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  1. He struck it with his left, his favoured foot. He struck it with his favoured foot, the left. His favoured left foot still suggests there may be one he doesn’t fancy.
  2. I was listening to Lennon talk about Turnbull taking the time to learn how to play at Celtic, can this apply to us e.g. Gorrin in recent years, are we going to emerge from an international break where a bunch of the new boys have got it and put in some spectacular performances?
  3. Because of the international, it was intended to provide a rest period for the players but the Rangers and Celtic games have been moved to the Sunday anyway because of Europe.
  4. He struck it with his favourite left foot, what sort of selection does he have?
  5. I am happy to give Lamie another chance as a back up central defender in a two, but other than that there are any number of other guys that can watch the game from that left sided position. The thing that really annoys me is not his lack of defensive ability, it is inability to receive the ball and play it forward, it always goes back. This may be the forward players not showing for it but I would prefer an attempted pass forward to a too short pass back.
  6. I lost the battle against the phrase ‘up top’ it was always ‘up front’ in my day, at least we haven’t resorted to defenders being ‘down bottom’
  7. So, I have been guilty of this in conversation in the past, but the greater crime against humanity is the misuse of ‘of’. I would of, he could of, they should of. I can sort of understand it in speech but how can someone write it down that way?
  8. We are never told which players are that kind of player.
  9. I don’t think he said how the club judges themselves more that he hears we are not judged in these games, he could hear that from anywhere
  10. Our strategy of signing Livingston players is aimed at this match, the plastic carpet maestros will come to the fore.
  11. Murray Davidson doubts whether even Sir Alex Ferguson could not improve St Johnstone this term. (Sun) BBC gossip, I’ve read it a few times but not sure?
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