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  1. Good on him. I did like him as a player but we don't really have the luxury of affording young boys time to develop. Not surprised he's got a decent move up though. Moxon is now 24 and more than suitable for SPFL league 2. Under Simpson should do well at Carlisle in English league2. For the future because of our location perhaps there should be greater cooperation/links between our Border teams creating pathways for young players.In recent years Annan have successfully recruited from Dalbeattie ie.Muir,Goss,Anderson etc. and vice a versa Ex.Annan player Currie is top goalscorers with them this year.
  2. Yes we're resigned to losing him. Carlisle and Hartlepool both rumoured to be showing interest in him.
  3. Staropramen £3 a pint in Shed tonight,strong tackle too !
  4. Get in to this lot Annan, 1 goal and we're back in it big time !
  5. No Marco, U16 have free admission when accompanied by an adult so Mustafa I would think you only pay £12 in total for you and the 2 under 16's. Looking at the online booking you could try entering 3 at the row where it says adult and u16. ( NO TOTALLY sure about this wouldn't want them taking£36 off you) Hopefully you can amend before booking. If in doubt just pay at the gate- they should know the score. At least that's my interpretation.
  6. It's been well documented Queens are quite cash rich so probably no fears. But hey, on a finance point of view- it would definitely be better for Queens if Annan beat Edinburgh City in the play off finals- that's apart from local interest.
  7. A booking keeping charge to the P&L a/c is not quite the same as setting the same amount aside in cash for that purpose. It may well have been though,just saying ,without seeing the a/c's.
  8. Great to see St.Andrews cross flags at Ibrox now.
  9. The idea of these AstroTurf pitches is fewer games are postponed and there is an extra revenue stream from the general community use. One of the most important issues is that some of that revenue is set aside for pitch replacement long before it is nackered or at the end of life.This should avoid any player injuries. Most clubs don't show that discipline and the cash is just devoured In the normal running costs- instead they go out with begging bowl to local councils and SFA grants !
  10. At the end of the season the League table never lies and all 4 teams are there on merit ( strange way to describe Dumbarton's predicament mind you). The 3 League 2 teams have all been faltering and inconsistent the last 6 weeks or so whereas Dumbarton have had some decent form. If Annan are up for it tonight I think they can take a good lead up to Station Park on Saturday and go all the way.
  11. Winners enclosure : Kelty Hearts - well done. 2 & 3 Annan & Forfar - although they both are in a slump,playing pretty shit. So big question who's gonna be number 4 ? 9 points available. Ed. City 48 pts Stenny 45pts The Clayhole (Stranraer) 41 pts. Because anyone can beat anyone this league from 2 to 10 , EC got the advantage points wise & probably enough but I reckon the most decisive game will be Stenny v Stranraer on the 23rd April if the city boys slip up before then
  12. Well done the Blue Brazil. Fully deserved result. Looks like you 'll be in a play off but with the energy & skills we saw today I think u have a very good chance of surviving. Watched Bonnybridge against Gretna no too impressed a bit immobile. Not a clue about either the Broch or Buckie - on form decent sides
  13. Spot on Iwh - you guys been in a bit of free fall recently. From an Annan point o view hopefully we finish 2nd and get 2nd. Leg of playoff at Galabank
  14. Your shite and you know you are.Over inflated egos. The last 2 years you been in league 2 You finished 8th. 4 seasons before that you were 9th ,10th,9th,9th in league 1 - you are not great shakes. Best I can say about Stenny- nice home made soup. Stewards are arse holes & usually the hospitality crowd are a load of vile pished up p***ks.
  15. Annan are a massive 17 points ahead of Stenny and Forfar are 13 points ahead of them so you must be pretty inconsistent against the rest of the league.The points table never lies.
  16. Neilly your assessment of the game prob quite right.My pal said you could probably have won by 5 or 6.But u know what , it's been a joyous day for the Galabankies.Will we see you in playoffs ?
  17. Annan were not at our best but 100% Rovers deserved their win.
  18. Come on down to Annan last game & have a good bevy to celebrate. Clubhouse yards from ground & pubs only 10 mi walk. You did well,congratulations.
  19. Quality in league 2 is no that great. You boys were very good early doors when we played u - I actually thought the best ( excluding the Kelty) but you seem to have shit your breeks now. Do you think you'll make 3rd. ? ( cheeky question after Annan's performance today )
  20. No gonna rub it in but after a fairly even first half Annan were never in any trouble in the second. I'm sure this is the year for Annan but who knows
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