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  1. Get a burd/job/move out your mums house. Your life will improve. Honest.
  2. Aye, everyone hates you so they must be me Nothing to do with you being a clown.
  3. So, other sites are not accurate? Can't be, .ned etc seem to be able to tell us to a penny about our accounts. You must be mad to think that everything on the internet isn't true.
  4. Little consolation but if i hear of any tickets ill pm you.
  5. In itself no mate, but what other reason would they have for calling you? My guess (and thats all it is) is someone noticed something on the app that needed clarified. Yes clutching at straws but...
  6. Call BT (or whoever you use) and ask them to confirm (via email) that you got the call. Might help.
  7. Did you email it? Not at the wind up, but you would have a copy in the sent folder. Good luck all the same.
  8. Keep it up, you have made that much of a c**t of yourself on this thread alone suicide will be your only option. PRO TIP: Cut up, not across.
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