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  1. Nobody "murdered" the Principal. It was a shite year for everyone present, caused by a protest which could have easily been avoided in the first place. I went along to watch the protest and there were perhaps 50 students. Were you there? if not, shut up as you don't know what you're talking about.
  2. If this is the worst that Stirling Uni students get up to nowadays then it is nothing like the place I studied at in the early 70's. We had a riot in protest at the Queen's visit back in 1972 when it was claimed that Stirling degrees wouldn't be worth the paper they were written on. As is usual, the whole thing was blown out of proprtion by the medias. The protest was due to students being given the afternoon off and told to f^^k off while local dignitaries invaded the campus. A girl was installed in a redecorated double room in a residence made to look like a single room and was then kicked out as soon as her majesty left. TV footage of the protest, taken from a low angle, made two rows of students look like thousands. The year was a total mess with student leaders being suspended and the Principal dying of a heart attack, which was blamed on the furore.
  3. He isn't really cross-eyed as one eye looks outwards not inwards. It's known as exotropic or wall-eyed.
  4. Funny how many of the loyalist brigade are quite happy to be the Queen's club but not the King's club.
  5. Can't stand the twat since he took part in a TV trial based on the rape of a white woman by a black guy. He ranted on at the other members of the jury so much, telling them it was a case of racial discrimination, that they decided he was not guilty. Afterwards, the guy admitted he had done it. Colly is as racist as any KKK member. Total fud!
  6. Probably because Grandmaster Suck bans anyone who doesn't follow follow.
  7. Why "prejudicial"? Edit: By the way, I have had two accounts on RM, just for a laugh. The first time I was banned for telling them Ally was a prat ( ) and the second time for telling them that the BBC board was taking the piss out of them. Not following the official bigot line.
  8. It's the sites which are dedicated to Rangers and Celtic which are the homes of real bigots. Why would anyone who is a real bigot come on here to be shot down in flames by others when they can spout out all of their bile to the applause of others in their own cesspits.
  9. You're the one who is being incredibly stupid. If you start a quango you need to find a way to keep it going. You create chaos out of nothing. These people are there because they want power over others. It's as simple as that.
  10. Tedi, since you seem to be on a crusade against bigotry and sectarianism, may I suggest that you head across to RM and start an account there. You can then preach to your heart's content about posters calling Celtic supporters "****" and claiming that all Celtic fans are "kiddy fiddlers" because of the actions of a certain number ( great, I will admit) of Catholic priests. You lot, yes you and them, are just as guilty as one another in all of this. Everything has to come down to religion with you. It's a fucking fantasy dreamt up by insecure people and turned into a means of controlling people's lives by those who wanted power. f**k religion, f**k Rangers, f**k Celtic, f**k the Pope and f**k God Save The Queen! Fucking grow up and start thinking for yourselves instead of spouting out the shite that has been planted in your brainless heads.
  11. Greeny returned because you're 22 points ( :lol: :lol: ) in front of them.
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