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  1. 3pm Holland v USA. A few pints in the boozer ,happy days. Or freeze your arse off at New Bayview being ripped off.
  2. I'll no be there. Most ridiculous prices in the league - £18 adult & £14 concession. Pathetic for this level.
  3. We're Elgin good or Annan just shite ? 5-1 is a doin. So far no special team in this league . probably a bit worrying against Pollok in the Scottish cup
  4. Talking shit- Ireland more technically gifted ! They started well and battled throughout the game - great from a spectator point of view but the superior team won at the end of the day - no saying we're world beaters tho.
  5. Very sensible pricing from Queens. Annan v Kelty on Friday night £14 and £10 concessions ! !
  6. It never occurred to me Annan would get a tv game - Pollok- yes it will happen. Glasgow centric,central based biased whatever. They fall over themselves when Thistle or Clyde have any sort of bigger game. Cheaper and easier for their staff. Someone explain to Slaney there is a bit called Buckie ,it's no just a drink. Hi no bad shout Buckie v OG Broomhill for tv - then again Si & Slaney wouldn't like to score against a team wearing the green & white hoops !
  7. Lady did a great job but let's face it she had a good innings- should rejoice her life no gloom & doom
  8. EK's main threat this year excluding Rangers and Celtic Colts (doesn't matter they cannot be promoted ) seems to be the 2 teams with slightly different business models ( is that the best way to describe them ? ) Caledonian Braves and Opengoal Goal Broomhill. Is there any longevity in them ?
  9. A very tricky winger who sometimes over plays it.More than good enough for League 2 tho.
  10. Is the lowland league a stronger league? Certainly will be once the decent ex. Junior teams get in. There is a more limited sparse population up north. In the same token I think the South league should be incorporated in to the West league - none of the South teams could compete with West Premier,probably no even with West 1 or 2 or 3.
  11. Having been at your ground on Saturday and viewing the surrounding area it would not surprise me in the slightest if the owners sell it for housing and build a new ground elsewhere.Absolutely stunning down by the bowling club.Even in the stand looking across to the new flats and estuary.
  12. Injuries allowing If Morellos is unfit or overweight reduce his wages. Needed tonight.
  13. Tillman 2 very weak shots straight at the goalie.Had some nice touches but needs to beef up.
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