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  1. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Nope , fly out Monday , Aberdeen , Venice , Moscow , Astana
  2. Arbroath vs East Fife

    36 gusts ,, 36 gusts , heloooooooo
  3. Berwick v Peterhead

    Hope this games not postponed ..Know a few that are going down early , plus , got it on a BTTs coupon .
  4. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    What a start for the Dons , Mcginn 0.1
  5. Peterhead v Annan

    Would never use the word "romp " but after today i think Peterhead will win the League .. Annan are one of the best teams ive seen this season ..Play offs are going to be a tough call...Was great to see the mighty Nade get a game..
  6. Peterhead v Annan

    Was up by balmoor half an hour ago with work , its a hoor of a wind . The type that blows old folk over . expect goal kicks etc to come right back ..Hope the ref disna call it off ..
  7. brilliant game this , both teams going for it .
  8. OoooOOfffft another cracker of a goal .
  9. Jam Tarts v The Buddies

    Change Robbie to Robbo and its a deal........Imagine what he could do with Hearts budget instead of ICT..
  10. Livingston v Dundee

    There is not much shittier things that can happen to a person than being " gloated right in the pus " ....nightmare..
  11. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    Its pretty cool eh ?........Front 3 of Rory { 9) Shane ( 29 ) , Lyle ( 99 ) Wonder who is (69) ...
  12. The Highland Derby

    That was a good cup tie .Two sides who are pretty well matched and difficult to predict a winner .,Great incentive for both teams in the replay with Dundee Utd awaiting the winner..Lost count how many Championship games have burst my coupons this season , hope the " cash out or not " guy further back in the match thread did cash out..
  13. St Mirren v Dundee United

    Got telt the day that the draw is after the highland derby on monday night...That makes sense...
  14. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    Just send Chic every game .. Problem solved ..Live games forever and ever..