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  1. Queens v Dundee United

    First half was abysmal. Totally outplayed by United all over the park, we could have been 4 down at the break. We just didn’t look interested, and aimless forward passes and punts in the general direction of no-one in particular was our chief tactic. After spending the first ten minutes or so musing on how much more verdant the roof of the venerable old fire hazard masquerading as a main stand looked than the pitch, and how pitifully weak our sub’s bench is (first XI for the Championship, bench for the Lowland League), I was soon compelled to turn my thoughts to just how pitiful the first team is: Midfield non-existent, defence feeble (I’ll largely exempt Semple from this, he looks half decent), attacking threat minimal. Second half was much better, but many more first periods like that and we’ll be down by Easter. Harkins came onto a game, Doyle was busy, Dykes put himself about. We played with much more purpose, and might have stolen an unlikely, and over the piece not quite deserved, point. If this is the squad we’re going with for the rest of the season, we’ll be in trouble. We need 2 or 3 additions at least.
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Goodnight Mommy Austrian psychological horror film. Available on Amazon Prime. The ‘twist’ is fairly obvious. I spotted it about 10 minutes in, but it didn’t remotely spoil my enjoyment of this stylish, though admittedly glacially-paced movie. It looks immaculate - great cinematography and a nicely-sustained mood of escalating dread. Quite a melancholy film, and probably not for everyone, but I’ll be interested to see what directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala do next. 8/10
  3. PPI Claims

    They didn’t seem to have one, they just refused to pay. I think that’s their default position, certainly at first, in the hope that applicants just give up and go away. It was complicated by the fact that HBOS had been taken over by Lloyds and they’d farmed the insurance out, so there were several layers of impenetrable bureaucracy involved, enabling various departments to deny responsibility. I was surprised they stuck to that position though, given their obvious liability, and the level of business I do / did with the Bank.
  4. PPI Claims

    I had a cast iron case as the BOS mortgage I’d originally taken PPI out on had been paid back in full 12 years ago when I changed my mortgage provider. BOS kept charging me for the PPI for another decade or so, even though the mortgage no longer existed. For a long time I assumed the direct debit to BOS insurance was for home and contents or something, until I got a letter saying my monthly PPI payments were changing. I immediately got onto BOS and demanded a refund, which I assumed would be a formality. I’d underestimated the Bank’s willingness to contest an open and shut case, and despite charging me PPI on a mortgage that hadn't existed for over a decade, they (bizarrely) refused to settle. Took them to the Ombusdman and, after a wait of about a year, got considerably more (well over 8k) than I’d have been prepared to settle for in the first place.
  5. Early Season predictions

