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  1. More likely to trip over your goalkeeper's leg for a penalty
  2. Cove was and QP is a well funded team in a part-time league, Cove could turn over teams QP seem to be doing just enough to win matches. Cove had a good team with 2/3 stand out players QP have a good team without a stand out. In a best of 5 tournament I would take last year's Cove to beat this year's QP 3-1 with 1 draw.
  3. Irrespective of the quality of the picture, the commentary or even the football on show it is a piss poor alternative to going to the ground to watch a game. The quicker government stops hiding behind a wall of fear and opens up communities the better.
  4. The rest of Scottish football has been saying that for quite some time, instead of your club trying to shoe-horn a B/Colts team halfway up the pyramid.
  5. Well a better second half, and we might have won that but for their goalkeeper who had four excellent saves. Although if Blair Curtie hadn't saved the penalty at 1-0 there didn't look a way back for us. It took that save to wake us up.
  6. I was there on time, the team haven't turned up yet. We're second to almost every ball and Rovers are well worth their goal.
  7. QP worth their win today, we competed but offered almost nothing in attack, I felt sorry for Sean Heavey and Dylan Mackin, they had no service but put in a fair shift running after lost causes and hopeful long balls. Soft goal to lose by, the defence seemed to get in each others way 5 of them in the 6 yard box against 2 attackers. Second half the defence laid on a couple of gilt edged chances which QP couldn't take.
  8. Don't count your chickens, I still harbour hopes of a League 1 Derby with our friends from Clackmannanshire next season..
  9. So far uninspired and uninspiring, let's hope for better in the second half.
  10. No, you got confused that was communism
  11. Aye, it's an EU and SNP thing, neither can accept they could lose.
  12. Could be France - Scotland rugby tonight is taking precedence
  13. We'll need to improve on our performances In the two previous meetings this season, although it might help if Hester was missing, he's beginning to be as big a nuisance as Gunn and Sutherland were.
  14. Until we scored I wouldn't have bet against 0-0, but once our noses got in front an equaliser never looked on. Both teams showed the lack of recent matches and I expect us both to get better as we play more games You looked better organised and, fitter than our previous meeting and have brought in some useful looking players , I think you'll start to climb.
  15. I am surprised so many people do not understand that the only members of theHolyrood Salmond commttee who dissected the evidence and did not form their opinions on partisan lines are those of her own party.
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