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  1. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Ok so what's his record ?
  2. Blue Toon v Annan

    Just a 2 horse race now for the title
  3. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Johnston is ours Strrapp is on loan from Morton
  4. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Personally I don't think our club is in a good way. In about 3 weeks time they will report about a £49 k LOSS, so I have been told. AGM delayed due to some financial parity ! & then move to 6.30 on Friday 30th Nov. 6.30 ? ? Do they not want people there! So our Community club advertise on facebook ( no everyone is on facebook) - asking people to donate old winter jackets for the homeless in Glasgow , organised by Hardip for the Scottish Sikh community. Fantastic gesture. Leave donations club shop from 2pm. 2.05 not open. My friend and me brought some jackets but were met with a similar response when we asked where do you want the jackets for the homeless ? Committee man Terry O'Donnell - oh see young Ginger (committee man) Committee man David ( Buster ) Robinson - nothing to do wi me see Ginger I saw Ginger - " Yeh put in club shop" Saw John Peel ( runs club shop ) "NO dont want them see Ginger" Gordon Hyslop ( committee as well) - not interested Kinda pissed off I even made the effort which was apparently not appreciated. Pal said the same.
  5. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Very very unsure - passing about is nice but the games about scoring. I do not think we'll do it
  6. Annan v Cowden

    Solway Cafe has great selection of boiled sweets in jars- Moffat Toffee,Hawick Balls etc. From the station turn right on the High Street opposite The Commercial.
  7. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Probably not a lot but what's new !
  8. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Good luck to Kevin Rutkiewicz on his appointment as Stirling Albion manager. Seems Annan is now seen as a good place to build football management experience.
  9. Stirling Albion Thread

    Good playing experience. Apparently very positive guy who will have learned from Peter Murphy who as a management team have built a well organised team from limited resources. When he first joined Annan I remember his quote" there will be no negativity around the club as long as I'm here". No excuses about low budget or geographic location. I wish him well.
  10. Edinburgh City

    When u guys going back to Meadowbank ?
  11. Berwick v Annan

    Annan have played Berwick twice this year.Aggregate score Berwick 0 Annan 7. How many more do we have to score to convince you we are simply a lot better than you this year.
  12. SPFL - what does it stand for ?

    That was embarrassing today - game called off 1 hr before ko.
  13. After the Annan ticket fiasco & the "drought" in Elgin certainly no professional. Any suggestions ?
  14. Annan Athletic v Queen's Park

    3 points in the bag who cares a f**k. 1st half shite - scare folk off football. 2nd half Annan put Spiders in their place - ran them out easy.QP tried to bully but Annan more than matched them - no longer the soft touches.Bring it on.
  15. Annan Athletic summer 2018

    If the club is to move forward they need to behave more honestly. Last Saturday Sammy Wallace let ex goalie Speedy Clark & a few of his cohorts in for free. This was after some hospitality too. Speedy obviously things a lot of the club when he cannot even pay a fiver to get in. Heard tonight he asked an ex. Team mate to come along - "it won't cost you anything".Taking Annan for a ride. The latest Peter Murphy recording explained how difficult it was to compete with some of the higher spending teams. Mm let committee know. Feel embarrassed for all the hard working committee members but a lot of trust has been lost. Big gala day tomorrow- club open 1 to 6 only ! Some pipe band from Manchester up again tonight, next door caravan site could not believe shut early Sat, night. Believe Supporters club now disbanded - nothing official like every other club I know. Wow the club are now doing the half time draw, ( thanks supporters club ; even for the tickets) ! For years I have been told the club was cliquey and corrupt. A big battle to win heart and minds as it stands.