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  1. I would order a size bigger than you usually do for the home top.
  2. MMA Thread

    Connor vs Khabib 6th October
  3. Your fantasy 11.

    Eric Paton is who I would pick. Alan Gray was excellent the season we won the 2nd Division as well but struggled in the 1st division. Did he play any games at right back for Queens or part of a back 3? For some reason my memory of him was as a full back.
  4. Irn Bru

    Costa Adeje Tenerife has old recipe most places. Drinking more of the stuff than Lager
  5. Give Dobbie a new 3 year contract right now.
  6. Kyle Turner. Hes been at West Brom on trial and Aberdeen are apparently watching him
  7. Early Season predictions

    It was Kenny Deuchars wife that got scalped. It was horrific.
  8. Because i've called you out on talking absolute shite?? Should have just ignored you after you claimed Jason Kerr was coming back to PalmerstonYour obviously a complete zoomer.
  9. Man up you weasel. Stop your greeting! Thank f**k your a troll, because if the majority of fans were like you the club would be fucked.
  10. Who u wanting to do the interviews? The social media is done by volunteers, unless we have anyone offering to do it, the club are struggling. Especially at this time of the year when people are holiday. Out of interest, are loads of other clubs doing interviews and background pieces on other players?
  11. U dont half talk shite! If there is nothing to report what r u wanting the club to post??? As for more communication in the Harkness days, shut up u clown. C*nts like u aren't happy unless ur moaning.
  12. MMA Thread

    Max Holloway pulls out with concussion.
  13. Gavin Reilly signs a 2 year deal at Bristol Rovers.