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  1. Cove are no exception : Inverness,Ross County and Livingston ( Meadowbank,Ferranti Thistle) have all made it to the Premier League !
  2. You were pretty shit last year though. All that unfulfilled promise from a big team, even little Annan were above you. Report card - could do better.
  3. Tommy Muir has signed for Stenhousemuir. They were sitting 2 points below us and we had a game in hand. Mm cash is king I suppose.
  4. From an Annan point of view disappointed Tommy has joined a team who were sitting 2 points below us in the league with a game more played when it was cut short. Obviously Annan are not able to pay the cash.
  5. When do you stop saying potential to be really good ?
  6. What about 12, 18 and regionalise below that ?
  7. CBILS Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scene. Let's no start about Loans or advances again 😳
  8. Great suggestion there - if Hearts, Partick & Stranraer to be relegated - due to the exceptional corona virus circumstances they should all be given some compensation package.
  9. Queens v Aberdeen 2008 semi final starting 7.15 bbc Scotland ( today Sun)
  10. Good drink & catering facilities offer a business opportunity for increased revenue streams. If it is done without ripping the fans off it adds to the social aspect of the day and improves the match day experience. I noticed this executed very well at Ajax's stadium prior to a Holland v Scotland game. It's hardy ground breaking stuff though, Junior & Non league clubs have had their social clubs at the grounds for years. Big teams especially need to up the ante. In my experience East Fife,Brechin,Stenny & Albion Rovers all offered good home made stuff.Dunfermline also had good food on offer in the bar in trhe main stand.
  11. You obviously never seen the game.The opinion is unanimous.Brasil did it wi Pele, Argentina did it wi Maradona so what have we got to lose
  12. It is excellent stuff.Changed days from the Willie Harkness days. As a young QOS fan at primary school I didn't even get a reply to a beggin letter for some " old used Queens tops ". Really bad PR.
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