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  1. Transformers 8/10 Excellent, very funny too which i wasn't expecting.
  2. When you go to grab a pritt stick to stick in all your uni work into a sketchbook for your final presentation of the year tommorrow and its all dried up. Going to microwave it, see if that works.
  3. Raided Zaavi the other for their 3 for £20 deal. DejaVu - 7/10, really good plot and good ending. Die Hard 4.0 - 9/10, i'm baised as the Die Hard Series is my favourite of all time but the stunts were absolutely brilliant even if the storyline was a bit far fetched but its an action movie, after all. I know i'll get slated here but here goes anyway... High School Musical - 9/10, fucking brilliant sunday afternoon type of movie. Loved it.
  4. Making a long awaited shopping thread comeback here... Bought these beauties today for T in the Park... £42
  5. Blue sides of the city are always the best sides
  6. Clubland 12 Dunno why really, it helps sometimes when i'm doing uni work on the PC but then P&B undoes the goodwork dance music does.
  7. Good luck chuck. 7/10 Good laughs, "SEX! ITS JUST SEX!" That and the bit where he walks in on his mate masterbatingiwth a grapfruit
  8. Coup


    Editors were excellent on Sunday night
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