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  1. Need to get some new players in, some of them are dross
  2. TigerKing 2 as expected wasn’t up to much
  3. Fans celebrating is class, what it’s all about. Two teams who were average, we didn’t deserve to win it as we offered nothing bar a wonder-strike. Wighton was a shitebag all night, an absolute waste of a place. Substitutes were bizarre, Dow had a mare and was left on. Pybus was taken off too early then we camped on our own box for last 15 mins and it was inevitable Raith would equilize.
  4. How bad is Wighton? Absolute waste of space. Todorov not much better tbh.
  5. The game is absolutely awful like the past 3 years. My son will play career mode but I won’t bother. Switching players is so broken
  6. 2 pish teams. We are absolutely shocking. Them substitutions were an embarrassment
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