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  1. Is there somewhere to safely park my bike around the stadium?
  2. Thanks for that. Is winner automatically promoted or is there further play off v LL team?
  3. Darvel the new Gretna? Completely unsustainable long term. https://footballssoul.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/the-sad-demise-of-gretna-fc-a-warning-for-clubs-south-of-the-border/
  4. Fair play to Mick Kennedy for this. Nice wee report from Reece as well. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=365067AFF452D4CD!120&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AHbvTd2TF2wWnB4
  5. So what's next for Darvel? Can anyone spell out the play off schedule and opponents?
  6. You are quite correct commenting on the Lowland League is not in any way outrageous. However the OP said he hadn't heard ANYTHING from the Darvel mouths in recent weeks.
  7. Interesting how Gall seems to conduct himself well when relating to Killie yet the real character seems to come out when speaking about Darvel and their opponents.
  8. Kennedy greeting about the "guest teams" in Lowland League and Darren "the mouth" Miller moaning that winning the league should guarantee them promotion. As if they didn't know the rules at the beginning of the season. And these comments are just in the past 24 hours. They just can't help themselves responding on Twitter. And of course Gall had his rant a couple of weeks ago about how Darvel were the only team playing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Of course totally ignorant to the fact that they have had more home games postponed than any other club due to the state of their park.
  9. What happened to the goalie Ruddy? Injured or binned already? there certainly was some talk on here that he wasn't very good when he signed.
  10. To a certain extent I am kinda torn on the Darvel question as in normal circumstances I will support the underdog. However the exception to the rule is where the previous underdog has obviously bought their way to where they are. Darvel, PSG and potentially Newcastle come into that category .
  11. Looking at how Kennedy has behaved on here is certainly not the definition of class as I would understand it. I have no concern about him wanting to do the best for his own team however to claim he is the "fairest manager in football" does seem rather far fetched to me. Kennedy has been hugely critical of the guest teams and potentially what they are buying yet does not have the honesty and self reflection to see that his current club are buying their way through the leagues also. Obviously the the poster who doesn't like Rangers does not understand the meaning of sustainable. The current set up at Darvel is not sustainable long term though hopefully everyone involved will make efforts to change that and the local community will benefit.
  12. That's poor though not surprising. 100% a plastic franchise club as you say. And the manager has the cheek to be critical of the Guest Teams in the LL. He really needs to take a long look at himself and his current club in the mirror.
  13. If they weren't playing competitive matches surely they would be travelling down to Darvel for training? Presumably they knew what they were agreeing to when they agreed to take the big money? Of course that is one of the problems Darvel face when importing players and perhaps something they should have considered when signing so many from outside Ayrshire. Of course it could be argued that recent signings have tried to address that situation?
  14. Is Jack Ruddy injured or has he been found out already and dropped?
  15. Really not sure what happened to Darvel today? Normally Kennedy, Miller and Gall keep us updated via social media but they seem to have lost their voices this evening . Has the dream died? Can they afford to spend even more money next season on both their squad and the dodgy pitch or will they return to mid table mediocrity?
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