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  1. It's always, always Aberdeen City council.
  2. I think if he had matching trousers he'd look quite dapper.
  3. League Cup games were included on the season ticket, I watched the Brechin game without paying extra. Presumably the 69 didn't include season ticket holders.
  4. I see some Hearts fans are happy with this news on Twitter. It's no wonder everyone hates them.
  5. I hear she's a big fan after Robyn provided backing vocals for Piece Of Me.
  6. They'd be right, the Tories are the biggest problem in all of this.
  7. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
  8. Circle (2015). Just finished watching this on Netflix. An interesting idea about morality, who deserves to live and die, whether you'd sacrifice yourself so others can live. Could've been great, wasn't. 6/10.
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