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  1. ‘As a forward looking and all-inclusive club we are delighted to announce, former Celtic star, Paulo Di Canio as our new manager. Paulo will be assisted by, former England international and ex Chelsea assistant, Graham Rix".
  2. Gonna be tough next season. I'd take fourth place and a shot in the playoffs.
  3. A decent sport scientist won't come cheap. Better just to sign players with a wee bit of bottle.
  4. Appointing Gibson has disaster written all over it. Cameron was an automatic starter, Connelly was played out of position and Folarin hardly got any minutes. He wants more experience in the side. I hate to think what jobbers he's going to sign up for next season.
  5. Anyone who has been watching us for the last month. It clearly hasn't worked. Murray doesn't have the authority to make decisions from the touchline and Gibson is too caught up in the game.
  6. Ian Mccall was out of work for even longer. He doesn't seem to be doing too badly eh? Do you think Wullie would hang around if a Premiership club came in for him and doubled his wages?
  7. Any incoming manager would be daft in having Gibson hanging around waiting for him to fail. That said, i would take back Jim McIntyre in a heartbeat.
  8. It would be negligent of the board to appoint Gibson without interviewing other candidates.
  9. If anything his reputation is on the increase. The worse Hibs do the better a manager he looks. Mark McGhee certainly has a lot of fire in his belly...
  10. It wasn't in the judge's summary so i'm doubtful it happened.
  11. Teammates at Kilmarnock. No official confirmation that he's been appointed assistant...
  12. I don't have the time or space to explain it all, save to say it's called a compromise agreement for good reason. Very few people get all they're entitled to because they settle for less for the chance to walk away and get out of the spotlight. I've never seen anyone get every penny. If DGW refuses to budge what will Raith do? His career is over so he's got nothing to lose and needs every penny. The longer he is on the books the more it's going to cost Raith.
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