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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    Was there really "desperation" for the job? Didn't he come out and say he didn't want it full time? Granted, that's probably platitudes, but he's never really struck me as being anything other than filling in a role. Probably because he knows he's onto a big loss with it.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    If we're talking about the pool that the SFA are likely going to pick from, Strachan is probably pretty near the top. That's not exactly a compliment though.
  3. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the SFA have mentioned nothing in the entire thing about this being any kind of mutual agreement based on health issues, right? Now, if that were the case, it'd be a little scummy to actually mention it, but it would be a tremendous out for the SFA. "We didn't know at the time, but we can't do much about it now other than this". Absolves them from some of the blame (or at least it might in their eyes). But they didn't do that, they said the results weren't good enough, which I think paints them in a worse light. So why this absolute gimp is still battering in with this ghoulish line is baffling to me. My wee boy's only two, but if he could write, I expect that caps paragraph would be the sort of stuff he would write if I said he couldn't watch Hey Duggee anymore. Proper toys out the pram stuff.
  4. Next Scotland Manager

    The SFA-sponsored irony of getting in someone with international experience would be them getting someone with a shite international experience. Claudio Ranieri or something. It's not truly over, but it now requires Russia and/or Belgium to really slip up, or for us to take 6 from Russia and probably something from Belgium. That's unlikely, but admittedly not impossible. In terms of the story of the Scotland team, we've often brought in managers at the wrong time. We hung onto Levein too long, and Strachan's new manager bounce came when results were irrelevant. We brought in McLeish at a decent time, but he was the wrong option, leading to us scrambling at a shit time again. We should be changing managers, if required, between campaigns, but that doesn't allow for things going absolutely fucking wrong as it has now. As for the last bits, that seems to be a bit of a defeatist attitude. If we're taking a Scottish option because we think no-one else will be interested, and leaning on the "patriotic element", then we may as well just give up. Just get a good manager, it really isn't that hard, no matter how hard the SFA make it look. Let them draw up a shortlist, and then immediately exclude everyone on it. Then start again.
  5. FIFA 19

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I got him for. His 81 was brutal to use without a stat boost. 86 will be very useful in the higher-rated SBCs that don't need chemistry. No chance of linking him to anyone useful.
  6. FIFA 19

    I had a spare hour or so last night, so decided it'd be easy to get the James Collins objective. 7 goals with an Irish player on at least Pro level Squad Battles. Easy, right? Picked up the 81 IF James Collins to do it, then immediately forgot to put him on the bench for the first game. Forfeited, leaving me with three 83+ squads to beat. And of course, the AI decided to start randomly swinging. I know it's complete fantasy, but it almost seems like the AI knows what player you're trying to get goals, and completely nerfs them. Especially when he's a lumbering mess to start with. Wanted it done in two games, but it took four. 1 goal in the first, 2 in the second, and then after remembering attribute boost cards, he got a hat-trick in the 3rd. Had a chance in the last minute of the 3rd to get the clincher, but hit a ridiculous fresh-air shot several yards from the ball. Aye. Clinched it on the final game, against the featured squad. Failed that and I would've missed out, wouldn't have had a chance to complete before the refresh. Up against the 92-rated, and wee moments Maradona on coke, but big Jimmy got a hat-trick to clinch it. I hate these objectives, but I kind of love them at the same time. EA just keep dragging me back in.
  7. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Na I dont agree although I can see your point. The pool of players available to the Scotland manager consists of those who are unretired and willing to show up for competitive games. I think we should work with clubs re friendlies, but for conpetitive games you can answer the call or gtf. If an initial hardline approach from a new manager results in an initial spate of dummy spitting retirements then so be it. How commited are they anyway if they want to retain the right to pick and choose for competitive games? It's a delicate issue. In an ideal world, I'd be very much on the side of scorched earth and telling anyone who wasn't really interested to f**k off. Or at the very least, having some consequences for not joining up. However, I'm not sure it's really realistic. We've seen over the past few months what happens when people start to drop out the squad. We play Shinnie at LB and get pumped by Kazakhstan. I'm not sure we can really afford to start alienating large swathes of our squad in that way. Like others have said, it'd probably just leave to players taking the huff, because we've somehow got into the position where players hold all the power. And if they don't the clubs certainly do. They'd probably be delighted if we started excluding players. They're the winners here, not us. We need to find a middle-ground. Start building an atmosphere where players actually want to join up and represent Scotland, and do our best to try and work with the clubs to try and minimise them putting the national team down every window. I'm pretty certain that Ritchie just doesn't fancy it but the issues with Snodgrass' mum are quite well known, although as far as I'm aware he only missed a couple of squads and is now available for selection again. To be fair though, I'm not sure either of them are that big a miss. Obviously better to have them than not, but in Ritchie's case especially, he's the example of the policy I'd like to be brought in. Let him make a choice - he's asked to join up, and he rejects. Make it clear that this jeopardises future call-ups, and let's see whether he really wants to play for us. If he doesn't, no issues. He'd be a good option to have, but not if he can't be arsed. And Snodgrass had about two good games for us. He started brilliantly in the WC qualifying, then fell off a cliff massively. Maybe the personal issues were starting around then and he'd come back and be brilliant, but I don't think he's a huge miss.
  8. FIFA 19

