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  1. Is there a more despised manager in Scottish football than Motherwell?
  2. I get serious Joe Chalmers vibes from McGinley. In terms of awkwardness not looks obviously.
  3. If you watch the background closely you can see it was Imrie himself
  4. I've got a plug-in hybrid car on order and wanting to get a fast charger installed at home (especially before the £350 OLEV grant runs out at the end of March). Has anyone any recommendations on which charger to get or installer to use?
  5. Penalty looked a stonewaller from where I was setting.
  6. I see we've taken a turn away from the paneer chat and straight onto BEEF!
  7. I was thinking about buying some pastry in the supermarket and experimenting with some sort of leftover turkey dinner pies this year.
  8. Aye. Getting some cans and scranning leftover xmas dinner while getting a PPV stream cooked up was one of the highlights of last years festive period. Same again this year please!
  9. A bottle of perfume that she chose and I bought while in the shop with her.
  10. I don't think I've ever wanted to win a game more than this now
  11. I said "No" to that one (because I usually don't), but now I feel like I've just ok'd a budget cut for next season...
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