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  1. You have lost your (27 Yr old) captain to Darvel - surely a minus from last season ?
  2. Oops his dad was Mick Galloway ex.Gretna & Carlisle ! ! Sorry about that folks.Should still do a job for us though.
  3. Not often a Scottish league 2 team sign a promising player from a Premier league team like Leeds Utd. His dad was Mike Galloway ex. Hearts & Celtic among others.
  4. He's an attacking right midfielder. In the shadow of Moxon last year but decent enough player.
  5. Calm down lads calm down. Unity is everything ,surely a few more tweets to the squad and we can do it. No teams financed by a sugar daddy this year so let's go for it.
  6. Good on him. I did like him as a player but we don't really have the luxury of affording young boys time to develop. Not surprised he's got a decent move up though. Moxon is now 24 and more than suitable for SPFL league 2. Under Simpson should do well at Carlisle in English league2. For the future because of our location perhaps there should be greater cooperation/links between our Border teams creating pathways for young players.In recent years Annan have successfully recruited from Dalbeattie ie.Muir,Goss,Anderson etc. and vice a versa Ex.Annan player Currie is top goalscorers with them this year.
  7. Yes we're resigned to losing him. Carlisle and Hartlepool both rumoured to be showing interest in him.
  8. Staropramen £3 a pint in Shed tonight,strong tackle too !
  9. Get in to this lot Annan, 1 goal and we're back in it big time !
  10. No Marco, U16 have free admission when accompanied by an adult so Mustafa I would think you only pay £12 in total for you and the 2 under 16's. Looking at the online booking you could try entering 3 at the row where it says adult and u16. ( NO TOTALLY sure about this wouldn't want them taking£36 off you) Hopefully you can amend before booking. If in doubt just pay at the gate- they should know the score. At least that's my interpretation.
  11. It's been well documented Queens are quite cash rich so probably no fears. But hey, on a finance point of view- it would definitely be better for Queens if Annan beat Edinburgh City in the play off finals- that's apart from local interest.
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