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  1. I suspect if you add up all the POTM awards then Watt would win.
  2. There seems to be a new Indian in Stirling - Om’s Indian Delight - don’t know if it is a chain, but a look at the menu sees Chicken 65 sitting proudly amongst the starters, I will get round to it sometime.
  3. Weaning myself off the two cans by half time then a triple rum with can of coke and ice for the second half is going to be an issue as I gear up for a season back at Fir Park.
  4. If Eddie Nolan enjoyed his scrambled egg on that one visit he will be straight back up the road in July.
  5. I started on Steelmenonline so feel some loyalty to it, however my favourite trait is when someone raises an issue then two posts and 15 minutes later ‘the silence from the club is deafening’
  6. Better than they were when they played in Scotland. They have subsequently stepped up another level. So possibly big shoes to fill but if provided the right environment (is Celtic it?) I would expect him to get there.
  7. Burrows says they have some sort of offer that should appeal.
  8. Alex Salmond showing that the B team concept doesn’t work.
  9. Dec to be ceremonially stripped of the arm band before the United game.
  10. I had a random look at some of the other players, they all have contracts to May in whichever year they are contracted to. But I did note that Eddie Nolan’s strip sponsorship is still available.
  11. The official site confirming that Dec will leave after his contract ends at the end of June. Scotland will/may be finished with the Euros by then, Dosh to us then!
  12. I wouldn’t have him back unless he brings Bowman with him.
  13. People say that PCAs are not worth the paper they are written on. It would be on trend for Dec to use an impressive substitute appearance at the Euros to whore himself out to EFL teams before committing to the contract.
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