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  1. It is not an unreasonable supposition given that although SB was careful not to be seen orchestrating the attack on the club's shareholders the three prime movers involved in the recruitment all enjoy close relationships with him. Nor is it stretching credibility to suggest that the new members were enjoined to sign up in the week immediately following the shareholders requiring the club board to explain 2021 year end financial information and then initiate a resolution to remove the shareholders representatives having the temerity to call the club board to account. Ask yourself cui bono?
  2. I'm not sure that I would equate you to our feeder club, from our point of view I see us more as a charity shop accepting other people's cast offs.
  3. Only if he puts in as much time as the incumbent, and promises to wash the strips.
  4. Our problem is not fan ownership, but fan management.
  5. Another of Stuart's smokescreens, did he write that for you or did you put it together all by yourself?
  6. You do need to get a better script writer, the one you use is still having you peddle his half truths, untruths and evasions for our consumption. It has not been and is not the intention of the trust board to interfere in the operational management of the club, but they do expect the executive committee to be accountable to the majority shareholder through the trust board and to provide regular quarterly updates on the business performance of the club, accept an overview of team management and Club Board appointments and of annual budgets and business plan. As the elected representatives of the majority owner the trust board would be failing in their duty if this is not insisted upon. As an intimate of the executive committee you will be fully aware that for the last four years the chairman has resisted all attempts to introduce such transparency into his committee's dealings with the shareholders.
  7. I'm not in favour of play offs and don't disagree, although I do think that you should extend your thinking to encompass the entire SPFL. Following through, relegate the bottom two teams from all four levels, let levels 2, 3 and 4 decide if they want to promote the top two teams or have a mini play off between teams 2 and 3.
  8. The payments to the chairman were described in both years' accounts as Director's Emoluments, these are described as In this paragraph ‘emoluments’ of a director— (a)includes salary, fees and bonuses, sums paid by way of expenses allowance (so far as they are chargeable to United Kingdom income tax) and, subject to paragraph (b), the estimated money value of any other benefits received by him otherwise than in cash; They may well be expenses but would likely be taxable, let's hope that they were included in his self assessment returns. One of the 2 items on the agenda of the EGM called on the club, is for shareholders to inspect the full unabridged audited accounts for financial year 2020/21. This may be an indication that there are items in these accounts of which the Trust Board have not previously been made aware and which are causing concern.
  9. A meaningless end of season game, but a good result and excellent performance. Where have that lot been for the last six months? It's easy to play pretty football when the opposition stands off and lets you. We're a different team when the opposition are in our faces making us fight for every ball, not enough players with character. Too often this season we've played like the team in yellow did yesterday
  10. i would hope that the list of players released is only the first tranche. If not, twelve of the charlatans, excluding goalkeepers, that had us on the fringes of the relegation play off spot for a spell and saw us finish at the dizzy height of Scotland's 39th best placed team are going to be around Forthbank again next season. It's not a great start to team building by using the same failures again.
  11. I can't imagine this means anything at all, it's over a year out of date and equating number of twitter followers to league position is absurd. What would be interesting would be a similar table equating football wages to league position, low wages and high league position would indicate a team punching above its weight.
  12. Can't say I'm surprised at failing to see a Stirling Albion player's name on the list. It would be a struggle to fit one on the bench in a back-up squad. it's been that kind of season.
  13. We've had bad results and poor performances against all of them, and for me Edinburgh City is the team most likely to miss out and Annan the only one that looks good enough to go up although I think team 9 will hold on. As I'm a notoriously bad tipster put your money on Edi to win the play offs.
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