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  1. Ronaldo's hair is ridiculous. It's like black shoe polish.
  2. He doesn't have a vote in the next indyref, who gives a shite what he thinks?
  3. Delighted with that draw. If we didn't get a decent away day then a home tie against a team from two divisions below us is about as good as it gets.
  4. Are they Tories because they've received innumerable knockbacks and now hate the proletariat and wish to wreak vengeance, or are they virgins because their repulsive Tory views make them unfuckable? Discuss.
  5. First twenty minutes we couldn't get near Queen's. Thoroughly deserved the win though, big Rusty came on and was a shithoosing c**t. Beautiful.
  6. Fucking toilet of a place. That's just emboldened more "patriots" with guns.
  7. Somebody work Scotland lyrics into "I'll be your mirror" please.
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