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  1. There's been evidence of something called Lil Uzi performing, so expect he'll get the Kid Rock slot of having far too much time at a wrestling show. Plus HHH seems to want matches to have decent time. Still doesn't really seem big enough for a WM though.
  2. You'd imagine Spain will have had their abberation, but I'd be a little worried if I was them. Haaland could come back and really lift Norway, and Georgia seem to be making that step from diddies-that-aren't-really to a team that can really cause problems. When Spain next kick a ball in qualifying (they're in the Nations League, so it'll be September) they could well be 9 points behind top-spot, and looking at a really desperate Norway and Georgia who can smell blood. How good are they at playing catch-up as a side who would probably have expected to be clear at the top by now?
  3. I'll make do with my Thistle League Cup commemorative top, which someone already mistook for this one anyway. Granted it didn't come in a box or with anything "commemorative" but it also wasn't £90. Still stupid money for a bit of material, but still.
  4. The next window will tell us a lot. If we get a point in Oslo and manage to follow it up with three back home against Georgia, I'd say we're in a great position. If we manage to get full points, I wouldn't say we're pretty much there, but we're very, very close. We'll hold an 8 point lead over Norway and probably Georgia too, albeit the latter will have a game in hand. When was the last time we went into such a key game actually sitting in such a positive position? That final day game against Norway always looked like it might be setting up a great occasion that could go either way, but we might end up going into it either completely safe, or at least in the box seat. That'd be nice.
  5. After watching the show, I played the 2 hour trial of the original on PS5, and amazed at how close they managed to get it to the main story points. Like you say, nothing particularly groundbreaking in there, but that was never its strength. Nothing spoiled for Part 2, but you're in for a treat. If you've managed to avoid the furore around the storyline from absolute neckbeard VLs so far, you'll probably have a brilliant time.
  6. Aye, but Punk seems to take it that bit further. Particularly nowadays when wrestling isn't (seemingly) full of really dangerously mental people, most of them with drug problems. There's probably far more out there who are generally sound, cancelling out some of the ones that are just arseholes. But Punk seems a very specific kind of arsehole. I expect if you're "his guy", then he's probably brilliant. Bit of a geek, seemingly fairly intelligent, probably a laugh in the right circumstances. But I get the feeling that if you're not his guy, or you say anything towards him, he'll take it personally and seem like a complete dick. Call it being introverted, or whatever Myers-Briggs pish there is nowadays, but he just seems like a bit of a grumpy goose a lot of the time. I expect he's made a pretty penny in AEW, probably sitting on a fair whack from his time with WWE still. He's dabbled in acting. He "dabbled" in UFC (and got his shit kicked in, but fair dos for trying) He probably has other potential avenues to go into. He still pens comic books I think. He gets to go home to AJ Lee. Turn off Twitter and Instragram and fucking enjoy it, man. Expect we'll now see a furious new member called BillPhrooksCMP join up. Wonder what team he'll say he supports..
  7. Imagine the SFA finally kicked out their "Are ye Scottish?" policy, and hired Chris Coleman as a result. Deary me.
  8. Obviously context matters. I just disagree on how many situations there are where he gets a pass. I'm not suggesting he gets hounded out of Hampden by a baying mob regardless of whether he loses every game or misses out with a 97th minute offside goal in the final game, but Donathan's outline of where we might go doesn't throw up too many matches we should absolutely fear. If we don't get to the Euros it's a failure. Small failure, big failure, still failure. And I'd still be on the side of making a change should that happen. You're not, fair enough.
  9. That's a couple of times now the SFA has acted with really weird timing to announce contract renewals. In a week's time, we could be sitting with no points having been beaten at home by Cyprus, as well as Spain, and be left with an outside chance already. And if we can't get through a Euros qualifying, the chances of getting to the 2026 World Cup are vanishingly small. Such weird timing.
  10. I'm not sure how this is even a question to be honest. If we don't get to the Euros, he'll almost certainly be gone, and it'll be the right decision. World Cups are difficult to get to. A nation like us probably isn't quite on the level where we can expect to get there. But the Euros? We stand a fairly decent chance of qualifying automatically, but to fail in that, and then fail in the playoffs, there probably isn't a sequence of events where you can justify him staying on. Reading back, seems most are on the side of context mattering. I completely get that, but I just can't see a sequence of events that should see us going "oh well, Steve, it isn't your fault". The group we've got, I don't think finishing 3rd is always going to be a massive failure. Norway haven't been quite as good as you'd expect, but with the players they have, us finishing behind them and Spain probably isn't massively unexpected. But the playoffs should, by design, see us up against sides we should beat. Sure we could lose to a clear dive and be really hard done by, but should we then gamble another two years at least just because it's glorious failure, rather than just failure? Not convinced.
  11. It would be endlessly hilarious if they bring Punk back for the money, and then the first chance he gets at a press conference or with an open mic in the ring, he starts with "As I was saying about Hangman fucking Page..." Just read that post from Punk, and he comes across slightly better because of it (as long as it's an accurate record of what happened, and...hmmm). If they were pushing him to wrestle even while not cleared, that's reeeeally not a good look for the company. It would also partly explain why Punk came out as grumpy as he did, but given from this post that he seems to put a lot of the blame at Moxley and Tony, it still doesn't really justify coming out in the press conference with his sights set on Page, The Elite and Colt Cabana. Or the fight after. Looks very much like he won't be back now, how do you even start to mend the bridges that he's now setting fire to for a second time?
  12. Vikingo is a wee bit good isn't he? Genuinely looked like Omega couldn't quite keep up at times, and that top rope f**k-up could well have killed them both, with him never looking too comfortable before it. Still not really sure what they're attempting to do with...well, everyone at that end of the card. Guess after the ending, at the very least they're trying to paint Callis as trying to get Omega isolated, but maybe they're even going the whole way as unveiling him as being behind it all. But it's still just incredibly messy at this time, with Dark Order, BCC and the Elite all tied up in it. Which would be fine if we hadn't already been doing BCC vs Dark Order/Hangman for fucking ages already.
  13. Is pretty galling to see the absolutely deserved backlash it's getting, but then seeing that it's sold out in minutes anyway. They'll get some grief for it, it'll die down, then the next top they release will probably be that bit more expensive again. Rinse, repeat. This has made me sound like such a "customer is always right" w****r...I did retail for enough years, I know they're mostly c***s. Cheers, I'd assumed there was some kind of ruling there to cover for genuine f**k-ups on their end. Hopefully they don't cancel too many orders.
  14. Fair enough, would've thought that'd be similar to wrong price stickers on stuff and stores having to honour it. Seems a bit scummy, but then they are trying to sell football tops for 90 quid with a straight face.
  15. You'd imagine they couldn't cancel orders for a mistake entirely of their own making, surely?
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