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  1. When are Dundee moving to their new stadium or has that been abandoned pre or post covid ?
  2. If it stays like this -winner of Ayr v Stranraer on Sat. wins the group & Annan finish 2nd.
  3. Seek peek at the away end gates 😇 Not now 😠 some jobsworth blocked them off.
  4. Remarkable record to have lasted 150 years - let's hope we can be party poopers on Saturday. I think we can. We're getting stronger and their defence seems suspect.Annan to win by 2 goals , 2nil or 3-1.
  5. Was gonna say "we are the people" but better not get ahead of myself ,just settle for "Murphy's the Master". Well done boys, may it continue.
  6. Managed to witnesss this through the gates at top end with another 1/2 doz Faithfull. Annan fought really hard and Hamilton couldn't get out of gear.Most disappointing Hamilton side I've seen.
  7. Indicative date for a limited number of fans return is the 14th. September !
  8. Cove are no exception : Inverness,Ross County and Livingston ( Meadowbank,Ferranti Thistle) have all made it to the Premier League !
  9. You were pretty shit last year though. All that unfulfilled promise from a big team, even little Annan were above you. Report card - could do better.
  10. Tommy Muir has signed for Stenhousemuir. They were sitting 2 points below us and we had a game in hand. Mm cash is king I suppose.
  11. From an Annan point of view disappointed Tommy has joined a team who were sitting 2 points below us in the league with a game more played when it was cut short. Obviously Annan are not able to pay the cash.
  12. When do you stop saying potential to be really good ?
  13. CBILS Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scene. Let's no start about Loans or advances again 😳
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