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  1. We deserved a point but I think people are being too generous about the performance, the midfield was awful and our only tactic was to ping aimless diagonals for most of the game. We got lucky that Brophy created a goal for himself out of nothing. Tait should have been on for Millar who looked burst after an hour again and it appears that Flynn is now seventh choice at centre mid. I’m really frustrated at how one dimensional this team has become. Credit to Brophy and the back three again though and it was a fantastic ball from Tanser for the second goal.
  2. Should have been a penalty for Main there, Clancy is an absolute spoon. Can’t believe Flynn and Tait haven’t come on when they made such a difference last week.
  3. Had about five chances to clear the ball before the first goal then gave away an idiotic penalty on the one player the ref would be watching, really embarrassing.
  4. Yet again we’ve been the better of two shite teams in the first half, but this time we’ve managed to score. Massive credit to Brophy for scoring that out of nothing. Not a very inspiring performance but the back three have all been excellent.
  5. Might just change my username to Why Isn't Flynn Starting FFS to save me typing it every week.
  6. Sorry to repeat myself but Flynn is our best all round midfielder IMO and should always be starting when he’s fit. I can see why Flynn, McGrath and Ronan might look too attacking on paper but we’ve been incredibly fragile even with Power/Erhahon/McCarthy in there so I think it’s worth a go to try and create more.
  7. Thought we were shit for around 65 minutes but came into it once Flynn and Tait came on, we’re a better team with both of them on the park. I thought Tanser and Brophy both wasted a few chances by shooting straight at defenders instead of passing. Ronan was just coming on to a game when he got subbed. Weirdly I thought Main was our best player even though he barely got a chance, great hold up play and did a lot of the midfield’s job for them too.
  8. Eyes are bleeding here, so sick of us doing ten sideways passes then losing the ball. United missed two great chances so happy to get in level.
  9. I don't really rate MacPherson and I'm baffled by folk saying he's a better player than Erhahon, but I don't understand why we're loaning him to another Premiership team when nobody's played well in that position this season and we could do with options there. The most annoying thing for me is the complete failure to replace Durmus who was our best player for a good chunk of last season.
  10. Are folk forgetting Flynn returning and pelting the length of the park to set up the fifth at the end of the 5-1 win at Tannadice last season? He’s got class and legs IMO unless there’s an issue since then that I’ve missed. Thought we were the slightly better of two poor teams in the first half but terrible in the second half. The midfield basically offers nothing, the wing-backs just get high balls launched at them and we only seem to give the strikers one decent chance per game. We fell to bits once St Johnstone made their subs. Good to see ‘Shitebag Scotty’ keeping a clean sheet though, not bad for an apparent frail liability.
  11. The midfield has been pish apart from a couple of good moments from McGrath. Don’t see how shuffling the strikers will help when they can’t get a touch of the ball.
  12. St Johnstone should just go for reds now and try to get the match abandoned.
  13. Not the best time to channel prime Jim Goodwin tbh.
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