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  1. Can't say I'm normally one for booing ex-players, but this time just feels right.
  2. I believe due to his Burnley roots we should be going with the term "Gravy Train". All aboard. Thank you.
  3. Fight Milk: The first alcoholic, dairy-based protein drink for bodyguards by bodyguards. For years before this it was a picture of the former Northern Ireland international and Motherwell captain Stephen Craigan looking very serious.
  4. Agreed. I bought this from there a month or two ago hoping it would be similar to the tremendous Subway south west sauce. Nope, it is absolutely fucking gantin. I genuinely now feel bad that I didn't post about it before, and have let another unwitting consumer try this without warning. My sincere apologies.
  5. My wife has a serious aversion to Mayonnaise, Salad Cream, Aioli and other similar condiments. It's not quite a phobia as she calls it, but she absolutely will not eat the stuff, will not allow it in the house, and even turns her head and looks the opposite direction when walking down that aisle in the supermarket... This "phobia" in itself is a little annoying as I enjoy some garlic or peri-peri mayo as much as the next guy, and not being able to keep any in the fridge isn't ideal. However, what really annoys me is her inability to mention this "phobia" when ordering food from a cafe or restaurant. So many times we've been eating out in a nice restaurant and she's had to send a plate back because it's had some mayo-like "emulsion" or some such shite on it. When this inevitably happens she blames the restaurant for not mentioning this ingredient explicitly on the menu. The first time it happened I probably agreed with her, but every single time since I have not. She still acts shocked, angry and annoyed whenever this happens as if its the first time. Every single time I will ask her why she didn't just say at the time of ordering that she doesn't like or is allergic to mayo, and every single time she'll go in a huff at me for "taking the restaurant's side" over hers...
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