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  1. I thought Main was excellent there apart from his finishing. Power was good too, Dunne looked a bit shaky. Fair play to Tanser and Henderson for getting so many crosses in but the quality just needs to be more consistent.
  2. I was in the middle of tearing Shaughnessy to shreds there for wandering off, should never have doubted the lad tbh.
  3. Just me thinking that was a dive? Dunne should have had a penalty earlier though.
  4. Can’t see a thing here, coverage is absolutely pish.
  5. Unfortunate who missed the penalties but UP YE, UP YE, UP YE
  6. That’s pish, hopefully the positive player is okay and there’s been no further spread.
  7. Clarke made a mess of the two home games but the midfield players should be criticised too - McGinn was anonymous in the two home games and Armstrong was embarrassingly bad tonight. We completely lost the battle in both those games. I hate to say it but we could have done with Ryan Jack in there.
  8. There’s only four Croatia players in the box there and we still have nobody on the posts. Fucking stupid tactics.
  9. Chuffed for McGregor, he’s the only midfielder that’s done anything even before the goal.
  10. Tempted to turn this off after that, Hanley’s been our best player all tournament long.
  11. Armstrong has been brutal, just constantly runs into opposition players and drifts out of position when we’re defending.
  12. I'm sure the England team will be fine since they never got close to him on Friday!!
  13. Some excellent performances there but Hanley MOTM, absolutely immense. Huge credit to O’Donnell as well who was like a new man tonight.
  14. Darren Fletcher sounds a bit delusional.
  15. They still look more likely to score than us now, really embarrassing. Clarke has completely bottled it here and deserves the blame.
  16. Jesus absolute fucking christ.
  17. Was just thinking that Marcus Fraser would be doing a better job on current form as well.
  18. McGinn not exactly getting stick in there for the goal.
  19. Great block from O'Donnell there, hope that shuts up the H8ers.
  20. Too much fannying about at the back already, we need to cut that out. I thought it was a foul on McGinn though.
  21. David Marshall has a good voice, is there anything he can't do?
  22. That's enough Biffy Clyro for one tournament, thanks.
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