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  1. Our birthday was 3 days ago, the 17th. 142 years and counting.....
  2. Youre mixing me up with San the man, I think,,,,,
  3. Average IQ for a LARKIE fan is over 140. The whole Albert support , team and officials together is 46.
  4. You may also not be aware that the Club were almost called Larkhall Celtic, Thistle won on a 3-2 vote. Note this was 10 years before the formation of Celtic. 3 names were propsed- Caledonian, Celtic and Thistle. Never noticed Sans post before putting this up- however, not sure regarding his explanation as I understand that the names proposed were to exhibit a Scottish identity, and those famous Red and White colours chosen to represent the strong socialist convictions of the community. I did the piece for Jim O Donnells summary in the ET some twenty -five years ago. .
  5. The original minutes recorded forming the club in April, 1878 still exist, as does the names of the first team. The first gate money collected was 14/3 d.
  6. Royal Albert were formed at the same time, and they were Senior until 1928. They once defeated Celtic 1-0 at Larkhall and took them to 2 replays in the Scottish Cup, losing, ironically, at Ibrox Park. Wonder what this fixture would be like today. Looking at the early Lanarkshire League, practically none of those original Clubs still exist, some of the smallest mining hamlets had a team, lots within a ten mile mile radius, games to be played before a formal set-up. Larkhall boasts much more than being the oldest Club. The greatest nursery in Junior football- most players stepped up to Senior, most Scotland players (13 ), most Scotland captains (5 ), Rangers & Celtic captains, A Lisbon Lion ,a Wembley Wizard, and the two greatest Scottish players of the 1900s, Neil Gibson of Rangers and Alex Raisbeck of Liverpool. Also internationals for 4 other countries, Baker G ( USA ), Baker J ( England ), Boyle ( Australia ) and an Irish international whose names escapes me at present. Only Junior Club to host a Junior Cup final.
  7. Dreadful news. John was a great guy, and was " Mr Kilsyth ", he kept records on everything related to Kilsyth Rangers, and did their history book. Was always fit, he was a great swimmer and often in the Kilsyth pool, I expected him to go on forever. RIP John
  8. Any Junior supporter in the know understands that Larkhall Thistle wins this - by a country mile. THIRTEEN full Scotland Internationalists, ( including 5 captains ) , including Internationals for Australia, Ireland, the USA & England---- and hosts of other players who made their mark at Senior level. There was a book " The Juniors " published 20-30 years ago which confirmed this, and did the late Bob Crampsey, who researched it in detail.
  9. Les hommes de Larkie maintenant supporte Le Alberte Royale, ne pas les betes sauvages.
  10. So many home games is a great cause for optimism. The Candy boys wont be so confident now of their first Gasworks win. If we do, itll be the greatest comeback ever- Lazarus hasnt a look-in. If Stalag Luft 14 had been full of Larky boys, all of them would have been in the Village Tavern by Sunday night
  11. Better than 10 orgasms in a row. Hopefully normal service will be resumed when the Candy come calling.... theyve only waited 99 years, they can wait another 100 or at least till im deid, whichever comes first.
  12. Im a long, long way away at present but you have me bang to rights. Delighted tho... Next step on road is to keep 100% record against St Rochs intact... Well done boys, Cisk now
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