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  1. Hardly "crying" as you put it Strange how you never bothered your arse to quote my original post.
  2. I'm guessing you don't get enough attention from the wife.
  3. I know, its hilarious seeing thread after thread ruined by trolling.
  4. Dundee caller on Off the ball "We need Hibs and Rangers in the top division, we need our big city clubs, we are not England, We are Scotland" Cosgrove tearing him apart.
  5. I can't believe this game is still being played. It looks horrendous
  6. I take it you guys brought it up with the local MP/MSP Would be interesting to know what they said or done?
  7. My head is fine. But please, do keep asking me he same question over and over, that is clearly a sign of a sensible poster
  8. Bit of a sad case then if you're going to spend your night repeating a question you've already had an answer to
  9. I didn't deny it. If you bothered to your arse to read the original accusations being made you'll see why I asked for the post to be posted, as it shown the poster was talking shite. You just going to keep questioning me all night now?
  10. You'll be waiting a while, You know where it is. go fetch.
  11. Yet here you are, like every other Celtic thread on the forum
  12. Why does it matter? No deflection, I've given you my answer. How long you going to keep asking me the same question like a simpleton?
  13. I still don't understand your obsession with me? Apparently i'm a terrible poster, but you can't keep away from me. You even took a little hissy fit when you thought I had you n ignore once.
  14. I really hope you're not trying to stick up for the resident troll
  15. So just an internet troll in his 30s? Not covering yourself in glory with that admission
  16. So thats an aye, you're still living at home in your 30s. Cringe, I hope you at least pay for your own internet bills and don't leave it to your mum
  17. Well if you're going to ask idiotic questions you already know the answer, don't be so surprised if you get treated like an idiot
  18. Older? Either way, A guy in his 30s trolling on an internet forum is tragic at best. I wouldn't be surprised if you're still living at home
  19. I've already answered it several times. So unless you're just an idiot who couldn't understand my point. I'm not going to repeat myself again and again
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