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  1. He’s been my favourite player since the end of last season, shame he took until January to get going this season though. [emoji2] Pish game but that’ll do for us. I thought Hladky, Gary Mac and Paul McGinn all had very good games. Would have liked to have seen Mullen on earlier though. I don’t think Kearney is a fan of him really.
  2. I reckon Kate Miller-Heidke would have this in the bag if she was competing for a different country. It was the best song by miles but can't see the public getting behind Australia.
  3. Alan Hutton's got pipes.
  4. Kate Miller-Heidke and Australia all the way lads, especially because I managed to get them at 80/1 a few weeks ago. I only saw a wee bit of the semis but surprised Netherlands are the big favourites, pretty dull.
  5. Bit late to the thread but I thought Stephen McGinn was tremendous, he was like a different player compared to the rest of this season. We look a much better team with Flynn in for Lyons and Cooke in for Jackson so I hope they both start on Saturday. McAllister can be very frustrating to watch but he’s definitely got real quality. I was pleased for Magennis getting another great goal, that’s two in two after going more than a year without scoring!
  6. Thought we were rotten today and extremely lucky to get a point, so disappointing. Kearney made a complete arse of it. God knows why Jackson was playing on the left wing, and was actually our deepest player quite a few times, and Lyons was playing just off Mullen. Lyons was rotten, don’t think he completed a pass in the second half but he wasn’t hooked. Mullen shouldn’t have gone off for Nazon and Cooke should have been on much earlier. On the plus side, I thought Stephen McGinn had a much better game today and Magennis showed some quality without much support around him. Muzak was playing very well but I think he shipped the goal with a bad clearance. I hope Flynn is ok because he would be a big loss.
  7. Thought that was a very poor performance for most of the game so pleased with the point, a terrific strike from Mullen. We’ve lacked movement in midfield for most of the season but the second half today was very bad. Flynn was on his own in midfield for huge spells of the game with no runners ahead of him. McGinn does try but he’s not mobile any more and lets so many balls drift by him. Lyons wasn’t great but we missed his forward runs when he went off. I thought Muzak had a great first half but barely got a pass in the second. I’d like to see the full backs overlap more often especially when we’re playing five at the back.
  8. No Gary Mac is a blow but great to see Flynn back. We need a big performance from Erhahon today.
  9. Thought Cooke and Ferdinand both played well considering they hadn’t played for ages. Hladky was great as usual. Nazon is pish and should probably have had two goals and a red card.
  10. We have nothing in midfield at all. McGinn and the Duck are miles off the pace.
  11. That midfield is slightly terrifying. Does anyone know if Flynn’s injured from Saturday or if he’s just being rested?
  12. MacKenzie and Baird weren't Ross signings. I think Kearney's signings have been more hit than miss to be fair, Hladky and Popescu have been great anyway. On another note, it was a bit shit that Gowser got booed onto the park by a fair bit of the West Stand.
  13. Huge, huge credit to Gary MacKenzie considering today was his first game in eleven months. That block towards the end was heroic stuff. Fair play to Kearney for bringing him and Mullen in today. Baird and Popescu were also very good. Ryan Flynn was the standout again, really hope his injury wasn’t serious. I think a proper box to box midfielder is what we’ve been needing all season. Can’t help but think we’re getting the best of out him now he’s playing in the middle without an injured McGinn lumbering beside him. It’s already been said but there was zero urgency from Dundee after we took the lead. Martin Woods was genuinely painful to watch even as a St Mirren fan. If Gowser is still half the player he was at Saints then he should be starting.
  14. Quite entertaining so far. Our goal was weird, no idea how Mullen was in so much space that close to goal. Muzak’s having a torrid time on the left. Flynn’s playing well with very little support in the middle. Dreyer still not up to much.
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