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  1. I am unsure what our back two will be when Ojala comes in. It is still heart in mouth time when Bevis has the ball at his feet. All the new boys are showing something, Amaluzor has got the furthest to go I think. Woolery twisted his body to get the ball on his right, lash it with the left or drag it round the keeper and it’s a tap in. Maguire played well. Great save from Kelly. The penalty - I am happy for that to be a penalty but will be keen to see consistency through the season, which is unlikely.
  2. I don’t know the rules about ‘multi-ball’ but the Hibs substitute being sent behind the Motherwell goal to retrieve the spare ball on 40 minutes and Craig Samson hiding it behind the seats in the dug out was strange. Samson also complained at the start of the second half and the ball was removed from behind the Hibs goal, then the Motherwell camera girl went and retrieved the ball from the dug out and placed it up beside Burrows. After that drama it was anti climatic to going back to watch the match.
  3. I clapped Murphy off but more as an antidote to the booing. There was no need for the booing and if not for that I would have kept my hands in my pockets.
  4. Under the headline ‘Live’ there were two premiership games finishing at that time. Do we try too hard sometimes?
  5. Are we out of speculation, it seems that all summer we have had a signing in our sights and now those deals are done, who is next? Gwen?
  6. I assume we will occasionally play 3 at the back so a pool of CBs is acceptable.
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