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  1. Queen's Park V Peterheid

    Thats a pretty funny end to the season girfuy , But ,, Credit to Edinburgh and Clyde who made that League exciting till the end . I honestly thought it was going to be like Montrose last season.. Hope Annan win the play offs ..Good team and good folk ..
  2. Billy McNeill RIP

    Been in a radio free van all day and just heard the sad news..A true giant of Scottish football , tribute on radio Scotland now .
  3. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Just checked the bbc match stats , yellow and red for Dunlop but nothing about Gibson ..Im taking that as a straight red after he had bin booked ? Great win anyhow , not playing well in recent weeks but another step closer..
  4. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    Back in Championship days when big Osman Sow did the biz ..Watched that tonight on a stream and it was utter garbage ..How you hope to get anything out of a game by letting the opposition have all the space and all the ball , i don,t know..Game over after 20mins..No fight or out ball ...
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Nope , fly out Monday , Aberdeen , Venice , Moscow , Astana
  6. Arbroath vs East Fife

    36 gusts ,, 36 gusts , heloooooooo
  7. Berwick v Peterhead

    Hope this games not postponed ..Know a few that are going down early , plus , got it on a BTTs coupon .
  8. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    What a start for the Dons , Mcginn 0.1
  9. Peterhead v Annan

    Would never use the word "romp " but after today i think Peterhead will win the League .. Annan are one of the best teams ive seen this season ..Play offs are going to be a tough call...Was great to see the mighty Nade get a game..
  10. Peterhead v Annan

    Was up by balmoor half an hour ago with work , its a hoor of a wind . The type that blows old folk over . expect goal kicks etc to come right back ..Hope the ref disna call it off ..
  11. brilliant game this , both teams going for it .
  12. OoooOOfffft another cracker of a goal .
  13. Jam Tarts v The Buddies

    Change Robbie to Robbo and its a deal........Imagine what he could do with Hearts budget instead of ICT..
  14. Livingston v Dundee

    There is not much shittier things that can happen to a person than being " gloated right in the pus " ....nightmare..