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  1. I noticed big Dec was back in the team, how has the big guy been doing?
  2. Free kick in the centre circle, play it across the back line then back to the keeper. Why?
  3. Part of the reason for having a squad is for players to come into the side and play for their place, so people like Carroll, Donnelly and even Shields should be able to come in with a bit of hunger. We should be able to mix it up a bit to avoid 3 defeats. I say this largely as I am travelling to Dundee next week on the train with a United fan, drinks before and after the game, probably a curry then the train home, a defeat would be insufferable.
  4. Did Glass have any management experience before he was draughted in?
  5. I can’t see any reason for the penalty not to be awarded. I couldn’t see any reason why the goal we conceded at Rangers wasn’t given as offside. Except for reasons of course.
  6. 50/50 now I have watched it back, I’ve seen them given, in this game, I’ve seen them waved away.
  7. Fairly invisible Not going judge him on one game though, will judge him next week.
  8. I used to be nervous at the start of Celtic games, hoping to get through the first 10 minutes. No nerves today, the fear factor has gone, we are well capable of getting points from this team this season. Still got beat today though.
  9. Don’t recall a bad tackle from either team
  10. Am I going to have to eat my words when I see it or was it a foul in the lead up to the first goal?
  11. The ideal opportunity to see how good Richard Gordon is today
  12. You love someone coming off the bench to score the winner
  13. This is outside of the current debate but having just become aware of this song today the phrase ‘4 lads’ is already grating. Why is it lads?
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