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  1. “Daft c**t” might have been better. Daft c**t
  2. Heard the SNP created this virus purely for this reason.
  3. He could hardly use it if he was wearing handcuffs.
  4. The initial booking was utter fucking stupidity. Long was clearly in a huff from the start of the game. Throwing his arms up when passes never hit him. He booted the ball away in a rage and his tackle was sheer stupidity. He can get himself to f**k as far as I’m concerned. The c**t.
  5. It’s at times like this where I regret being banned from Twitter. Some of the utter fuckin simpletons commenting on this need to be seen to be believed.
  6. The article is very unclear on what actually happened. I’d imagine if it was physical they would be all over the fact.
  7. Saw that yesterday. Surely no one buys these things.
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