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  1. Absolutely breezed through Edinburgh last week. On our return we were out of the airport within 10 min of landing (no hold luggage). I'm starting to prefer Edinburgh to Glasgow.
  2. Copa 90 has lost it way over the years for me. The early days stuff like derby days was really good. As the channel expanded and new guys were brought in and it lost its appeal for me. Anything from the wee Australian guy is pretty good, the Berlin derby video was cracking.
  3. I was at the Hertha vs Bayern game at the weekend and boy does Klinsmann have his work cut out. A massive transfer window for Hertha if they're to salvage anything this season.
  4. What platform are you on?
  5. Nationwide are continuing the absolute gash adverts into the new decade.
  6. Building is for fannies
  7. Anyone use jacks flight club?
  8. I'm on the switch too, I got it for travelling and like yourself I'm hooked.
  9. Yeah he's looking rough. Peter Barlow looks even more suave in real life.
  10. Check out some YouTube videos and they will tell you which presents the skins are in. I just started playing back in April and like you fancied some new gear, it took me until November to get 900v bucks just by levelling up. I eventually just ended up getting some v bucks from the store and buying the battle pass. I now have over 2000 v bucks and loads of gear. Definitely worth a one of purchase imo. I do alright nothing outstanding, I've strung together a few victories in all game modes this chapter. I'm currently on level 202 but most of that is from Xp boosted weekends. What platform are you playing on?
  11. Corrie at Christmas which was on last night was excellent viewing. A nice trip down memory lane with some great characters.
  12. Plenty of free stuff currently in game with the winter fest event.
  13. Chanel no 5 Christmas advert. Utter pish!
  14. After watching a few travel videos about North Korea, I did some research into the tour company that offers these trips. They're currently offering a tour which will take in the World Cup qualifier against Sri Lanka. They also do Iraqi Kurdistan which I wouldn't mind doing. https://www.youngpioneertours.com
  15. He already looks 20 years younger after hearing the news of the sacking.
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