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  1. Outfield, Outfield again in case we f**k it up, and in goals.
  2. He played a stupid number of games for Celtic before his injury. It's entirely possible overplaying him contributed to the injury. In that case, even better from Celtic's perspective. They got what they wanted and then poisoned the well. Particularly if after an unremarkable time, he goes back on loan, or perhaps even permanently in future for a far reduced fee. Of course, that's only good for Celtic. If they have overplayed him, then they've denied Scotland a very serviceable option. Luckily Robertson is arguably a better option, but I hope - for his sake at least - that we aren't talking in 10 years time about what might have been with him.
  3. forameus

    FIFA 20

    Messi's oot. A lol-some 2.6m it'll cost you, with an 86 squad, an 87, 2 88s and 3 89s.
  4. Reports seem to say he'll n ow be out for 3 months, which, helpfully for him, give him an excuse make him a doubt for the playoff games. He might be a guid Celtic laddie, but they must be pissing themselves laughing at the money they got for someone who has struggled to play more than a couple of games.
  5. Well this looks fucking shite. Women's tag team match should be at least solid, but it's still a bit...why? I'm more interested in getting Mr Wyatt vs Miz to see what shenanigans they'll pull. Assume Big Fiendo is going to emerge at some point, maybe even Bryan. Was last year the one where we got Shield + Kurt "The Testicle" Angle in SWAT gear? Mumps really did a number on that show. Just checked, and no, it was 2017. How time flies.
  6. TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy. Match result - Aleister Black Rusev vs Bobby Lashley in a Tables match. Match result - Rusev The New Day (C) vs The Revival for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Match result - The New Day Bray Wyatt vs The Miz. Match result - Bray Wyatt The Kabuki Warriors (C) vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. Match result - Kabuki Warriors Roman Reigns vs King Corbin in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Match result - Roman Reigns
  7. Ooft...Jacqui's getting a wee bit snippy there. So she isn't part of the board, she's part of the group that essentially controls the board. Yass.
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't put that much stock in it. I think the players around him are likely affecting his performance far more. I've just always hated the clamour around assigning a captain, and never found it particularly necessary. Seems like it'll continue to happen though.
  9. Yeah, I kind of chose the wrong criteria with that one! But would he be better just concentrating on his own game, rather than this captaincy role we seem to be putting so much importance on?
  10. forameus

    FIFA 20

    I always thought they were much of a muchness, but I managed to pack TOTGS Ter Stegen, and jeeeeeezo he's an improvement. He's going to give me fucking heart attacks with his rushing out, but he's faster than most of my outfield players. Against someone who isn't quite expecting it, you'll clear most one-on-ones just by being suddenly on top of the forward before he realises it. But then, would I have spent the 120k+ that it would have cost me had I not packed him? Probably not
  11. Yeah, Cricket actually has a point to a captain, as I believe they still largely pick the team? I'm not against the idea of a captain, but nations that have this traditional captain usually do because they have about a million caps, and are a dependable, ever-present, sometimes world-class player. If we had that, great, but we clearly don't. Just give it to the most experienced person starting the game. It should be up to every single person on that pitch to encourage and gee up the rest of the team, not just one person.
  12. Yeah, that's completely fair enough. In isolation, the tickets for that game alone seem more reasonable than they perhaps could have made them. But as someone whose going to buy the membership, I completely take your point.
  13. So don't buy the membership? Might seem flippant, but surely it's an option. I've no intention of buying the membership again after doing fine without in the last campaign. For the one-off match that is the most important we've had in a while, I don't find 20/25 to be that steep compared to some of the lunatic prices they've had in the past. To each their own though.
  14. Yeah, they're likely to beat Russia up and down the pitch for 90 minutes and win anyway. But should they have an off-day, and Russia grind out a 1-0 through some suspicious "energy", surely the question might be asked? More likely from the other two though. Whether it's valid or not. Very good actually, and for once a sensible decision. They probably could have gotten away with charging more, but clearly they're conscious that a full stadium has other benefits other than £££. If we can't fill the stadium at those prices, despite it being a Thursday night, for such an important game, then we never will. Just a shame we can't follow it up with a home final.
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