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  1. Cheers. Lots of new Clubs now, they will need to be around a very long time to match the Vales and the Thistles distinguished histories, with both clubs early pioneers of the game.
  2. Never knew that. You are a great and famous club.
  3. Fair summary. I like to see the Vale in their normal colours when they come up to Larkie though,
  4. I am afraid it was. EK player asked the ref if he was f......g blind to his face. Another great performance from the Larkie jags, replicating the 6-1 score at the Showpark earlier in the season.
  5. We will be back. Ardrossan are a big strong team.
  6. Larkhall Thistle 4 Carluke Rovers 0 Comfortable win keeps us firmly on top of the league with all the other promotion hopefuls still to come to Gasworks Park. 35 league goals scored so far.
  7. Another Larkie win , away to Vale of Clyde. Weve won away there, at Lanark and Irvine Vics, all promotion hopefuls. Lots of home games coming up, looking good.
  8. Will win it. Team improving every week, scoring goals galore, decent-sized squad.
  9. Larkhall Thistle to win the league, with Irvine Vics, Kello, Vale of Clyde there or thereabouts.
  10. Larkie have averaged 5 goals per game in the last 4 games, 3 away from home. Looking good.
  11. No need to be a smart alec either. I know both clubs well, the difference and budget between them is massive.
  12. Oh dear . I shall let a Town supporter enlighten you.
  13. Rebrand for well-known reasons. But a shame nontheless
  14. Yes, I am well aware of that, since we beat EK Thistle 3-2 recently at home only to lose to EK 3-0 a week later in the Challenge Cup. There was a huge gulf in the standard of players at the EK clubs, the latter being able to field ex-Internationals. Keep your patronising comments to yourself.
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