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  1. I defer to someone better in the know, maybe going off a couple weeks back in my mind like an eejit
  2. Only failed to score in one game so far this season in the league (Blackburn at home 1-0 to them) and on top of that still the team with the most goals scored in the league. All these 1 or 2 goal wins add up as a season goes on
  3. Moving away from the circular nonsense about Juniors joining at tier 5/6 or whatever theres also serious discussions still to be had about the farce that is promotion to the LL and the relegation/promotion situation between tier 4 and 5. I think Max Christie is totally spot on here. https://centralfm.co.uk/sportcentral/
  5. You will be the same team soon anyways. Should be focusing on your team's relegation battle, how did you enjoy barely beating nitten at home last night?
  6. One of the places our early season injury crisis was hit hardest by, plus the guy can play full back as well? When Sauchie visited they had a couple of decent looking players who for whatever reason just didnt gel with one another, cant write people off before they've even had a chance to play.
  7. no place for Declan McAvoy or Chris Mackie in this duds 11? Inclusion of Mark Cowan is more than a bit unfair as he actuallu did contribute some goals for us in the time he wasn't injured. Also harsh on Mark Peat when Connor Wallace was around this decade
  8. Nothing disgusting about a studs up challenge that saw a young player having to be helped off the pitch? Someone really is seething tonight huh?
  9. Guess this thread is probably the best place to put this question, who makes your Team of the Decade? Had a good chat about this today with Jambo and Dave and we came up with a 4-3-3 of Murphy/Jamieson Snowdon Duffin McQueen Hunter Shirra Gemmell Sloan Walker Hislop Gribben Never decided on a bench, but personally I would have one of the two keepers above plus, Stevenson, Campbell, Wright, Keast.
  10. Almost like we had an understanding of your tactics and knew how to nullify them. Btw Alan whats your thoughts on that disgusting tackle on McKenzie seeing as you're deflecting about the lino laughing about it?
  11. That should have been the end of our relationship with Junior football, from that moment on any credibility in staying junior was gone for me personally
  12. Superb by Penicuik and Broxburn today, doing the EOS proud!
  13. Perfectly happy with us winning ugly if necessary, better than playing beautifully and losing, another clean sheet today as well which is a plus defense dealt with HoB well
  14. Come back to this video every so often, so great to watch that atmosphere, brings you back to the game
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