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  1. Value for money if you turned up after an hour, the first half and the next 10 minutes or so were sleep inducing. The entertainment value of the last half hour was up there though.
  2. As Falkirk and Clyde are playing in the same division it could be said that he is already in the level in which he belongs. I don't know how representative of the larger support posters on the Falkirk thread are, but there certainly comes across a feeling that he is not wanted despite his goals.
  3. Is Darren still unaware of offside or have your coaches managed to get him understand the principle of it?
  4. Had a look on-line and noted Rangers u-21 are really doing their bid to advance young Scottish players, among the line up against Solihull and other squad members there was 1 one from DRC, three from England, one from Portugal, a couple from Northern Ireland, and one over age Albanian. Our national team will really benefit from the blue bigots boys' team playing adults.
  5. i wish you well against Cove but can't see you scoring with the forward line you had out on Tuesday, it was as powder puff as ours.
  6. Talbot decided along with most of their west junior friends to stay where they were, so it doesn't exist.
  7. If anyone was interested should he be asking Cove's stewards for an insight into the club's wage structure, or does Cove keep,stewards out of the loop on players' wages? it's more likely that when overhead they were discussing their own remuneration for a Saturday afternoon.
  8. A truly dire game of football which would not have been out of place on a public park. We have on of the best playing surfaces in Scotland but both teams were intent on giving the opposing defenders heading practice. First half Stenny were on top but our goalkeeper had an easy day apart from the goal, second half we only started to play just before 4.30 and might have taken the 3 points if we'd started at 3.00. As for the officials they were on a level with the standard of play. Talk about giving a primary school teacher a whistle! He was a walking example if the wee man syndrome.
  9. When it's the Scottish Cup, our gun is permanently loaded and pointed at our foot with the trigger cocked.
  10. No goals, no football and no entertainment
  11. Two long runs coming to an end today then.
  12. Those juniorvclubs which chose not to join the pyramid but remain within their own league set ups and national association have no cause to be invited into the SPFL's challenge cup.
  13. If we were running a development squad or reserve team
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