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  1. Played 30 or so games, absolute authority on rangers obviously. no leadership. Fair enough murty is New to the position. club captain and guy who has been at the place 3spells should know better. dont remember all this drama when killie were pumping them and neither of them were playing.
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/blundering-rangers-chief-dave-king-12381558 This whole article is tragic. Jackson raging that his two sources are about to get booted. Weeks ago Jackson was claiming Murty was doing a decent job to right the ship and now it’s all changed. He is awful, how does a guy this poor become a chief sportswriter anywhere.
  3. Daily record running a live update thread for the appointment of the next Manager. wonder how long this will last for?!
  4. Yeah but I was thinking a slight improvement on the wages they were getting elsewhere, not wages making them some of the highest paid players when they are untested and not too great.
  5. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/pedro-caixinha-talked-talk-slipped-11416081 Pena & Herrera taking home 40k a week between them? That cannot be accurate surely! How does the next manager undo that?? Still no financial prudence at Ibrox regardless of who the manager is.
  6. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-set-go-british-search-11416247 Looking for a British Manager who knows the club Not sure anyone could understand that utter mess of a club currently DK will pay compensation to get the right man and a war chest for January too. I thought this guy was skint.
  7. Lol, underneath it has ibrox legends rip Pedro - Alex Rae, when did he become a legend!
  8. I can’t see how McInnes or Wrights reputation goes up by plugging gaps and steadying an under performing team. best case scenario for them is no better than the best case scenario at their current clubs. shame as Pedro was good for a chuckle https://mobile.twitter.com/delbhoy007/status/923507364451504129?s=08
  9. Seriously tho, at what point does ally's defiance in not walking away hurt his legend status that was achieved at playing level? (Only if not promoted?) Also, if ally insists that he wants to protect the club and would never hurt it what is it that he can see that even his biggest supporters can't? (I mean I've never seen so many fed up rangers fans on this forum)
  10. Keith Jackson opinion piece today that ally should quit, but he did a good job considering his wage budget was less than 30% of turnover. This guy is apparently sportswriter of the year somewhere!
  11. Surely ally refusing to walk and instead waiting for a bumper pay off is just as crooked as the actions of previous rangers directors etc?!
  12. McCoist said: “Lewis got injured early in the game but we still had enough players to win the game. This is rich coming from the manager who had games postponed because of international duty.
  13. McCoist keeps talking about how they have time, long way to go in the season and all that, but he's been spouting that since the first few bad results and it barely seems as if things have got better, even more so when the rangers fans on this forum think the team is dire. So when is it time to start panicking and reacting? Surely it was a long time ago, maybe that way a wee bit of a reaction wouldn't have put you in the not so great position in the league that by all Rights you should stroll to win. Also in reference to the man who quoted struth as rangers go through tough times, I doubt the soothsayer that he was was predicting getting pumped by a part time team. Well done to Alloa, they seem to have a decent manager who knows how to best a tactically inferior manager no matter the talent level between both teams(or at least the perceived talent level).
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