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  1. I agree 100%.Its not like there is limited space in the stadium.We have more empty seats that filled seats most weeks. For a large number of our away games recently we were told we MUST buy tickets in advance only to be told in the 24 hours before the game that tickets will be available on the day. Such difficulties together with the pricing hardly encourages fans to attend games and that's before the game starts. The product on the park aint great either so some would say why bother and indeed many don't bother.
  2. That's poor service from us however I'd ask why didn't folk buy tickets in advance? It is the responsibility of both clubs to encourage advance purchase of tickets in such a situation when tickets are required for entry. Actually I thought there would be more than the 1,000+ St Mirren fans that attended.
  3. Hope every one of them is caught and charged!Apparently the clowns on FF don't seem to think the offenders have done anything wrong at all?They really do seem to think they are hard done by-incredible! I cannot many of their own will grass them in but hopefully there will be plenty law abiding citizens who know who these eejits are. I would also hope the police will demand the details from rangers of all the individuals they sold tickets too.
  4. Just as well we have a centre back this season who can tie shoelaces as we may have struggled with lasts seasons incumbent.
  5. Absolutely shocking ticket prices from Celtic for this one.£30 for perhaps the worst away section in Scottish football is a ridiculous price to pay. I think for Killie this is the first time we have been charged £30 for a league game anywhere.And Celtic fans have the cheek to display a banner moaning about pricing.Though it may have been a dig at their own club too?
  6. Oh dear.Correct then that it is mentioned in the delegates report. Thank you @Bairnardo
  7. Can anyone tell me the words to this song that make it so bad?
  8. Classic whataboutery Can you answer the question ?
  9. Whats the words to this song that make it so bad.
  10. Packie Bonner was saying last night that Tierney was joining Arsenal to play in the Champions League! Very good Packie
  11. Court appearance and stadium ban for the pitch invading idiot and SFA appearance and ban for the clown Goldson! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4580024/rangers-goldson-pitch-invasion-kilmarnock-signed-photo/
  12. Obviously the folk with the forged tickets have known what they were doing and decided to get in early thus denying the real ticket holder entry. Seems very strange that in the two matches played using the new ticketing system 13,000 Killie fans have managed to get in trouble free yet there are huge problems with sevco?
  13. If you don't have a valid ticket you deserve to be outside for the full match.
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