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  1. Thought the back four all did very well against a tough team, Tait especially. We were really well drilled and timed our attacks well when Livi started to push up but we'll need to be a lot more clinical than that in future games. McGrath's ball for the goal was a peach and MacPherson was really good in the second half.
  2. Mine’s working well but with pish sound too. Lot of aimless long balls from us so far.
  3. I think you’re all thinking of Sam Jamieson, was he not released and it’s Lewis Jamieson who’s stepping up from the academy?
  4. Delighted with that, really hope he's back to his best after this injury.
  5. I agree with you on Gordon, but just wanted to say I thought Kello was great in his first season with us. Yes please to Harry Davis coming back. He's a reliable penalty taker as well which would be an added bonus.
  6. Sad news there, a real shame that we didn’t get the chance to give those players a proper send off, especially Stephen McGinn. I wonder if Gary Mac would have done his usual end of season heroics if he’d been able to. Can’t argue with any of the decisions. I’d have gambled on a one-year deal for Ross Wallace though as he really brought some quality to the midfield. I’m curious to see what happens with Jack Baird and also if there’s a place for Junior Morias in the team.
  7. Yep exactly, he was actually more frustrating to watch than a lot of much poorer players we've seen. He also had a few games where his touch was atrocious, I seem to remember him coming off the bench once and immediately giving away a goal? I'd pick Mullen ahead of Cooke too.
  8. Andreu had the odd moment of skill but was worse than a man down when he was having a poor game, would definitely get rid. I'd agree that we should just try to resign Flynn, Hladky and possibly Wallace. I suppose it might be worth keeping Cooke or Mullen if we're going to be short of strikers to sign given the circumstances.
  9. I got 81. I somehow remembered Adam Brown and forgot to type Stevie Mallan. 😬 Some really awful players in there that I never want to be reminded of again.
  10. That was a gutsy performance last night. The back four played really well but especially Waters who had his best game for us by far, he was so solid under a lot of pressure for the last 15 minutes. Obika put in a hell of a shift and took his goal brilliantly. Jakubiak looks a very good signing, he causes a lot of problems with his direct runs. It was a shame that chance fell to him so late in the game when he was knackered. Wallace was great considering how little he’s played this season, the pass for the goal was excellent. I think the main reason we’ve struggled to create clear chances this season is the lack of a proper playmaker in midfield with Flynn being in defence then injured. Fingers crossed Wallace is the solution. Andreu is still godawful. Hope Goodwin can put out a midfield without him against Killie. Will be a really tough game with all the injuries last night and Waters not available either.
  11. I would love to hear what Goodwin sees in Tony Andreu.
  12. Two excellent results on the bounce for Accies, fair play. Looks like it will be a real fight at the bottom unfortunately.
  13. Goodwin’s talking out of his arse there tbh, we didn’t turn up and probably three or four players at most got pass marks. Really disappointed that our subs weren’t more positive and that we didn’t really get bodies forward late in the game.
  14. That finish was the only decent bit of play so far, we’ve been toothless. Durmus looks well off the pace weirdly.
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