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  1. The official Bundesliga website are running a fantasy football game if anyone is interested. https://fantasy.bundesliga.com/index_mobile
  2. Emma's mum worked in the hairdressers years ago? Is there any chance her real dad could still be on the street?
  3. Hertha vs Hoffenheim will be my first trip of the season.
  4. Waspy


    Get along to Dynamos stadium before they tear it down for redevelopment for the special Olympics.
  5. This was the main reason we got rid of ours.
  6. Static hire in St Andrews is quite common where prices range from £360-£600+ (per week) in the high season. When the open is at St. Andrews you could probably double that. My family had 2 statics for over 30 years in St Andrews and for some mental reason we never hired it out.
  7. The Suzuki sponsor is ok on the Torino kit, it's that silly wee additional sponsor that ruins it for me.
  8. Anyone play paladins?
  9. Decent enough home kit but that away kit is stinking. Apparently the home kit is a throwback to Nikes first Hertha kit 20 years ago.
  10. I hate flying Friday mornings.
  11. First set of fixtures out tomorrow.
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