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  1. I wonder how many Scottish businesses will be fucked over by a hard border with England. Think creating barriers to enter with our closest trading partner will put an extra groat in your pocket?
  2. That was the term used by Sturgeon/SNP in the lead up to Brexit. The idea being the people should have the final say. If the politicians negotiate a bad deal we shouldn't be bound by it.
  3. You don't know that. All you know is advocated for a softer Brexit years before the referendum and you're assuming i didn't change my mind at any point. My point about the people's vote stands. I'm guessing you took my snowflake criticism to heart. It must be all that soy that makes you so precious.
  4. She hasn't got a sketch of a plan for what happens in the event of a yes vote. If there is to be a referendum there must also be a people's vote on the final settlement. Anything less would reek of hypocrisy and cowardice.
  5. You'd have to have an IQ below room temperature to vote for any of these scoundrels.
  6. Alba Party campaigner is murderer who killed best man with hammer
  7. Are you hard of thinking? It's pretty relevant i'd say.
  8. Show me one positive comment i've made about the Tories.
  9. Gazza used to go fishing near Annan. One day he's in a shop and overhears disabled woman talking about needing to have ramp fitted. He gave her his name and address and told her to send him the bill. Yogi is generally personable. When he was Livi manager manager he was talking away to my kid brother who was in the home end at Palmerston. James Milner is aproachable and down to earth. Doesn't seem to have an ego.
  10. I'm critical of the UK government when it's due. I bet if i bothered to look through your history i'd find nothing but salivating praise for wee nippy and her gang of stooges.
  11. They've been getting on with a job but the job they've been doing is running services into the ground and making us the sickman of Europe.
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