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  1. Do we make a change now or wait a couple of weeks for Ian McCall to become available? Wullie clearly doesn't have the makings of a manager.
  2. Transphobia is yet another word that has lost all meaning due to misuse.
  3. I never thought i'd live long enough to see an SNP politician act in good conscience.
  4. How did it turn out for Mexico? I fear that's where we're heading if you lot get your way. You'll be content in your poverty though, just so long as you can GIRU the English. If we have a deficit? Are you seriously that much of a fool or that disingenuous?
  5. Scotland's fiscal deficit is projected to be within touching distance of 10 per cent of GDP in the mid-2020s. Crystallising a deficit of that size as a Scotland-only liability for a new state with no sovereign debt borrowing record would be reckless. Combine that with a currency policy that would keep Scotland tied to sterling informally ('sterlingisation') when an independent Scotland would also start off with a large trade deficit, and we're talking almost guaranteed economic hara-kiri. - John Ferry
  6. The liability ends when Scotland opts to leave. There is no argument it would otherwise not be honoured. Bear in mind that your national insurance contributions pay for the health service and pensions of those in receipt of them today. There is no account holding your contributions which can then be transferred over. The money has been spent. Let's imagine you were in a relationship. You and your partner split the bills equally. Your partner then leaves and asks you to pay half of their amazon prime subscription on the basis that you paid half when you were together. Alternatively, they ask you to compensate them for the contributions they made during the relationship. What is your response?
  7. How did the SNP pay for those pledges? With stealth cuts. They literally cut funds for tutoring sick kids in Yorkhill Children's Hospital. Don't ask me for a link to an article. I only had a close family member in there and the staff told me directly. Meanwhile our public services are falling apart. The so called progressive policies (free prescriptions for millionaires) are nothing more than cynical bribes for votes.
  8. The buy to let market will completely collapse. Every cloud has it's silver lining.
  9. You'd get nowt from the UK government. It would be up to the Scottish Government to honour your contributions. The burden would fall on the Scottish taxpayer. The money you theoretically paid into the system has long been spent.
  10. Wasn't Paul on a three year deal at Hartlepool? He'd presumably have to forgo a lucrative compensation package to take a new job so soon. Having a relegation on his CV also wouldn't look too good.
  11. Wullie is a much better player than he is a manager. If he wants to save his fledgling managerial career he needs to start every game when fit.
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