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  1. I wonder who this is going to be. http://Motherwell: First-team player to self-isolate despite false positive Covid-19 test - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53702784
  2. See you all in The Patter Bar (or the Bull).
  3. I dread to think how awful that page must have been to get deleted.
  4. Yeah but surely instead of just making the release clause “£3million cash”, you could make it “£3million cash plus add-on for 10% of future transfer fee”?
  5. Surely it must be possible to include add-ons into a release clause?
  6. It was a genuine question as I’ve no idea. I’m assuming Celtic have met a release clause that was put in his contract to get him to sign an extension past the summer. £3m+ is a helluva lot more than the pitiful amount of compensation we’d have got if he signed a bosman. Could we have got more than that figure? Maybe, but that’s obviously the highest bid so far.
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