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  1. Really glad Flynn’s getting another year. I’m guessing Robinson prefers Dunne to McCarthy so he might not have been guaranteed playing time and he’s been poor for most of this season anyway. Gogic is a huge upgrade on Power so fingers crossed he’ll choose to stay.
  2. That was pish, Alnwick and Fraser were good and that’s about it. Excellent to finish above Aberdeen though.
  3. Fair play to Don Robertson for trying to make this interesting.
  4. Goodwin’s my favourite ever Saints player and did a good job for us as manager, but I’m still desperate for us to finish above Aberdeen and get it right fucking up the dirty judas tbh.
  5. I’m not a big fan of Tanser but thought he was our best player by far tonight, he won loads of headers and put in some excellent deliveries that we somehow didn’t score from. Glad Flynn got a run out and hope it wasn’t a serious injury.
  6. Lithuania was comfortably the best IMO, glad them and Moldova made it though. Switzerland was absolute mawkish pish.
  7. Delighted for the big man, get that right up Adam for holding down Erhahon in the build up.
  8. Loved Main flying over to right back to stop a counter, he’s still in the mood today. McCarthy looks a bit ropey again but rest of the defence are playing well.
  9. Dallas is a clown, we need to get a second goal here as there’s definitely a horrendous big decision coming here for someone.
  10. Maybe my standards are just rock bottom at the moment but I think we’ve played pretty well apart from our final ball. Gogic and Main both playing well and much better pressing from us lead to that good start. Obviously meaningless if we don’t score though.
  11. Two things I really didn’t expect so far: we’ve started well and Curtis Main won a free kick.
  12. Glad to see Gogic back in the team, should make a big difference in the middle.
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