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  1. Alexander now has - experience in Europe - on his CV, box ticked, time to go.
  2. “No one didn’t not want to do well for the last manager” You can’t say fairer than that.
  3. So that I can understand the wise words of those of you who witnessed the crime, and I can join in. It may be Wednesday or Thursday before I am ready,
  4. What would evening itself out even mean? Would the team that benefitted lose a goal off the ref and the team the lost the goal get one later in the year? You now have two new situations which need to be levelled out involving the new teams involved in the chain. Or would the levelling out only happen in the next fixture between these teams. it’s a. nonsense phrase.
  5. I wasn’t there, I will at some point this week sit down and watch the 90 minutes. I did however see their winner. A lob to the edge of the box and Sol heads it backwards into the box so that St Johnstone could complete their attack. Did I see that right?
  6. As a fan owned club I feel we should have hustings like that Tory crowd. When the short list is announced, ballot papers go out until we are down to the last two, then there is a Q&A in front of the Davie Cooper stand. Who will play a winger, who knows the key attributes of a left back. Who can juggle soot?
  7. They will be quaking when our robust women are up there on Sunday.
  8. OHara didn’t go off at the incident which is poor if he was concussed.
  9. That was the theory part of his interview, the practical is tomorrow.
  10. Scrapping in the back of the net then the referee breaking things up then speaking to the offenders then booking probably two of them seldom speeds things up.
  11. I was watching this last night, I noticed Jordan White retrieving the ball from the back of the Hearts goal. This often results in a confrontation. Surely the attacker should always be punished as it is the defending team who should have possession of the ball. Has there ever been any analysis suggesting that an attacker running back with the ball speeds the game up? (There was no real confrontation in this incident it just reminded me of a pet hate).
  12. I am not sure Tierney has had a good game when on from the start, possibly because of where he has been played, but he has always shown his best coming off the bench. Give him 30+ minutes to make an impact. Hammell is not afraid to use the subs.
  13. I would have Murphy in the team, an ex-Motherwell player always scores against us, as seen by the six we conceded last week.
  14. My ambition for the first two games of any season is to get some thing on the board, even a goal in a 2-1 defeat. Going into the third game with zero positives in the league table can be depressing. Last week I was as delighted with the fact that we had scored as the fact that it led to 3 points. I wouldn’t wish this ignominy on St Johnstone, I will revise my prediction to a 2-1 home victory which will exceed everyone’s expectations.
  15. Possibly the last point in the season we could go top of the league with a good win. 1-1
  16. Lack of words like toxicity. I’d rather he’d named names.
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