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  1. John Barnes is a horrendous commentator, all he’s done is moan about the officials and announced the game was over at 2-0 a few minutes into the second half.
  2. I’m not a Tanser fan but he had a really good game against Hearts and it was odd that Small came back into the team straight after that.
  3. Cameraman focusing on the wrong black guy there. Brainless from Kiltie then brainless from Small and it’s pretty much game over.
  4. Drives me mental when folk give the ball away and then immediately charge in with a foul, so cheap from Kiltie.
  5. As good as he is, it drives me mental how many times we concede a goal down our left side after O’Hara has wandered miles out of position. First goal today was a great example.
  6. Tanser having a great game so far, I take it he’s out of contract? Gogic very good too. It would be nuts if Strain doesn’t get most of the Player of the Year awards IMO.
  7. That was definitely Owen Coyle’s fault for not shouting “CLEAR THE BALL” six times
  8. Ryan Flynn’s staying for another year, excellent news and he’s still good cover for a few positions.
  9. Half of the Rangers team not bothering their arses there in their biggest game of the season, hilarious.
  10. I don’t think we were ever scoring even if Small hadn’t got that brainless red card, so for me Dunne was the most at fault today although Tanser was suspect too. Killie strolled it in the middle of the park, our midfield was poor and bringing on loads of strikers made it even weaker. We really need to strengthen the left side of defence for next season.
  11. We should get Ryan Flynn as Killie owe him a favour from 2010 IMO.
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