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  1. Doyle runs about more than any other player I've seen for us before - mostly in a good way. Glad we'll get another season of him bombing down the wing in the 93rd minute for no apparent reason, plus he's great on Twitter. Definitely the most positive I've felt about our squad before the end of the transfer window in a long time!
  2. It's going to be really funny when we don't even make the playoffs...
  3. Real shame Andy's stopping the Periscopes. Especially for idiots like me who prioritised the rest of life over football.
  4. That was as shite as it was predictable. Fighting over 2nd it is then...
  5. Fair play to the St Mirren fans. Outsinging any team after losing any cup final is what it's all about. Still though, GET DOON.
  6. Did Alan Menamin ever score a goal as significant as Kudus' last week?
  7. STILL seething despite winning the league. Jesus wept I wonder if it occurs to any of the Dundee seethers that their team losing to an already-relegated Morton side with basically nothing about it is far more suspicious than an atrocious team getting pumped by a team bound for the top tier...
  8. Is it over the top to call this a season-defining game now?
  9. Is there a Periscope for this? Would be great to watch: [Dundee United make an arse of it / the Paisley relegation express] Delete as appropriate.
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