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  1. Speed of Haaland to get up the pitch after clearing the ball at the front post was like watching Usain Bolt running 100m VID-20200218-WA0012.mp4
  2. Try the Edenbank hotel, 5 min walk from Palmerston 4 pubs within a 2 minute walk and a 10 minute walk from the town centre.
  3. What was about, been some sort of story? Its D'angelo Russell the basketball players celebration for when he gets a 3 pointer. Points to arm and shouts "There is Ice in my veins"
  4. There was loads of bother when we were in Frankfurt for the Dortmund game a couple of seasons ago. Thought we were goin to get a kicking as soon as we left our hotel. Groups of Frankfurt fans dressed all in black(and all oddly wearing Sketchers trainers) attacking Dortmund fans in the streets around the station. During the train and walk to the stadium it felt like it could kick off at any time even with a big police presence.
  5. I've just got tickets for the 15th at Hampden and 19th Hampden €50 tickets, had Wembley and Copenhagen as well as the last 16 game at Hampden although they were €125
  6. People don't actually think players come on here and read what fans think of them do they?
  7. Brazil was great for street food. In Rio we just seemed to snack all day rather than go for a proper sit down meal. The meat and chicken pastels/pastries are brilliant and the spicy popcorn with bacon is worth a try.
  8. Thought at the end when prograis said why are you all booing me I'm willing to come here and fight it was a clue that the final will be in Glasgow. Loads of empty seats, so not sure what the official crowd was.
  9. 100% Correct Pundits make out he's the next big thing after 14 fights fighting nobody. Whereas Taylor has beaten 2 ex world champions and is fighting for a title his 15th fight.
  10. That's the good stuff, new recipe has Aspartame in it.
  11. Original recipe is 38% sugar. 34g
  12. That's me down to my last 5 cases. Will be heart broken when it's gone.
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