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  1. Looks like Fury v Usyk is off, to the surprise of nobody. Buzzing for Fury v Chisora 4 though.
  2. Che Adams against Denmark for me. Was convinced he was off so didn't celebrate at all. The moment had passed by the time VAR did it's job.
  3. That's Robertson got the dunt. No real surprise, we were rotten before he got the job and we haven't improved at all.
  4. I hope Forbes is following all teachings of the bible as stringently. Slavery, stoning people to death, not eating shellfish, not wearing clothes of two different materials etc. No? Thought not, she's just using her religion to justify her bigotry. People like her should be nowhere near the levers of power.
  5. I entered our local pub into the darts league this season, last night we finally got our first win after losing our first ten games. The world is a beautiful place today.
  6. Embarrassed to say I've only seen 54 out of that lot, I'll have to remedy that.
  7. The death of the Tapatalk app means the death of my quizzing. The website is too clunky, so until a more elegant solution is found I'll be retiring from the daily quiz. It's been emotional.
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