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  1. Airbus are now 2-1 up and the team with no vowels has found a couple, they're now known as Newtown
  2. Been there, league cup 1961/62 semi final lost 2-1 to Hearts. Our list of non-success is slightly longer though, 7 times out of the Scottish to non-league sides plus last night's loss. Brechin deserved to go through, they controlled the first half and large parts of the second. We did miss 2 penalties to win the game though, first one on the 90 minute mark, the second to win the shoot out.
  3. agree, his contributions have been positive but that's without Leach in the team, would the manager play both or drop Leach for Cooper.
  4. I'd let others make up their minds as to the integrity of those responsible for the diversion of funds. What concerns the shareholders is what use, if any, was made by the club of the funds while in the non-club account. At a shareholders SGM the directors did not give a straight answer to that question. Any controversy would have been stilled had the company's directors presented the shareholders with details of bank account transactions between the funds being credited to the non-club account and its return to the club account. If there had been no movement on the account that would have been the end of the matter. Without a straight answer the shareholders' concern is that this non-club account, controlled by directors, could have been used for club related payments to the detriment of the football club. Despite having the opportunity to be transparent, the club directors have done nothing to dispel speculation. That route would be still open.
  5. I'm not sure that it's the midfield solely to blame. A lack of pace in the back line makes them sit deeper to counter a ball over the top, this makes midfield sit deeper to reduce the space between the lines, as a result the forwards either have to drop back to collect the ball where they are too far from goal to be dangerous or stay up front and wait for 'the lump up the park'. The way we play makes it easy for the opposition to press our deep lying side and not let us forward. Still it's early season and we might find a system to suit our players. individually they're good enough to do well enough in this league but yet again the team is less than the sum of their parts. With the exception of jersey 23 none of the close season arrivals have shown to be an upgrade on those who were replaced.
  6. That was the way I saw follow up to the red card too, albion players trying to keep sons players away from Clark, didn't see anything the 2 captains did unless not stopping the rammy. The game was done and dusted in 5 minutes 2 terrible bits of defending and we looked to be on a thrashing. For the rest of the first half the back 4 played tidily across the halfway line and created nothing, then a hopeful long diagonal ball that was meat and drink for son's defence. Lack of creativity in the middle of the park and lack of movement and pace up front made it a stroll in the park for the sons. Second half we did get forward a bit more but rarely threatened apart from a brief flurry late on, Dumbarton coped pretty comfortably with everything we put to them. I hope the league cup will be more of an indicator to the year ahead than today's performance, otherwise it's going to be a long painful season.
  7. not quite, Hamilton 8 points goal diff +3 against our -1
  8. We dominated even with 5 regular starters on the bench the players coming in showed up well, Josh Cooper caught the eye. Peterhead will be better when they get back to full strength, Injury, illness, suspension is taking its toll early doors. I heard they signed 2 of the 14 only last night. Even if we do finish 2nd 8 points isn't good enough to be one of the runners up to qualify, better prize money than third though.
  9. Let's hope he's as good for us as another Livingston loanee, Snoddy
  10. Without someone to create chances, no one will get too many goals in a season for us.
  11. He had a quiet start for us last season, but once he settled showed himself a class above L2
  12. i don't think that Active Stirling are the best landlords arounds, but I'm not sure that Ken Lewandowski getting the bum's rush over 4 years ago was the reason for the bar's closure. The Forthbank rumour mill is rife and doubtless individuals will have their own pet theory regarding the loss of the bar.
  13. Watched Stirling in two matches at the weekend. They were absolutely garbage. Get away, we weren't that good, but I'm clinging to the faint hope that friendlies aren't an indication of what we'll get when games are for real.
  14. It goes without saying that the present situation perhaps should have been anticipated at the time of the take over and controls put in place then, but that ship has sailed. Directors of the Trust are elected for three years after which they may offer themselves for re-election.
  15. I believe that is what the Trust Board are trying to do, for the last 18 months they have tried to put together governance protocols and revise the company's Articles of Association through a joint working group with the club board who have to date declined to engage with them. Any agreements would be put to shareholders and members for approval. One of the Trust Board's requirements is democratic elections to the club board to end the present situation where the club board is a self-perpetuating clique which ignores the shareholders and trust members. Since the Trust's takeover there have been no elections to the club board, nor has there been an annual general meeting at which the board has been required to explain and account for the past year's actions. Although this is not a requirement of a private limited company, it does reflect the board's attitude to shareholders. Under a democratic process members of the present club board would not be prohibited from standing for election to a newly convened club board working under those protocols, which will ensure that a new board would be fully accountable to Trust members through the Trust Board.
  16. It gives the impression of having been designed with Highland League football in mind, which is probably was at the time, not for a club with aspirations of the championship. It will be be able to be upgraded but its location is soul destroying and that's not going to change.
  17. As was the Albion's Scottish cup replay 2/2/1999 v Hibs
  18. It is not an unreasonable supposition given that although SB was careful not to be seen orchestrating the attack on the club's shareholders the three prime movers involved in the recruitment all enjoy close relationships with him. Nor is it stretching credibility to suggest that the new members were enjoined to sign up in the week immediately following the shareholders requiring the club board to explain 2021 year end financial information and then initiate a resolution to remove the shareholders representatives having the temerity to call the club board to account. Ask yourself cui bono?
  19. I'm not sure that I would equate you to our feeder club, from our point of view I see us more as a charity shop accepting other people's cast offs.
  20. Only if he puts in as much time as the incumbent, and promises to wash the strips.
  21. Our problem is not fan ownership, but fan management.
  22. Another of Stuart's smokescreens, did he write that for you or did you put it together all by yourself?
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