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  1. Agreed. Although, I'd probably want to use him for the first half as a way of utilising a good, but not irreplaceable, player - then hook him at half time so there is plenty of time left for the replacement to contribute. Leaving him out completely works far more for Falkirk than us. Yes, I know he could spurn a chance in the first half too, but I believe his professionalism will allow him to play it straight knowing that the second half gives both teams their opportunity to change the game.
  2. The air is already smelling better in here.....
  3. Great day out. Excellent backing from the travelling fans and duly recognised by the players at the whistle. We still pick up really stupid bookings though - it'll cost us badly one day. McManus got himself so wound up after a shit shot at goal he was always going to do something stupid. That he didn't do Thomson a bad injury was just luck. Reckless almost doesn't cover it. But still only worth a yellow. Joel's multi stepovers though... :lol:
  4. Massively sad news about Ally Gourlay. Rovers from the inside out and hugely respected across the Scottish Football community. Rest peacefully Ally.
  5. Yup. Because you lot are just famous for recognising evidence when presented with it. Yup.
  6. Michael O'Halloran officially signs on at Ibrox, £300k up front, £100k if/when promoted & £50k in Summer of 2017 & 18 - £7k p/w 4.5yr deal
  7. Mr Glib appears to be partaking in his own version of Greens' sabre rattling to loosen yet more coin from the deluded "Loyal". Orange taps, Irish/American tours, International sporting "partnerships anyone? Wallets oot Berrz
  8. First opportunity to get eyes on the side from this side of the country. Looking forward to a wee visit to a 'new' ground as well. Can't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to get something from the match having seen the Moron/St Mirren bore fest on Alba a few weeks back. So - 0-0 it is then :/
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