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  1. Football Words

    Playing the ball into an area, what is the alternative? Billy Dodds.
  2. Any games we were unfortunate to drop points?
  3. Did Moult even play with Tommy Gravesen?
  4. How did our various defensive formations transition as we lost players, did we go between back 4s and back 3s?
  5. Was there contact, that is the accepted Celtic criteria for incidents in the box
  6. Expected shares as a Christmas present but she clearly doesn't read the appropriate forums, may have to go it alone this year. if not a buffet, surely some peanuts?
  7. Did it cover what the Well Society ploughed in? The original idea of the WS accumulating a fund that MFC could dip into and then pay back was the one I bought into. This turned into a constant flow of money into the club which only told me that the club was not self sufficient. With these positive results did the club also take income from the WS?
  8. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I would prefer a bye straight into the Euros
  9. I think that was the point, the 'professionalism' wasn't needed in such a game. Doesn't excuse Mbulu for giving the referee a decision to make.
  10. What was he receiving treatment for? What did the physio find to do for 2 minutes attending to him? Did he graze his knee? Mbulu shouldn't have pushed him but the rest is embarassing
  11. I stand corrected although I think Hamilton's record over the 3 seasons as been not bad.