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  1. How on earth Stenny won this game I do not know - not a great side. Annan started the game fine but were shit at finishing so had nothing to show for it. Stenny came out all guns blazing in 2nd. Half - a poor scrambled affair for the first goal and the deflected shot for the 2nd. probably summed up our day. I blame it on the Lincoln branch of Annan supporters - poor souls now been up 7 times and never seen Annan win. Gonna be a very tight league this year- any one of 9 could finish bottom. ( Kelty top obviously)
  2. Looks like the goalie has fell in a hole. Shite game I heard but 3 points is 3 points Get it right up aw them podcaster's - they know FA. We are the last chance to stop the Kelty jaugernat
  3. I feel confident about all 4,let's be positive
  4. No rubbing it in but that was probably worst Stirling team we've seen. 4 ex Annan players too ( mcniff,Flanagan,omar,currie) couldn't get us promoted ,don't think they'll do any better for u too. Big fat guy up front too,probably a player in his day but struggle to catch late bus. View from the terraces podcast or whatever its called- boys were worried about Annan ! Typical central belt bias.
  5. You really need to compare the St.Johnstone pricing against far superior opposition - they have it totally right.
  6. Very sensible pricing for a game against top class
  7. I heard most Kebab shops in Scotland shut on Thursday !
  8. Aberdeen charging min £30 , what about u Saints ?
  9. As usual pricing policy taking the fans for mugs again.
  10. A Stranraer fan behind me summed it up " men against boys " . Stranraer a bit lightweight but Annan more effective when playing the ball on the ground in an attacking style. Well taken goals and a vast improvement from last Saturday.
  11. How much is entry fee now ? Bound to be more than Lowland last year. OK when your winning but the arse will fall out yer breeks when u get your level. Cash Can buy League 1 & 2 - after that we'll ? The Rangers, Livi, Cove,Peterhead, Queens Park ! Have I missed anyone ? The rest play for playoffs.
  12. 2 well finished chances for them. Taok Murphy too long to change things . A half blind man could see Tommy Goss is too slow & cumbersome. Murphy needs to change things quicker - Dalbeattie Derby next year at this rate. Not worth the money
  13. U couldnae get much of a better compliment
  14. Stranraer in turmoil. Manager away, 3 committee members resigned then chairman resigns ! Unsettling for new season.
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