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  1. Sorry for being pedantic but Annan Athletic are lower ranked. (JUST!)
  2. .Really enjoyed the game today - a draw a fair result. Almost sure the first goal was a a handball before that guy smashed it in the net. Bit of a p***k wi his celebration - has he never scored a goal before ? No getting ahead of myself but looks like a very close play off scenario
  3. Well done Dom - pretty shit it's taken them ages to announce Peter Murphy manager of the month - a no brainer 8 games undefeated & beat the league leaders 5-1
  4. RIP wee Jimmy Sherry. Top groundsman & doorman. Shameful no Club representation at his funeral today - I suppose time moves on. No club history.
  5. Well duffed up today , let's hope Stranraer do the same - nobody wants runaway leaders.
  6. Too right- played them off the park. Message to other teams - get stuck in to these prima donna's - they are no as good as they think they are. Get it right up them today. Total Annan Control
  7. Can Killie afford any o these guys after paying Wright's compo ?
  8. Let's all support the underdogs. Fantastic if the only part time team in the Championship wins the league. Gives hope to every small team.
  9. When I played amateur football ( probably no very good either) home & away teams had their own lock up garage for our home games. No electricity so no light or shower - just a wooden bench to put your clothes on !
  10. Little bit disingenuous here - never played aWofS side in the cup before ! But yip the battle of the McMenamins should be interesting. All set for a cracking tie.
  11. Looking forward to this one. The battle of the McMenamins- Colin is assistant manager at Annan and Gary is assistant manager at Clydebank.
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