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  1. You obviously never seen the game.The opinion is unanimous.Brasil did it wi Pele, Argentina did it wi Maradona so what have we got to lose
  2. It is excellent stuff.Changed days from the Willie Harkness days. As a young QOS fan at primary school I didn't even get a reply to a beggin letter for some " old used Queens tops ". Really bad PR.
  3. Should definitely be in the squad - let's take a chance on the boy.Absolutely brilliant against Liverpool.
  4. Brooks no fit, Simunovic and Ajer are very poor.Got what they deserved.Should o started wi Griffiths
  5. Marco " The answer my friend is blowing in the wind" ! Maybe Buster will give us a bit o Bob Dylan tomorrow or whatever song is appropriate? Why does it always rain on us maybe !
  6. Whichever way you go it is an uphill task for "ordinary" clubs to flourish ,as football is rotten to the core wi money - which starts at the English Premier League.New online streaming of matches may soon burst this bubble if subscribers adopt this alternative way of watching the matches they want to see. Then again this may add to the pressure for a European Superleague.In this modern world nothing stands still for too long,changes come faster than ever.
  7. Annan are totally fan owned (a cic - community interest company, I think you call it ) - anyone can buy a share for £10 a year. A bit of a thankless task and there is never a rush of people to stand for the Board.
  8. ? You won your last game and are in top 4 what do you mean ?
  9. In general South football is no looking great when you take Annan's slide doon the table,much like Queens.Stranraer seemed doomed for League 2 and Gretna & Dalbeattie struggling in the Lowland. In a low wage economy with not a lot of big financial backers available is it going to get worse ? Been a couple o years since I saw a South of Scotland game but from memory Tommy Muir is the only one who has made the step up to Senior level.Inter school games at Primary & secondary are more or less non existent ( this is where the initial competition starts and skills learned) so no surprise really.There is some sterling work done with youth systems outwith schools ( Annan included) but for some reason our area now seems a bit of a dead breeding ground for Senior talent.
  10. What exactly does a 4th. Official get paid for ? Apart from the officials it seems there is unanimous agreement Cox is innocent.Lets hope common sense prevails.
  11. Never been the same since the lawyer boy David Will finished.Imagine - he had one o the top posts in European fitba.I bet he had many a good trip. Did he contribute to club cash wise (imagine so) or just use his good business acumen to run the club well ?
  12. Must o been all the bad weather alerts - our guys couldnae cope,no at the races. Never mind - big Stevie the train driver paid £17 for his Elgin pom pom hat - he was traumatised. Swings & roundabouts tho - got a freebie courtesy o the Shed & an Elgin win - one man's happy in Annan tonight.Congrats Stevie_ comes to watch Annan too.
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