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  1. Little bit disingenuous here - never played aWofS side in the cup before ! But yip the battle of the McMenamins should be interesting. All set for a cracking tie.
  2. Looking forward to this one. The battle of the McMenamins- Colin is assistant manager at Annan and Gary is assistant manager at Clydebank.
  3. Nah,not moving maintains the uniqueness of the cup- the regular fans of the wee team should be OK for a ticket, some away fans may lose out- tough, luck of the draw.If the wee team grows they should grow their facilities & capacity too. Maybe teams like Albion didn't do that for years,spending on players probably.Its a balancing act.
  4. In the 3rd round yes but I'm sure from the 4th. round there is extra time and then penalties if necessary.
  5. Not being nasty but I think u boys are destined for part time football. Nothing wrong with that either ' ce la Arbroath
  6. Just get a motivater at our level, like Dick Campbell. Plus the ability to spot a boy who has natural talent., no as hard as it seems. League 2 train 2 days a week- after the fitness element no much time left for organising "shape" or whatever the latest buzz word is.
  7. Pretty obvious but Kelty definitely got some better players than League 2. Annan fought hard & that's all you hope for. Nice pint o Tennents in the Kings - great set up.
  8. Kelty without doubt have some of the best best players in League 2. Annan great away record so far. Might need some rearrangement at the back after Matty Douglas's red card last week (2 yellows- the second pathetic not worthy). All I'll say is we'll give you a game.
  9. Still cannot believe how you beat Annan too - put simply we were by far the better team ,it's fitba & you stole it
  10. Agree 100 % Tam - first half Annan were so lethargic.Robertson typified the City vigour & enthusiasm & they got their just rewards. 2nd half Annan did far better as they always do after Peter Murphy's analysis. But why cannot Annan change things in any first half when things are going against them ? Nothing from the sidelines and nobody on the pitch steps up to the mark.Just my observation.
  11. https://spfl.co.uk/league/league-two/table Very sharp guy at the moment !
  12. Watched the streamed version - aye Annan do what they need to. It's all about winning. Take the Kel out & no much between the teams
  13. How on earth Stenny won this game I do not know - not a great side. Annan started the game fine but were shit at finishing so had nothing to show for it. Stenny came out all guns blazing in 2nd. Half - a poor scrambled affair for the first goal and the deflected shot for the 2nd. probably summed up our day. I blame it on the Lincoln branch of Annan supporters - poor souls now been up 7 times and never seen Annan win. Gonna be a very tight league this year- any one of 9 could finish bottom. ( Kelty top obviously)
  14. Looks like the goalie has fell in a hole. Shite game I heard but 3 points is 3 points Get it right up aw them podcaster's - they know FA. We are the last chance to stop the Kelty jaugernat
  15. I feel confident about all 4,let's be positive
  16. No rubbing it in but that was probably worst Stirling team we've seen. 4 ex Annan players too ( mcniff,Flanagan,omar,currie) couldn't get us promoted ,don't think they'll do any better for u too. Big fat guy up front too,probably a player in his day but struggle to catch late bus. View from the terraces podcast or whatever its called- boys were worried about Annan ! Typical central belt bias.
  17. You really need to compare the St.Johnstone pricing against far superior opposition - they have it totally right.
  18. Very sensible pricing for a game against top class
  19. I heard most Kebab shops in Scotland shut on Thursday !
  20. Aberdeen charging min £30 , what about u Saints ?
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