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  1. Gardyne was shite for us, McInally didn't have a clue what to do with him. I'd imagine that didn't help the case for him signing for us.
  2. Brechin fans greeting about a penalty, after losing by a 3-goal margin. You lot and the seaside league forums suit each other to a T...
  3. ^^^^ Tragic patter. Quitongo will put this lot to the sword, in what will be his last great performance before being tapped up and then will be gone by January... maybe.
  4. Having to go to East Stirling to gloryhunt Lowland League forum for this pish.
  5. the nice thing about biased commentators on ClubTV is that, no matter how shite/biased/roaster-friendly it is, nothing will ever top the detestable and hilarious RangersTV (e.g. their "Dublin-born Conor Pepper" comment before we scored at Ibrox a few seasons back)
  6. The rapid decline of wee Archie always makes me sad. A wee ned who could finish pretty well and was pretty quick. He shone with us because of Peter Weatherson I think - Spoonsy's experience of partnering a whole bunch of (roaster) poacher-type strikers definitely helped.
  7. Will never forget in the league one season, a Morton fan calling the Brechin 'keeper a "Purple c**t" on account of the kit colour. One Brechin fan then proceeded to take great offence at this, going off on a completely unintelligible, tear-stained rant. Was it you? It sounds like it was you.
  8. Scenes from behind the goal. Tontastic rapid as ever
  9. Is this your first ever game in Scottish football? Most teams outside the top tier can't handle more than a few hundred fans. Anyway, GIRFUY
  10. Harkins' goal is even better from here - just glides into the net from nowhere
  11. Sorry for the small size, but... The seething St Mirren fan falling over the gate sums up their day perfectly.
  12. That was extremely pleasing. By no means a perfect performance, but comprehensive and ultimately well deserved. Both teams were absolutely chronic going forward at times, but both of our goals form open play were very well taken and nicely worked. Special mention to the greeting-faced wee b*****d Stelios. On a less animous note: what happened with the fan that got stretchered off? Is he okay?
  13. Getting the fans involved is great, and the correct decision given the initial shiter of a kit we were going to have. But clubs should really be hiring staff capable of selecting at least a half-decent kit - involving the fans by choice is a positive step, but needing to involve them is a whole other story. To sing the glories of averting a potential commercial disaster... why not examine how the disaster nearly happened in the first place?
  14. Last 5 games for us will be great fun. Win the league in Paisley on the 21st of April? Aye that'd be sound.
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