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  1. Thought Kelty were a good footballing team? Not seen them string 2 passes together. Just pump it the way they are facing. Talbot well worth the lead so far, been by far the better team
  2. We Are Pars Fans!

    FIFA 20

    Played a couple of matches, the gameplay is really slow n players had no movement. Will give it more of a try later on
  3. We Are Pars Fans!

    FIFA 20

    WebApp now available
  4. We are honking. No shape, no passing, no threat.. I can’t even work out what formation we are supposed to be playing. For the past 6 months we have just booted the ball high to a lone striker. Time is up for Craw, totally out his depth. Get the bonnet in.
  5. 09/03/19 was last time we won, beat Alloa 1-0, that’s mental
  6. When was the last time we won a league game? Must be around 6 months
  7. Got to have Cochrane in for Paton next week (I know this won’t happen). McGill looked out his depth and Gill no better than Scully. Hope injury to Lang isn’t bad.
  8. We will take Dobbie if you want rid [emoji23] will chuck in Scully and Devine for free as good will
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