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  1. Tierney being out isn't exactly a surprise, but it's a massive fucking blow. Not much we can do about it though, beat Ukraine and we can punt the leek munching c***s up and down their own midden.
  2. I played in that Firhill Cup last week. The pitch is a fucking embarrassment. Wouldn't even put a patch of it in the garden bin.
  3. Given they're hardly likely to show Thistle games, I hadn't really had much exposure to Premier Sports, just hearing how bad they were. Watched the recent Old Firm Cup games with Mother-in-law's partner when it was on and fucking hell it was dreadful. Free-to-air TV shouldn't be allowed to get away with that kind of coverage, let alone a paid service.
  4. If it's any consolation, you can probably say similar about MGS5 too. I liked both of them, but both are really missing that extra step to push them up to being great. Cyberpunk because CDPR absolutely shat the bed, and MGS because Konami fell out with Kojima. Would say though, you're in the loooooooong cold open now by the sounds of it. It does get a bit better once you get out of that and into the larger open world. Can still feel empty at times, but the upgrades you can get at least add some variety to the combat and make it a bit less bullet-spongy.
  5. When they announced it, I was absolutely sure I'd be going no matter what, and might have even stretched to some "good" seats too. On seeing what it would actually cost to even get shit seats...nah, you're alright. It's a shame, but hopefully - given this will almost certainly sell out - it means that more shows start popping up. I expect Wembley will almost certainly get one, but maybe before Drew McIntyre wanders off we'll get a Hampden date. Unlikely without a roof I suppose.
  6. Hasn't Sasha got a bit of history of this? I'm sure she walked out post-WM one year because of plans around the tag titles. She clearly cares an awful lot, but remains to be seen whether her doing it is going to make the blindest bit of difference. Going by that statement, where they've seemingly pretty much made up shit, seems a long road back.
  7. What's the away support going to be like? Obviously I can't imagine there'll be much chartering of flights out of the country for it, but as with a lot of matches we tend to have, there'll be Ukrainians dotted around Europe in a better position to travel. I'd like to see us do something prior to the game as a show of solidarity towards them. That'd be nice. But then, of course, we should absolutely fucking end them in a footballing sense. In all seriousness, I think we're narrow favourites. I doubt we're going to go out there and pump them - although that'd be nice - but we should win. I think realistically it'll probably be a narrow, nervy win that does no-one inside of Hampden any favours. It's always been that final - should we get there - that really worries me.
  8. I'll be there, will let you know on the day whether I can describe it as "playing" on the day...just out the back of Covid so it's going to be an adventure in seeing how fucked I am now.
  9. From the 2018 vintage, it was doors at 9:30 then first fixture at 10. Should be a good wee day.
  10. forameus

    FIFA 22

    I think it's become a lot harder to do. Despite the fact that the product is very much sub-par, it's still a very hard thing to get it to the point its in now. Particularly match engines. EAs version should be a lot better, but they've had a long time working on it, and it's...fine. It's arguably better than Konami who have had similar time on it. If a completely new developer decides they fancy a shot - and I think taking all the technical stuff out, there's an opportunity there - then they are starting out chasing a moving target that's already several miles away. By the time they've gotten to the point EA (and Konami) are at now, they'll have moved further away. And there's always the fact that even when Konami did provide a better product to play, people still stuck with EA. A new developer would have to bring a product that was fun to play, with a satisfying presentation, with something that brings them above the experienced developers. Given that, I'm not convinced we'll ever see someone take that risk.
  11. forameus

    FIFA 22

    The only party it's really huge for is EA, as they'll now be saving a fucking huge chunk of money with little risk. Konami changed their product name, and how many people still call it PES? Or Pro Evo? For how long were CM and FM interchangable? People will still refer to it as FIFA, and I think we're well past the days of your Granny Ethel going down to HMV to pick up a present for Little Timmy and getting confused. Vast majority of people will pre-order for the bonuses and won't care what it's called. Worst part for me was the marketing blurb that came out with it, talking about how they believe in innovation and the like. c***s haven't innovated anything other than growing their bank accounts in years.
  12. Barely got beyond "good" that one. There's a lot of effort on show, people working hard, putting on good matches, but there's nothing particularly exciting in there, or anything that really matters. They seem like they're intending to move towards pretty much doing stadium shows all the time - if that's true, then they are going to really need to start putting on shows that are actually worthy of it. Is it also just me, or are they really, really averse to doing anything stipulation based unless they absolutely have to because of the name of the show? Maybe it's just because it's coinciding with the product being a bit more boring than usual, but the likes of ladders/cages etc are very, very rare. You'll get "anything goes" at a push, but even they're rare, and when you do get them - and like the I Quit match last night - they're just a bit reserved.
  13. They're not glorified friendlies. They were literally our route to qualifying for Euro 2020.
  14. He's seemed like an absolute liability at Thistle with his temper. Proper wee arsehole that if its not going his way he'll just have a shot at snapping someone. Shitebag behaviour, but at least it's actually towards a fellow player. Any idea what was said?
  15. The special over WM weekend was still a good watch, although not quite Black and Gold levels. It's a weird mix though that I don't think they've really managed to balance yet. I can appreciate they want to keep it as a proper developmental place and try people out, but it meshes a bit with them still trying to treat it as a product.
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