    Is there any suggestion that the benefactor has made his (rather generous) payment of Dobbie’s wages conditional upon Dobbie being selected for the first XI? Is there a realistic possibility that any Queens fan, of reasonably sound mind, thinks Dobbie shouldn’t be in the first XI?
  6. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    In contrast with a few of the opinions expressed so far, I didn’t think Motherwell were any great shakes, but they didn’t have to be. Comfortable win for them. Might have been different if Semple had scored that early header, as he should have done. Dobbie did well to carve out a couple of opportunities to shoot early on too, but his efforts never looked likely to beat the Motherwell keeper. After a flurry of chances in the first 10 minutes we resorted to just lashing the ball aimlessly forward for much of the rest of the half, bypassing the midfield, and invariably handing possession straight back to the opposition. Not quite sure what it is about Queens and that man of many clubs, Conor Sammon, but he must wish he could play us every week. Utterly inept on the occasions I’ve seen him play for Hearts, and a figure of fun down Gorgie way, he looks like a world-beater against us. Probably more of an indictment of the Queens defence than a testament to Sammon. Harkins is both brilliant and frustrating - supremely skilled, he strolls about at walking pace. Caught in possession a little too often in the first half, he was head and shoulders above the rest of the team in the second. Fancy him to do well for us in the Championship. Dobbie showed glimpses of quality too, but started wandering down cul-de-sacs as the game wore on, trying to do too much himself. Might have scored with that late header, but 2-1 would have flattered us a bit. Todd played quite well again, was slightly surprised he was the first to be subbed. Dykes did ok in the air, winning a few aerial challenges (he seems to have improved in that department), though his knock downs rarely went to a Queens player. Fordyce looked distinctly shaky, as did the full backs at times. I quite like the look of Semple, though he definitely didn’t ingratiate himself to the home support when he took Bowman out. I’ve seen Doyle twice now and I’m still not sure exactly what it is that he does, though he certainly does it enthusiastically. ‘Utility man’ I guess. Not convinced he’s all that much of a footballer, but he’s fit enough and looks busy. Jacobs was relatively ineffective, but I almost always think that. Our first XI looks like it’s capable of holding its own in the Championship (Dobbie and Harkins qualities alone should ensure that), but God knows what will happen when injuries and suspensions kick in. If getting out of the group stages of this competition is going to be the determining factor in releasing funds to bolster the squad, then let’s hope we progress.
  7. R.I.P. Alan. Fantastic keeper and a true Queens legend. Still have vivid memories of him playing on at Ayr in the Scottish Cup with a broken ankle.
  8. First look at Queens this season and hard to draw many conclusions from a game that resembled a training session for most of its duration, second half especially. Felt we started quite slowly, but burst into life midway though the first half with a flurry of goals. Dykes took the first really well, lobbing the keeper nicely, and Dobbie was never going to miss when put though for the second. Martin did well with a quick kick out to set up the second. Both simple route one goals against a shaky Edinburgh City defence. The next two goals were well worked and involved some nice quick interplay. Very impressed with Harkins, we've not had a player of this quality in the middle of the park since Tosh. Semple looks like a class act in central defence, strong and competitive, but he’ll have few easier afternoons than this one. Dobbie is Dobbie - 2 goals and should really have been 3 as the ref gave Antell the benefit of the doubt at the end when Dobbie stole it off him, without the goalie ever really looking he had it under control. Dykes looked a handful, and should have had another from a late header, with Antell making a decent stop. Martin looked assured. Impressed with his distribution. Todd did ok too. Not overly impressed with Queens subs Murray and Bell - we looked weaker when they came on - but to be fair the game had petered out by then.
  9. Don’t know much about Doyle as a footballer, but his actions in Magaluf suggest he is exactly the type of character you’d want in the trenches with you, and by extension on the pitch and in the dressing room. Wish him well during his time at Palmerston .
  10. On Dobbie - it’s pushing it to describe the top scorer in the Championship for the last two seasons running (jointly with Jason Cummings the season before last, by a distance last year) and a member of the PFA Scottish Championship Team of the Year, also short-listed for Player of the Year, for both 2016-17 (when there were clearly better players in the league than there are now - John McGinn, Cummings et al) and 2017-18 as ‘a long way’ from the best in the league. While the claim that Harkins and Dobbie are the best two players in the league is clearly hyperbolic, the suggestion that Dobbie is a long way from that level is clearly wrong. He’s always been one of the very best players in the Championship, in every season that he’s played in it.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    Was at the London Sevens over the weekend with my son. Highly enjoyable couple of days. Still can’t fathom the draw though. Our group had the teams ranked 1 (Fiji), 3 (NZ), 7 (Argentina) and 10 (ourselves) in the current IRB Sevens series standings, whereas guest side Ireland got Australia (4), Spain (13) and Wales (14). Absolutely no excuse for these ‘seedings’. Hard to resist the conclusion that the hosts didn’t want Scotland raining on their parade by walking off with the Cup for the third year running. That said, Scotland didn’t show up all weekend. We had our moments on Saturday, without actually ever threatening to beat NZ or Fiji, then lost against Argentina from a winning position. Tough group for sure, however there was no excuse for losing to Russia on Sunday morning, after being 14-0 up then enjoying an extra man for 2 mins after a yellow card offence by our opponents. An inexcusable decision to kick the ball aimlessly forward rather than keep it in hand (when an overlap was on and the tryline at our mercy) during the period of numerical supremacy summed up our weekend. Getting absolutely skelped by a very poor Samoa side in the 13th / 14th place play off was pathetic. The team looked dispirited by that stage. Noticeable that whereas most of the nations came out to mingle with the supporters after their interest in the competition had ended, posing for photos and signing autographs, Scotland didn’t reappear. We usually beef the side up a bit for London, though no sign of that this weekend. Jamie Farndale was decent, most of the rest were poor. Assume Riddell and Graham sustained injuries as they didn’t appear for the later matches. Watching the high intensity, high tempo warm ups by the likes of USA and Fiji, contrasted starkly with Scotland’s relatively relaxed, lackadaisical pre-match approach. Not sure why we we were so off the pace, we just didn’t look up for it at all. By contrast, Ireland were really fired up and performed well above expectations. I know there are issues relating to future funding of the Scotland Sevens side, and rumours of a combined GB Sevens side as we approach the next Olympic cycle seem to be resurfacing, but the France match apart, Scotland looked worryingly demoralised and disinterested at times. Winners Fiji were absolutely brilliant. A joy to watch. Pace, power and skill throughout their squad.
  12. Peru v Scotland - Wed 30th May 2018

    Having watched 3 matches on TV this week from start to finish (Scotland v Togo in Toulon, Champions League Final and Peru v Scotland), I’m left with three general impressions, from a parochial Scottish point of view. 1) Andy Robertson has improved immeasurably since joining Liverpool and now looks like a world class full back. Been a long time since we’ve had a player absolutely thriving at the top level. We’re lucky to have him. 2) There are, at best, a handful of players spread over the Scotland squads in Toulon and Peru, that we’ve seen in action so far, that might have at least some peripheral future utility at international level. 3) The rest - you’d be as well chopping them up and using them as kindling.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    Going to the London Sevens at the weekend. Ridiculously tough group for holders Scotland - Fiji, New Zealand and Argentina
  14. Toulon Tourney 2018

    The big guy that they were launching long balls up towards, in this instance, was Fraser Hornby.
  15. Toulon Tourney 2018

    Looked like Burke took a bit of a strop after being substituted. Thought Hornby has looked ok tbh, but a very ordinary performance overall.