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  1. Michael Tidser, Puskas Award. All the years.
  2. http://eastkilbridefootballclub01.businesscatalyst.com/announcements/club-statement-2 Billy Stark leaves EKFC for "a full-time external opportunity". Now that would be funny.
  3. https://gmfc.net/2018/04/30/from-the-office-of-the-new-chairman/ - statement from the new man at the head of the table. Unfortunately it seems the website's crashed. #BoxOffice EDIT: just read it... it's very vague, but making the right sort of noises at least.
  4. "Our target is the Premiership" "4th place is fine though"
  5. Danny Lennon at 6/1 can get in the sea.
  6. Are you blaming Duffy's departure for players leaving at the end of their contract?
  7. Fair point, but if Duffy's involved in it then that's a very strange way to announce your departure.
  8. Will believe it when it's shown somewhere that isn't the fucking Sun.
  9. Morton v ICT

    This is going exactly as expected.
  10. Morton v ICT

    It's no coincidence that his best form came when partnering either Peter Weatherson or Peter MacDonald up front. Archie's a proper poacher, and almost certainly a roaster, so seems like he really needed that support & experience alongside him.
  11. Morton v ICT

    I was just looking to see who Duffy signed, and it really is hard to imagine how we ended up with the relegation squad. An utterly bizarre collection of no-marks, shitebags and wasters.
  12. Morton v ICT

    It's hard to say where to draw the line, but on the line about losing the dressing room... Duffy's a good coach, but not a tactician and not great in the transfer market (with a couple of exceptions). The players clearly like training with him, and that obviously plays a big part in the player/manager relationship. I wonder if the lottery-numbers team selections have something to do with the run of defeats: If you know that the actual result doesn't mean you'll [get picked again/be dropped], does that not have an impact on the players' mentality?
  13. We can only completely f**k our entire season up once a season...