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  1. Only seen a youtuber playing it and it looked good fun, downloaded through plus so will give it a go. Do you get split screen? EDIT: No, you don't. Fucking boo. Och well, seemed like something the wife might like to play, but I thought that about A Way Out and apparently I was wrong.
  2. I should say, I was EXACTLY the same. White Orchard just seemed...meh. I was a lot earlier to the game, so hadn't had the hype, but remember thinking that I'd probably put the game down. Decided I'd give it a little longer and the benefit of the doubt. Now it's probably still my favourite game ever. For me the writing, story and quests are its main strength, but struggling to remember anything from White Orchard. But it is an acquired taste. Seems like you'll either adore the game or hate it, so not going to tell you you're wrong or anything. I'd give it a little longer, maybe you'll get into it.
  3. What's season 5 like for those that have played? Hear there's some decent map changes, so will give it a go.
  4. forameus

    FIFA 20

    2 89+ pack apparently coming either tonight or tomorrow. List of players possible from those packs are actually quite attractive, but there are a handful of NIF players that people are ABSOLUTELY going to pack.
  5. The wording of that suggests that there's little chance of fans in the Playoffs for anyone, regardless of circumstances. Not great for our semi-final, but should mean a more level playing field for a potential tricky away tie.
  6. Good to actually have something concrete to plan towards now, even though it is still months away. Question now is whether there'll be attendances by then. I'd earmarked Broadwood as a good one to slip off to while the wife and kid were at the in-laws just up the road, but doubt we'll be at that stage by October (although would love to be proved wrong) Stuart Bannigan. He's not a tramp he's the captain of a U-boat. I hope we don't end up giving him DAS BOOT! Ha! Shite, I know.
  7. Oh I don't know. You never been down the local Spoons and saw some mad lad do a swanton off a ladder during a brawl? Tale as old as time.
  8. Yeah, I'd say it was a typical WWE B-show PPV. Sold-to-good matches, few good moments, and some really questionable stuff thrown in for good measure. Have to say, when WWE have a moment that, in kayfabe, is supposed to be really, really serious, but is instead utterly ridiculous, there is nothing funnier than the announcers covering the moment like they're reporting on a grisly murder that happened right in front of them. From memory, there was slightly less of a reaction when they had to announce the real death of Owen Hart.
  9. From memory, they were really, really different to each other. The first one was quite dark, protagonist being the usual shuffling, gravelly-voiced "honest I'm a hacker, not an action hero". The second one really changed up and put a lot more humour and light into the game. The core of both is largely unchanged though, and it's an Ubisoft open-world game, so you can already predict what you're getting. In terms of whether you need to play the first one? Nah. Second one is probably a better game, and they're not direct sequels. I'd skip it, unless you want to sink in the hours to get through it. I enjoyed both of them.
  10. Bodying the Irish league on some kind of International Waters based aircraft carrier? Count me in.
  11. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Hard to get excited about that kind of pack, particularly if it is 82 or 83. That would be too high considering some of the rubbish that will be in there.
  12. forameus

    FIFA 20

    That Belotti card...hell, even that Verdi card. Fucking ooft. Wonder if I really hammer it whether I can complete any Serie A objectives and finish this game the way I started it as a Serie A side.
  13. The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Apollo Crews (C) vs MVP for the WWE United States Championship. Match result - Apollo Crews Bayley (C) vs Nikki Cross for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Match result - Bayley Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins in an Eye for an Eye match. Match result - Seth Rollins Asuka (C) vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. Match result - Asuka Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Swamp Fight. Match result - Bray Wyatt Drew McIntyre (C) vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship. Match result - Drew McIntyre
  14. forameus

    FIFA 20

    I finished Last of Us 2 so decided to play a few games last night. In about 5 games, got the usual mix of people far, far too good for the level they were playing at, antagonistic replay watchers, and first-thing subbers. Like slipping on a warm coat, but it's warm because of all the pish.
  15. It's all very well putting out phrases like "build the team around them", but how does that work in practice? It might work if you're building a team around a Messi, a Lewandowski, Ronaldo, de Bruyne, but we're not. Not even close. None of the players you mentioned are really "out of nothing" types, except maybe Griffiths at set pieces. What about when this player misses chances (because at international level, I doubt any would reach the 1 in 2 you're asking for) or, more likely, when the players you've got behind them are being utter shithouses and not providing the chances? What about when the ball's going in the other direction? When we get a player gifted enough that can do what you've said, or perhaps that and a few players behind him that can give him what he needs, I'll be the first to agree. I'm not convinced we have that though. Very true. Sometimes only takes one though. Particularly that Russia game, as he looked so desperate to impress that it boiled over into him having a much poorer game. Both definitely different styles though, and if there was a way we could play to his strengths without sacrificing elsewhere, he could be great for us ("great" being very relative for us)
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