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  1. 8 mile won’t be going anywhere. Despite being universally disliked, he can’t live without this forum.
  2. “Attention Marge Simpson: We’ve also arrested your older, balder, fatter son”
  3. http://www.giveusashout.org I think the training is spread out over 6 weeks and probably takes 1-2 hours to complete each week. It’s great to hear you’re thinking about volunteering as we always need more people.
  4. It’s a fairly new service but it’s really picking up in terms of volunteers and people texting in. I started volunteering with them a few months ago after I was finding it difficult to commit the time to do a Samaritans shift. If anybody is feeling in distress it’s definitely worth getting in touch, especially if you find it easier to type out how you’re feeling.
  5. I assume Roosevelt had no problem declaring war on Germany because Hitler had made a declaration of war against America earlier in the day. This was a few days after Pearl Harbour, with Hitler citing provocation from a “neutral” country.
  6. Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with all your posts where you make an utter tit of yourself. Zero self awareness.
  7. Stagdhu showing us that some people will never be happy
  8. You can offer me suggestions when you stop being an apologist bitch
  9. He makes fair points tbh. He just made the mistake of engaging with him rather than just putting him on ignore because talking to him about it is pointless and boring.
  10. Didn’t think this thread would turn into such a srs conversation
  11. People don’t like him because he ruins every thread by making it all about him. He lives for it. The result is that threads get filled with rubbish that derails the topic of conversation. Setting him on ignore is the obvious solution but that doesn’t mean he should be allowed to ruin every thread he enters.
  12. Cringing at how much 8mile is wanking off Rab. I suppose they need to stick together, considering everybody else is sick of them.
  13. Your awful attempts at "banter" are as welcome here as they are in the premier league thread.
  14. The Communist Manifesto for Dummies presumably.
  15. I'm getting fed up of scrolling through the threads and having to look at that utter creep harassing that poor footballer. It makes me sick.
  16. If he wasn't such an utter creep, I might feel a bit sorry for him. He goes from one car crash of a post to another desperately seeking approval from others. Most people would clear off after it being made clear that nobody likes or respects them. Does he get some sick, sexual thrill from the way he is treated? Considering how much of a weirdo he is, the answer is undoubtedly yes.
  17. He's such a bullshitter. Some of the stuff he comes out with is just ludicrous.
  18. 8mile's lobotomy has made him so boring to read. At least before you could get a laugh out of him making a tit out of himself when he got into arguments.
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