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  1. Anyone playing the fantasy football app?
  2. First round draw for the DFB Pokal has been made.
  3. 348 customers are allowed inside Asda alloa so I’m excepting a couple of hundred at least.
  4. Same here but I see they accept Apple Pay which might be an option.
  5. What’s the best payment Methods for DH gate?
  6. Cheers mate, that’s exactly what I was looking for after I seen a post by Northampton about Toney. Wilder has brought Oxford and Northampton for pre season games at Alloa. He must have fancied the job before Barry got it.
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the team sheet for the friendly against Northampton town in 2014?
  8. The new Scottish government advert for the 18-49 yo Covid vaccine roll out. Absolutely honking as you can imagine for a government trying to appeal to the younger generations.
  9. Really enjoyed the Johnny Briggs special, such a great character. You’re finished Barlow, Deirdre loves me!
  10. Albania is on my list. Has anyone climbed Mount Fuji? It looks quite mental with shops on various parts of the mountain along with the free WiFi.
  11. Craig stopping Gary in the street was absolutely ridiculous. The big guy is starting to become annoying.
  12. Smyth toy store is pretty annoying.
  13. Yeah I picked up that vibe as well.
  14. The Turks are looking at reopening Varosha. Some tourists visited this year.
  15. Tesco Christmas naughty list advert is rivalling Asda for me.
  16. Ali is a surgeon and Miguel is paralysed so I’m guessing she will make a return.
  17. She’s quite good as well, genuinely helps me sleep.
  18. Big ASMR Amy or Scottish Murmurs for my ASMR. Not really YouTube videos but I quite like those Tik tok videos of people getting their pools ready for summer.
  19. The Iceland luxury pies are now in stores.
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