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  1. Im embarrassd that my team lost to the dead club last week. They are absolutely minging. [emoji90] . The dead club, that is.
  2. If these are the two best teams in Scotland, then the games a bogey.
  3. Sorry Rutherglen 4 Kilwinning 5! Stunning comeback.
  4. Rutherglen 4. Kilwinning 4. Buffs come back from 4 - 1 down.
  5. Kilwinning didn't field their strongest team either. Hamilton defending wasn't clever.
  6. Sorry, off topic. How do we get rid if fucking Alan Mains face from our thread? Somebody please help.
  7. I salute you, Moomintroll. The only Kilmarnock fan prepared to show their face after this embarrassment. [emoji106]
  8. Welcome back to earth Kilmarnock fans. Utter humiliation. [emoji23]
  9. After a lot of thinking and bean counting, we've taken the plunge and bought a property in Mijas, 30 mins from Malaga. Love this part of Spain. Get the keys in 3 weeks Cannae wait but shitting it at the same time. [emoji41]
  10. Had a wee overnighter with the missus in Brodick on Arran, nae kids [emoji106] We stayed at The Glenartney B & B. We booked a table at The Crofters Bar. Food and drink were excellent as was the live music. A local called Mike Bailey played guitar and sang Scottish/Irish folk songs along with some classics and some of his own material. I love these wee unexpected gems. Great night and great atmosphere. Worth a visit if you're on Arran.
  11. Th4ts 4lot of or4nge. Funny that. [emoji41]
  12. Obviously dont know the full story but I smell a rat. Back to his comfort zone in the bubble of Coleraine. Obviously doesn't fancy full time management. Thanks for 9 months you were here and the great escape job you orchestrated. Sent from my SM-G935F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  13. H4rd ons 4t the re4dy. [emoji109][emoji97][emoji97]
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