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  1. All it's missing is the phrase "pillowy mouthfeel" for the "pretentious hipster w****r" full house. Heap of utter shite.
  2. I got double-Pfizered thanks to being a "frontline" worker and have to do lateral flow tests twice a week as a work requirement. All have been negative so far. If I tested positive I'd have to take two weeks off work to isolate and a mammoth order from Honest Brew would be placed to get me through two agonising weeks of beer and telly and generally sitting around doing nothing constructive. So obviously, I'm dreading getting a positive test...
  3. She was only the fishmonger's daughter, but she lay on her back and said "fillet". Here all week, try the veal etc.etc.
  4. The greenhouse scene in "Scum". If crowds had been allowed we'd have been looking at Stark's Park full of this...
  5. So am I, I bloody need to after watching that. And yes, we were complete fucking toilet. Chastening stuff. Absolutely toothless and clueless throughout the whole game. Rovers completely strolled it from the soup all the way through to the fucking coffee and After Eights and it was harsh on them that they conceded. Nothing for it except to suck it up, we were fucking humped rotten. Ouch.
  6. "I’ve loved living on the Costa del Sol and after five years... we applied but got rejected and so have no choice, although long term I think the Spanish will regret chucking us out of Spain." I don't know who this jumped-up arsehole thinks he is, but I'm sure Spain will somehow find a way to manage without him.
  7. Could we have an update on this situation, please?
  8. Brian Booth (Chairman - West Yorkshire Police Federation) was harping on about this the other day - why are the police unions just full of right wing scumbags? I think the answer might be in the question...
  9. it's not the brightest idea to go full Karen at a law firm.
  10. I like to think it's because she fucking hates him as well.
  11. My mum got her vaccine this morning, gf's mum getting her jab next Wednesday. A bit of light now in view at the end of this horrific fucking tunnel.
  12. Very pleased to report that participation on the street was almost non-existent, just two households and even they chucked it after about 10 seconds due to the pissing rain. Was also pleasantly surprised at the non-appearance of one household who are usually out of the traps like lightning if there's a bit of attention-seeking to be done. No Claptain Tom around here.
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