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  1. Michael Ruth who was on loan at Falkirk from Aberdeen is a rumour going about.
  2. That's embarrassing. Really feel for catterall, thought he won easily.
  3. I still get asked every Saturday when I'm heading out the door to Palmerston. "What time is the football on today?" 12 years we have been together and she still doesn't know/care that the football is 3 o'clock every week.
  4. Poor girl is going to be disappointed today.
  5. Still available. Can buy upto 4 tickets.
  6. If you are buying anything from classic football shirts. Google discount code and there are usually some available for 10%-20% off. WORLD10 got me 10% off today.
  7. Starting to get excited for this now.
  8. I'd take an unfit Semple over Buchanan and Obileye any day.
  9. Tadic is playing for Ajax tonight. They are saying the result is a false positive because he already had covid at the start of the season.
  10. It was Choiri Johnson who played against Airdrie
  11. Season 3 premiers on Netflix January 8th 2021 It has also been renewed for season 4
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