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  1. It was nice to see the Mugabi - Goss bow reintroduced.
  2. KVV might have been closer to the 20 goals mark if he hadn’t stepped aside to let Moult take the penalty at Hearts.
  3. There is goal scored in Aberdeen that was quite popular.
  4. I liked it when a summer game of foot golf was able to be blamed for every issue in the following season.
  5. It was the songs that were described as odious and also offensive which is an equally fair assessment.
  6. callous and classless attempts of the moronic visiting fans A fair description
  7. If that’s a template they could have gambled and put penalty.
  8. I am not seeing anything in the rules that would disallow this
  9. VAR but it was a deserved red if you looked at the correct camera angle. The overturning was bizarre.
  10. He seems to score from most of his opportunities in Dingwall so it was a fair decision
  11. It seemed to be ladies night in the Mallard last night, maybe they were just dressed up as the Motherwell boys were in town.
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