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  1. HI we had a great day. Very friendly people - barman in the Brechin Arms top class. Also a nice wee girl in the Dalhousie.Staff & fans in the bar at the ground same calibre.Catering staff & product on sale can not be beaten in this league. Very close game - apart from winning goal Brechin hit the post & Tommy Muir should of despatched it better.Brechin seemed to lose the plot.Our 3 substitutions were all due to injuriesy - a welcome 3 points but rest assured Brechin will take points off other teams especially at home.Similarity's - both teams wondering where the goals will come from !
  2. Although we only gained 1 point in our league cup group it is fair to say we performed satisfactory. Similar to Brechin other teams plundered some of our best players at the end of last season. Everyone at the club is looking forward to this new campaign against teams at our own level. Very curious to see how we do and hopefully we can at least come away with a point but difficult to predict.
  3. Neilly has always been a tube. Their stewards are arse holes. Pished up folk on hospitality there act like idiots. The Plough Hotel/pub ripped Annan fans off years ago. Good points ? Mcmenamin decent wee guy.
  4. M v A summary from a visiting fans point of view. Electric Bar & Grill - never tasted any other curries in Motherwell but I would definitely vote for this one in the Wishaw paper competition advertised, very tasty. Club 100 - 2 minutes from the Home end.Must be the best facility for any team, regardless o Premier.Big room wi screens & music + a lounge and 2 other rooms.Hope the Well own this for their sake. Game - much as expected - Motherwell a class above.Big strong team but quite difficult to assess when only playing a league 2 team. 2 cracking finishes near the end maybe flattered as the Annan boys never had the composure to capitalise on the 2 chances they had- prob the difference in class. Very friendly stewards ( take note Stenny). Decent day out - looking forward to the real thing at Brechin next week. Going by bookies Cove & Edinburgh City are the challenge. Let's go for it.
  5. It's all a learning experience for the new team Peter Murphy is building. So far we have started games very slow and paid the price - maybe to be expected against higher league teams but if Motherwell have a wrong attitude on the day who knows. I think your money will be safe for at least a 3 goal difference in Wells favour if I'm being honest.
  6. We'll watch with interest.What I saw at the tail end of last season and so far this season the bigger League might not be such a problem in the near future.
  7. Which was concerning. Very ! Not as if Queens are spending the cash on ground improvements - place is deteriorating.Has a director got shares in the scaffolding company - been up for months now.
  8. So the constitution must state 75% required for specifically selling the ground. I took it everything only needed 51% majority.Oh well good stipulation.
  9. The reverse of this is probably a better bet but hi we all like a laugh - we'll see you guys on opening day.
  10. Motherwell obvious group winners.Cannot see any of the rest being in the 4 best runner up spots.
  11. HSL aim 25.1% share ownership.I might be thick but surely 51% needed for ultimate control ?
  12. Queens not alone.Everyone see the seagulls at Rugby Park tonight ? A good distraction from yet another embarrassing Scottish Euro attempt. Killie obviously for Brexit.
  13. Games at Motherwell not Annan remember !
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