    You massive VL Decent willpower though, no chance I'd be able to keep hold of them
  9. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Not buying this entirely. Obviously we'll never know the truth, but there were a ridiculous number of call-offs, leading to us really scraping the barrel. I expect it was just as much to do with the growing strength of the clubs just saying "f**k you" to the national team as being down to McLeish himself. I'm not sure Strachan would have really got much more luck. But I guess we'll never know.
  10. FIFA 19

    Nice team. I loved that 4-3-3 too until I saw the light of 3-4-2-1. With you on the coins. I packed and sold Prime Maldini after finally getting up the courage to say goodbye, and immediately ploughed the money to fill other spots. It improved the side, but once I decided I wanted to go in a different direction, I sold, I think, 3 of the 4 I bought for a pretty huge loss, to the tune of about 500k. It hurt. A lot. Been pretty much exclusively untradeable ever since. Still though, with all the VLs who finish their Christmas dinner, and start saving packs for TOTS, just do what lets you have fun. If that's keeping all the coins and rifling them through TOTS, go for it. Or just splurge it on a player you'll rage-sell at a loss.
  11. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    What I took from that article is the level of hard work that the players will now be expecting from their management tean when they turn up for national duty and the amount of research/preparation etc they expect to be done. Its the whole marginal gains thing and we seem hopelessly behind the curve To be fair though, you can say that there's a level of hard work that the players are expecting, but we've been hopelessly lacking in the level of hard work some of the players have been giving. That absolutely needs to stop.
  12. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    It's definitely a problem in the older generation of "guid football men" that they seem not just oblivious to the future, but actively fearful and mocking of it. Some are immune - Big Sam and his jug of gravy would probably be the first to be lumped into a group like that, but he is often reported as quite progressive in terms of techniques. However, it gets exacerbated so much that you do get people desperate to take the opposite stance. If a dinosaur like Johnny Manager thinks this guy's rubbish, then obviously he must be good, because Johnny's been wrong before. People were effusive about Cathro before he'd done much at all, desperate to be proved right that all these new fangled techniques would lead to him being a pure brilliant football manager. As it was, as someone else said, he was hopelessly out of his depth, and emptied in fairly embarrassing fashion. There's obviously a middle-ground there. I found the hipster stance on him amusing, but I wasn't going to jump to the "lol he reads books the fucking geek" side of the fence with the old guard. Cathro will have many great qualities that will make him invaluable in certain roles, but I don't think we should be just throwing out new age "new tactics/tear it up and start again/new ideas" stuff without actually checking if they're actually any good.
  13. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    For me he was ridiculed because he wasnt "old school" enough. I coukd be wrong but thats the way I see it and the way I see the problems we face at National level and probably at grass roots level too. To be fair, if you bring in anyone young, whether it's Cathro or not, you'll get old hands talking about him in those terms. You also got the anti-hipsters that saw people creaming themselves over the guy as a bit premature, so taking the opposing stance. But then you got the people realising he just wasn't very good at the job. He had aspects that made him a promising prospect, but you've got to marry that to the traditional stuff. I'm not sure he managed that.
  14. Next Scotland Manager

    A depressing, but ultimately realistic thought.
  15. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    So we have the players to maybe qualify? Going back to my original post then. We don't have the players really. The best we can hope for is a glorious failure which is still failure. Like I said it doesn't matter who the manager is until we sort out the bigger picture of investing in our sport and providing the facilities and coaches required to get good youth players. It's like sacking the driver of a rusty old banger in formula one. Did some of the absolute diddies that qualified for Euro 2016 "have the players" in the same way we don't? We do have a squad that is good enough to get qualification. We probably won't qualify anyway. The two aren't really directly comparable. Italy didn't get to the last World Cup, and the Netherlands haven't qualified for the last two - did they not have the players either?