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  1. Airdrie had 6 out with Covid and walked through us in second gear.
  2. Lost count of the number of times on these threads that our opponents fans prior to the game have been saying "we're fucking rotten, easy Peterhead win", only to come up here and hand our arses to us. I'll be delighted with any win on Saturday.
  3. Can we continue our recent good form against the banter team of the SPFL? Or will the Q and A session on Tuesday have lit a fire in the Bairns? Could I please ask any travelling Falkirk fan to leave their poisonous and toxic attitudes at the door please? We've seen how it's affecting your club according to your chairman, we want none of it here. [emoji6]
  4. He's such a fucking ride.
  5. My favourite ever Scotland player.
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