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  1. I hadn’t even noticed that Grimshaw had dropped out of the match day squad. May his time be up?
  2. Usual pints before this one then convincing ourselves we can do a 20 minute walk in less than 10 at 2:52.
  3. Would you cheer him, a Motherwell player while you boo the Souter guy, a Hearts player?
  4. I never noticed Maguire dropping back, I guess the debate would have been about bringing Ojala cold into the game for these final minutes or using someone that was up to speed. It is good that GA has trust in Maguire.
  5. What formation did we actually go to when we made the last changes last night, I was caught up in watching KVV as the lone striker that I didn’t take in what the rest of the personnel were doing. Lone striker must be a dream come true for KVV, no expectation that he passes to anyone, just run for the goal and shoot, his natural game really.
  6. I am fairly sure that Liam Kelly thought Tierney was a ball boy when he was warming up, asked him to go and get a loose ball.
  7. Two teams that have lost their main man and are trying to adjust to the change.
  8. 4 chances is enough to win a game but only if at least one of them is on target, he did get the weather correct and he is very neatly turned out, so well done
  9. In the first minute the ref incorrectly awarded a corner to Hibs. By everyone’s reaction he knew he had got it wrong but had to stick with his decision. You could see him looking for an infringement as the ball came in the box, but Hibs only put 3 players up, no stramash at the first challenge, the second header saw two players come together, the ref was able to blow, free kick to Motherwell, sigh of relief, no damage done. The ref held his hand up to the keeper in apology and big Sol clapped him on the back. A strange sequence of events.
  10. I didn’t think KVV looked overly interested at times but I thought his yellow card was a nonsense. I’m not sure it was a foul, it may have been, but given the keeper was receiving a pass back he was like any other outfield player, none of this special treatment because he is a keeper, you are allowed to challenge him.
  11. I understood the boos, it is hard to get a crowd to shout in unison ‘nae luck wee man, it’s for the greater good’. The boos were as much in support of the player as they were against the decision.
  12. A special teams player, no more nutmegs were required, plus you should never put a wee boy out in weather like that.
  13. The Cadden situation has been concluded although I don’t know how, it’s possible Hibs pay us every time he assists a goal.
  14. I’ve travelled early today so thought I would have a walk round the town for old times sake. The Motherwell boys must love a Turkish Barber, hundreds of them including ‘Motherwell’s Oldest’, I take it Ronnies is closed.
  15. I had arranged a night out before this got switched to the Friday night. A curry then over to the pub, grabbed a table and looked up, there was a screen in front of us and the second half was starting, an excellent 45 minutes and evening in general.
  16. After a brief training spell, 20 minutes? The last boy that signed because he was in the building when we got an injury was Mugabi. We’ve had a turn out of him.
  17. Sol has had a few sclaffs in the last couple of matches, one resulting in an o.g. He may almost be fallible.
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