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  1. The match thread on Tartan Army Ramblings is busier than this thread, might be better sticking to that one -
  2. We should agree to stick to one thread here as it's really confusing to try and follow both.
  3. Could do without Family Time with Martin Keown tbh.
  4. Well done St Johnstone, a phenomenal achievement and always great to see the Old Firm nowhere near the cup final. Thought Booth had a great game and Davidson really shored things up when he came on. Hibs were embarrassing, I couldn’t believe their lack of urgency towards the end of the League Cup semi and it was the same again today. Wonder if Jack Ross will ever win a big game.
  5. Delighted that Flynn’s staying, I still think we don’t really have another midfielder in his style and he would be tough to replace.
  6. Tony Fitz thinks we’d have finished 5th if the fans were in, would like to see the working there tbh.
  7. Tait and Henderson both played really well today. We stumbled over the line a bit after the split but pleased to get 7th in the end. Credit to United for a really good spell there after the red card.
  8. This has been a surprisingly good watch in the second half. That was brilliant from McGrath there to recover.
  9. This game so far sums up Connolly really, lots of full backs can’t handle his pace but his use of the ball is terrible almost every time he gets past them.
  10. I've just checked the daily data - there's a total of 26 people in hospital with COVID in the entirety of the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde region. That's actually lower than it was at the start of the week too (it was 30 on Monday). Combined with there only being 3 people in ICU in the whole of Scotland and two-thirds of the adult population being vaccinated already, I'm baffled that anyone at Sco Govt thinks this is a reasonable decision. Genuinely raging with this combined with the continued shit-stirring from the likes of Leitch and Sridhar.
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