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  1. What are the constraints of the colts teams in the LL, is there an age cap, are there over age players, I think I read there was a quota of Scots/non Scots. Is the Reserve/Development league likely to have age constraints?
  2. Are you logged in as a season ticket holder? There should be a reserved ticket option, possibly a red mark under your account. It’s not there for me anymore as I have bought mine.
  3. Where did you see this? There's nothing on the website or Twitter as far as I can see. It’s in the Eticketing Motherwell site for season ticket holders.
  4. Is there a concern that the Paisley pattern makes the white stripes look grey like a month old Celtic top?
  5. I scored that Turnbull goal at the fives last week, it was left foot, off the keeper’s knee and right foot into the net. 9 other boys that didn’t understand the reference.
  6. That’s me signed up, I am going on a European tour (to Fir Park)
  7. It would be interesting to know if his family is ‘Rangers minded’ and if that is still the big determining factor in these decisions. Rangers seem to have hoovered up a number of starlets from Scottish clubs this season.
  8. I suspect very few sponsors would work with the club to allow the logo as it is.
  9. How much claim do we have on a boy who hasn’t signed a pro contract?
  10. Didn’t appreciate it included Paisley pattern, can’t make it out on my device, might be nice.
  11. I think we need to see last year’s efforts as a comparison, did St Mirren’s look much different. I bet Celtic’s will look like a Celtic top.
  12. The way I remember it he was getting as many as he wanted until he scored, was it his birthday?
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