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  1. You stopped crying about our burliest of burly defenders yet? Who do you think our burliest of burly defenders is? I think Bevis is quite slim, maybe big Sol although he didn’t play on Sunday.
  2. You could at least have these little cars with a ball on top, especially for games against the Glasgow overlords. Give Gerrard the remote and the hordes would be happy.
  3. No-one will ever know the score, the Celtic fans won’t want to share it
  4. I am waiting for the podcast, you can fast forward it
  5. Of course we tried to slow things down, although when Ojala went down with a real injury Rangers made a double substitution and we brought on Lamie so this didn’t really add to the delay. Refs don’t usually add the full time on but this time he did so we didn’t gain any advantage.
  6. I didn’t notice at the time but when Donnelly came on did he bolster the midfield or slip seamlessly into the traditional expanding back line?
  7. I think we should offer a human sacrifice in recompense, Lawless?
  8. He could get a job at one of the Sheffield teams
  9. I guess a Rangers manager expects to be given that slice of luck
  10. If that was the case it is difficult to take his overview of the game seriously
  11. He is just pandering to his fans, no one is going to take him seriously, don’t get excited
  12. Had a look at the league table, Motherwell are the form team over the past 5 games, onwards and upwards.
  13. Charlie is the man. I will listen again to the podcast, comedy gold
  14. The boy started offside, he stayed offside as the play progressed and he was offside when he headered the ball into the net, he was never onside, I would doubt that anyone in the stadium thought it was a goal. Obviously the officials just ignored the rules.
  15. Came off his chest onto his bicep, I don’t know if that’s a penalty with this year’s rules, Watt got kicked up the arse, I think that one was a penalty
  16. When was the last game that Rangers scored a goal against us that wasn’t offside?
  17. Gordon Duncan just systematically ripped each of his points to shreds. Showing his colours (or his professionalism) there
  18. I think they will alternate all season, Carroll’s suspensions will get longer each time.
  19. Just switched it on, the boy isn’t happy that Motherwell suggested the Rangers goal was offside, thought the referee gave them nothing, wasn’t happy with six minutes added on, Motherwell were cheating, Motherwell should be ashamed. I love it.
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