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  1. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Think I might give WL a go. If I don't get the time I need, not exactly a loss to be told I'm not getting to play in it next week. Let's see what misery this game has in store this time!
  2. forameus

    FIFA 20

    I got Henry from that, which I thought was alright. Getting Dalglish would save me all that grinding in Swaps though. Intend to do at least one more before it expires, so maybe I'll get lucky.
  3. forameus

    FIFA 20

    To be honest, the grinding aspects this year are the main thing keeping me interested. If it was just about playing with my main team, I'd have played a fraction of the games I otherwise have. I already picked up Trezeguet when I got the 7 tokens, then I'll be gunning for that sweet, sweet Dalglish card. It's the one player I wanted to use when 20 was announced, and good to know I'll have a guaranteed chance at getting him.
  4. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Not even sure EA do to be honest. While I expect, like everyone, they've got far more on than planning their next promo, I fully expected them to be all over us trying to shake down every last copper during the lockdown.
  5. And the year before that, and the yea rbefore that...etc etc. Last year didn't feel quite as bad, but I seem to remember the previous two were just dreadful. HHH/Reigns felt like it started a full two weeks after the show began, and Reigns/Lesnar was just a banter match at that stage of proceedings. And it didn't have to be. Two nights would mean they'd be able to plan things out, potentially get more people involved, and not necessarily have people having to sit there for close to 8 hours to watch a show.
  6. What's wrong with two nights? If this was a normal WM weekend, I'd be very supportive of them doing it over two nights, rather than the 14 hour show they usually put on.
  7. They'll need to work out what to do with World Cup Qualifiers too. Presume they'll have two dates planned for the Summer given the Nations League takes over the Autumn dates. Guess they could can the latter, as the alternative would be trying to fit in 3 games in some of their "weeks of football" at a time where most clubs are probably still going to be wandering around in a bit of a daze.
  8. That seems ambitious. I would've just aimed for them to be next March and shift everything by a year, but I guess they'll be hoping for World Cup Qualifiers then. I mean, I'd love for us to be in a position where I'm spending a nice June evening watching us body Israel, but even that, 10+ weeks down the road, seems bold.
  9. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Someone gathered all the pulls people got across streams and graphed it out. It looked very much like you'd expect - most of the pulls would net you 500k or under on the open market, scaling up towards the really big picks. End of the day, you always risk getting something shit, but you could get something good. Just FIFA things.
  10. Oh, don't get me wrong, "normal" is fucking ages away. I'd just be happy with jumping on the road to that.
  11. I guess the problem is that they just don't know. Maybe by the end of the week we're all being told we're ALL locked down, and then as a result in a month's time we're in a good enough position for life to start to turn back to normal. Maybe we don't get locked down and that happens anyway. Maybe we do nothing and this hangs around all summer. There's just so much uncertainty that how can anyone really lay down any plans?
  12. It's an odd situation to be in. By all rights we deserve to go down, we've been utterly catastrophic, and should the season play to completion, I expect we'd probably be down of our own accord. BUT, I'd expect us - and by extension every other club affected by calling the season - to be livid. Hearts and Falkirk spring to mind immediately, but basically everyone who had a sniff of a promotion playoff. Voiding the season would have the least impact in terms of pissed off parties, that's what we should be doing.
  13. Sounds like if one side cancels, they won't get an insurance payout, leading to a game of chicken just a few weeks before the event. It's going to be cancelled, it's just a matter of when. Would hope that they don't go all Wales on it and cancel at the 11th hour, because anyone who isn't fucking mental knows it isn't happening at this stage, unless someone comes out and waves a magic disease-bodying wand at the whole situation.
  14. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Dalglish is in there, so that's a no-brainer. Don't care if he might not be the best card you could get, I said when he was announced that he was the one card I wanted. After that it's a decision between the 3 I can get with the remaining tokens. Litmanen, Trezeguet or Gattuso. Probably big Trez, can't say no to a striker.
  15. Very true. Open trials across the country. We might do well out of it.
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