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  1. That's a very good point considering we were 3-1 down with a threadbare defence, that was some Tom Hendrie shit at the end. I thought Magennis was the unsung hero today, he was our only good player in the first half and made some really good interceptions and blocks while the rest of the team was flapping. Morias had a great second half and looked like he was enjoying his role on the right wing after Cooke came on. Obika is inconsistent but he showed real quality to set up the first goal and is getting in the right positions more often. Waters was more physical than usual today and did well in the back three at the end of the game. Ryan Flynn's a great midfielder but an awful right back, he was all over the place today. I would swap him and Cammy MacPherson around next week, which is probably harsh on Cammy who provided some much needed dig in midfield in Foley's absence. Weird to see Hladky have such an off day. Kyle McAllister isn't offering anything this season, his decision making is rank and he has a bad habit of grinding to a halt when we lose the ball which left Flynn and Glover even more exposed today. I was really impressed with Souda for Livi and surprised when he went off. Also enjoyed Alan Lithgow's huge grin during the usual pelters when he came over for a shy. 😄
  2. Seems the massive pro-Tory bias across the media has done the job on plenty of idiots in England and Wales.
  3. I think that's our first league win away to Accies since 2008, bloody hell. That's a really good response to the pumping on Wednesday, really pleased for Cammy MacPherson and good to see Cody Cooke back as well.
  4. To be fair, he can’t whip a decent cross in either.
  5. Aye same here, I’m usually there to the bitter end but chucked it when the third went in. No width, no shape in midfield, no threat up front and no shots. Rank. What summed it up for me was when Flynn finally managed to get forward early in the second half. He held the ball up for about ten seconds but no one showed for a pass, then right after he beat a couple of men before being tackled by Cammy MacPherson on the right wing. There just seems to be no desire to run into space and no quality on the odd occasion we get forward.
  6. Our midfield are rotten when either Foley or Flynn is missing. Why have we got no wingers on the park and two on the bench?
  7. We deserved that in the end. Flynn and MacKenzie were both fantastic in the second half. Excellent strike from Foley, hope that gives him more confidence to shoot instead of squaring it in good positions. Obika came on to a game too and drew loads of fouls. Andreu set up the winner and definitely made an impact. Hopefully him and Obika will start against Hibs. No idea how County didn’t score from that shambles in our box just before the winner. I also loved Baxter accidentally wasting time at the end with that dodgy goal kick. [emoji2]
  8. I think we’ve been poor to be honest and lucky to be level. The midfield looks all over the place, Foley and Magennis have been really quiet and Flynn’s a bit out of place on the left.
  9. We did well in the second half. That was a strange game though, we could have easily been 2-0 down after 20 minutes but then we should have won by more in the end. Broadfoot was outstanding, he played a big part in both goals and cruised through the game. It was good to see both full backs getting further up the pitch, it definitely made a big difference. Foley and Magennis have been two of our better players but oddly I didn’t think either played well today. Foley needs to stop squaring it every time he’s in the box! S McGinn looked understandably rusty in the first half but definitely grew into the game. Andreu was excellent second half, he really took on the Flynn role of chasing everything down and keeping the play moving. I’m very pleased for Obika and Mullen. I don’t agree that Obika was better second half though. Morias looked lively when he came on, albeit against a team that had basically chucked it. I’m stunned by how gutless St Johnstone were in the second half. I can’t remember ever seeing a Tommy Wright team half as bad as that. Stevie May is finished and Zander Clark is shite.
  10. That’s as bad as we’ve been all season, delighted to be ahead though! Mullen and Andreu look really out of place on the wings. Foley’s not his usual self either. Stevie May running the ball out was superb [emoji2]
  11. I hope Stephen McGinn’s rest has done him some good. I think we’ll really miss Flynn though.
  12. I’d agree that Mullen should be starting. We improved with him on as he was the only one savvy enough to take advantage of the shit ref and win plenty of cheap fouls. Morias looks absolutely rotten. Obika at least has a first touch and can hold the ball on occasion. Christ knows why anyone would want Nazon back. Both full backs were solid in defence but need to do more going forward. Waters gave Durmus zero support. McGinn’s always keen to go forward and gets into good positions but only manages about one good cross in fifty. I like Flynn and Foley in the middle, there’s no way Stephen McGinn should start at the moment. I would like Flynn to get further forward though and Foley needs to stop passing up good opportunities to shoot.
  13. I thought both strikers were rotten and the midfield offered nothing going forward apart from Magennis. Lot of improvement needed.
  14. The Baird thing is very odd. Have we confirmed anywhere that we can recall him before the January window if necessary? I’d have rather got Erhahon or MacPherson out on loan to get some games than the guy that must have played about 100 Championship games already.
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