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  1. As usual, a thread descends into stupidity with ignorant and nonsensical comments.
  2. What pish. Gentlemen’s agreements are often reached between player and club which are mutually beneficial for both parties. If a situation like covid has came up I’m sure honourable players and clubs will have reached an accord.
  3. Photos of the stands that’ve been ordered?
  4. I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s no closer than when the idea was first conceived.
  5. It has to be. You can’t attract the manager of John M’s calibre without their being substantial financial resources. This is being further evidenced by the signings that have been announced. I don’t see how it’s possible to be self sustainable before the senior men’s team have even kicked a ball. You don’t know what all of your playing costs are going to be for a start.
  6. Here here. A ground lasts forever. Players often will leave when a bigger carrot is dangled.
  7. That is simply amazing. Belshill should put the euro millions on!
  8. Should’ve been done many, many years ago.
  9. It doesn’t give great strength to an argument to compare to Italy. We’re in Scotland and we’re concerned for the Scottish game. Ground sharing should be a temporary solution to the issue, not the de facto norm. It is not as simple as having one team play away and the other at home the following week. To infer that it is that simple is quite simply laughable.
  10. The release of fixtures is a challenging scenario. If you take into consideration how many teams ground shared in the old west juniors, it surely must be far higher than that of any comparable Sos, LL, HL & Eos leagues. Perhaps this will be a key consideration for how the 4 new divisions are formed. However, within one season that could all be up in the air and end up with a top division with at least 3 clubs ground sharing as they have no ground of their own, which I find completely unacceptable and ought to be mandated by the new league as an issue which must be addressed.
  11. What does the constitution state?
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