 more than flattered the Colts, big turning point for me was right at the start of the 2nd half when the ref should have shown a 2nd yellow to the Colts 3 but absolutely crapped out of it. That and 2 goals for the Colts involving an offside (1st) and a handball (3rd) made for frustrating viewing, but their other two goals were really well taken. Hope both the Colts goalie and Kyle Wilson arent as hurt as as first looked, a real nasty collision.
  16. Colts sent out to the local divers club for a couple players today, couple really pathetic examples of simulation
  17. Sadly youre ages away from the action at Broadwood but hopefully will just mean a better view of some stunning BU goals!
  18. Mitchell who is listed as a GK is the BU goalkeeper coach. So yes it looks like we have 3 goalies in the squad tonight. there I was thinking it was a good sign we finally had a full bench again (albeit one with Darren Gribben somehow on it)
  19. 2 goalies on bench? BU twitter says theres also a Mitchell (GK) on thebench
  20. Lithgy trying to break the record for most signings of rivals rejects or something?
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