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  1. We havent had any liquid soap in Kirkton ASDA for nearly a week, but still have bars of soap left....
  2. Every ASDA in Dundee should have got stock last night/this morning, £2 a pop
  3. No commentary audio option should be standard for all broadcast football matches
  4. Was just stating what is in the new contract, people have alot more issues with it than that!
  5. It’s 4 weeks notice on shifts being changed, one of the only things the GMB seem to have achieved. And the only protected job family is security, meaning checkouts could end up stacking shelves
  6. He also came into my work to stock up on napolina
  7. Actually shouted at my TV when i saw May taking it
  8. Ive now seen my works christmas night out and my ex on this thread... thankfully ive escaped for now
  9. Working till 2 so need to take the car, where is the best place to park near East End Park?
  10. Distinct lack of the Arctic bar on that list
  11. thats a fake, the real ones have "fehv hundred" on them
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-43908976 Hmmm
  13. We have a 6 per customer limit on items, but nothing stops them getting friends or family to also buy 6 at a time...
  14. Work in asda and we had people buying 10 4 pint jugs of milk and 6 loafs of bread
  15. Got offered a free upgrade from virgin for being a "valued loyal customer"
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