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  1. Big Terry Silver is rumoured to be in the new series.
  2. Nationwide are still at it with those horrific adverts. The new one with the guy talking about his bedroom door is torture.
  3. Anyone playing the Bundesliga fantasy football?
  4. Looked a decent size crowd in the stadium. Essen knocking out arminia bielefeld was another shocker.
  5. New season same old Hertha. Despite the result it was quite an entertaining game.
  6. Trailer for Deutschland 89, out this autumn.
  7. DFB pokal fixtures live on YouTube over the weekend
  8. Rbbsports Facebook page are live-streaming one time Bundesliga club Energie Cottbus vs Germania Halberdtadt in the Regionalliga Nordost at 12:25 uk time.
  9. Livestream of the Berliner pokalsieger on rbb sport Facebook page at 15:40 Fc Victoria Berlin vs VSG Altglienicke
  10. Regionalliga Nordost looks a cracking league this year, some decent teams in there dropping out of the 3rd league. I believe fans will be in attendance in the next round of fixtures.
  11. I will miss Alex salmon on the banner picture.
  12. Anything is better than the Red Dwarf and Tina Turner ‘rolling down the river’ adverts.
  13. Seeing as we have a pish adverts thread, why not a brilliant advert thread. J.R. Hartley and the yellow pages is brilliant! The music and the voice overs just ooze class The classic Hovis advert is right up there for me. Creates a feeling of nostalgia and a sort of pride with the music and the guy on the bike. The voice over again is brilliant and not screaming at you like current adverts.
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