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  1. Personally if the season was declared over and reconstruction was an option, I'd like to see us go too 16-10-10-10 Nobody gets relegated from their respective leagues and the top 4 in each league from are promoted.
  2. As clear a red card as you'll see. Hibs got away with the prize there
  3. After having a tremendous group stage, to lose a team, which lets be frank here are bang average. is extremely disappointing. All 4 goals conceded in this tie are all laughably bad goals to lose aswell. I mean we werent great in the 1st half tonight, but still looked comfortable and created the better chances but after Jozo's howler in the 2nd half everything went to shit in a hurry and the team panicked and too many players just simply weren't at the races. ach well 😕
  4. Yeah , going into this window signing a CH should have been or no.1 priority along with a new striker. And yet for some reason we've decided we're all set in that position. We are one Chris Jullien injury away from being in abit of bother at CH. Ach well, i'm sure our board know what they're doing 🙄
  5. Talk of yer manager getting arrested in Edinburgh. Whats going on there?
  6. Good 3 points in the end, always wary of a european hangover but we get the job done.
  7. I think if he does well at St Johnston theres a big chance he'll probably just stay. Doesn't have a future with us with El Hamed and Frimpong.
  8. New Lindemann song that was released last week is a fucking belter.
  9. Looking forward to the game this weekend. Team just about picks itself at the moment, only question mark is who join's Forrest and Christie in the 3 behind Edouard. Going with: Forster ElHamed Ajer Jullien Bolingoli Brown McGregor Christie Ntcham Forrest Edouard Hopefully this game goes better than our past several visits to Easter Road in the league, the form book certainly suggests so. But ye never know.....
  10. It was great to see the reception Sinclair got tonight. Some of the biggest chears of the night were when he first came out to warmup, when he got on the park and when he scored. His song was getting belted out by everyone aswell. So the fans still believe in the guy, Hopefully Lenny does too and when the chance does come he grabs it with both hands.
  11. 1st half was atrocious, 2nd half was much better. Ntcham was brilliant and Frimpong looks promising. Gordon won't be troubling Fraser for the no.1 spot anytime soon either (I get that the Partick goal was disallowed but why he on his line the whole time when the guys runs in and heads it inside the 6 yard box 😕 )
  12. If Lenny is going to be making many changes, i would hope he atleast gives Brown and McGregor a break, dont really want these guys playing 50+ games again this season. Also sucks that Taylor is cuptied as this would have been ideal game to give him his first start. Could also be one of the few times we'll see Sinclair this season. Forster Bauer ElHamed Jullien Hayes Ntcham Ajer Morgan/Arzani Rogic Elyounoussi Bayo Should be a routine win, 3/4-0 i'd say
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