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  1. I have a fondness for Hateley’s goal in Odense, first European away goal I had seen, kept us in the tie, effectively the last kick of the ball, first attempt a cross to the back post, had to be retaken, second attempt straight in at the near post, much jumping.
  2. Bazooka Joe is American isn’t he? That’s enough to make me think I have skin in this game.
  3. You could tap the ball up the wing and the wind would blow it the full length of the pitch, only then did I understand what my physics teacher meant by a frictionless plane.
  4. How can a 63 year old use the word ‘of’ in that sentence. Surely only the under 30s have this affliction. (And Michael Stewart).
  5. Is he talking about the second goal against Motherwell? Celtic were already a goal up.
  6. The U21s was free, not sure if that is across the board
  7. I haven’t monitored it, there is something around Hickey not playing for the U21s (that goes back to the current regime) but if the team had been full of Patterson and Turnbull type players he may have been more willing.
  8. Saw the first half of the Bannockburn game (2 down when I left at halftime but won 5-2 in some cup competition) then went to the Albion to see a fine 3-1 victory, the last goal being an excellent counter. There were 100 yards between these games. I suppose I need to take the wife out next week.
  9. A full team would be excellent I suspect 3 to 5 top players every two year cycle would be more realistic.
  10. I covered that above, I was highlighting when I started thinking there was another way. He didn’t play in the Netherlands and didn’t play in the second leg of the U21 tie, he was rendered redundant. This is not about Stephen Pearson.
  11. That was a specific instance versus a general philosophy Pearson made his international debut for Scotland on 15 November 2003, replacing Neil McCann for the final 20 minutes of a 1–0 first leg win over the Netherlands at Hampden Park in the play-off for UEFA Euro 2004;[45] he did not feature in the second leg, which saw the Dutch qualify. The boy was making his debut so unlikely the squad would have been weaker by his omission. The U21s lost their first leg then didn’t do enough in the second. Would Pearson have made a difference?
  12. My initial thoughts were from when the German coach had the boys flying high and they pulled out Pearson to be part of the squad for the play off against the Netherlands back in the day. The young boys lost. I think Pearson got some game time and my case is slightly undermined by the fact that McFadden and Fletcher probably qualified for the ‘unders’ team but were running the show for the full team. As I say it is not a product of the current regime.
  13. I understand and appreciate the theory and would love it if we had the luxury of doing that. Fact is we just don't. I understand what you are saying but could trying something different improve things?
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