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  1. Chanel no 5 Christmas advert. Utter pish!
  2. After watching a few travel videos about North Korea, I did some research into the tour company that offers these trips. They're currently offering a tour which will take in the World Cup qualifier against Sri Lanka. They also do Iraqi Kurdistan which I wouldn't mind doing. https://www.youngpioneertours.com
  3. He already looks 20 years younger after hearing the news of the sacking.
  4. Decent enough appointment although the word on the street is that Hertha are wanting Niko Kovač for next season. I'd rather stick with Klinsmann.
  5. Reports coming out of Berlin that Klinsmann is to become new Hertha manager.
  6. Hopefully something happens soon and this mess can be sorted out.
  7. The time was right for Pàl to move on but the appointment of Covic was disastrous. To try and build on the good work of Pàl a recognised manager with league experience was needed, not some guy from the reserves. Heads need to roll on this appointment.
  8. Waspy


    Leipzig is well worth a day trip whilst visiting Berlin. Flixbus has some really good prices.
  9. Jürgen Klinsmann becomes supervisory board member at Hertha. Klinsmann is friends with Hertha money man Lara Windhorst who's put €225 million into the club. Hopefully a sign of things to come IMO.
  10. Aren't these guys Ryanair in a different guise? (not that I've had any issues with Ryanair) I was looking at their Edinburgh to Vienna flights and they seemed pretty good value.
  11. He will take back the reins at Hertha.
  12. The way he just opened the incubator tonight! Surely that's not allowed.
  13. Dresden were terribly unlucky last night. Hertha are woeful at the back.
  14. Anyone had any luck against the storm king?
  15. Very sparse, the smallest away support I've seen. I would guess 300.
  16. After 6 visits to the Olympiastadion I witnessed my first Hertha defeat at the hands of Hoffenheim. After taking a 2-0 lead it was looking bleak for Hertha until a cracker of a goal from Lukebakio pulled one back and Salomon Kalou got the next to pull level on 2-2. Hoffenheim then went up the park and put the game to bed with a well taken header with 10 min to go. Ex Celtic player Derek Boyata had a torrid time and looked well out of his depth at the back for Hertha. It's a big week for Hertha with Dresden at home in the cup with the away side bringing a colossal 30,000 supporters and the first derby game of the season against Union on the Saturday.
  17. Any Nintendo Switch players? Looking for someone to help me out with duos.
  18. I was surprised to see the Alloa store reopen considering Stirling is only a 10 min journey along the road. One shop could easily service both towns imo. Brave move by Hays
  19. Berlin - March Turkey (Lara beach) - April Turkey (Side) - Aug/Sep I will probably be away in October as well for a city break.
  20. Waspy


    It should be easy enough, you can buy tickets online so just keep an eye on the website.
  21. Just back from Turkey with no real issues at all. We were supposed to be flying back with Titan airways but a Thomas cook/avion express A321 turned up. The flight crew were all decked out in Thomas cook gear and were only kept on for 2 weeks to deal with the repatriation flights. The flight was diverted to Manchester where we were then bussed back up to Glasgow. Credit to the CAA , they had refreshments for us on landing and were on the bus back up the road within 30 min of landing. No in resort issues either like some of the idiots seen on the news and online. Early on we were told we would have to make out on way to the airport, but 3 days before we left a piece of paper was stuck up on the information wall telling us our transfers would be happening as normal. It was just a pretty standard holiday with a bit of inconvenience at the end. I was really impressed at how it all played out, pats on the back all round.
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