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  1. Three games in a row now, decent performance till around the hour mark then nothing. Players seeming to be running on empty but no subs until too late to change the flow of the game. We lost the first game and were probably a wee bit lucky not to lose the other two. If nothing changes we're heading for another season in mid table. Early days yet and our performance analyst will have a great deal of raw data to consider to help us improve.
  2. Two Betfreds, one league match and one goal in total, I hope tomorrow's the day we start to show we can score goals.
  3. Encouraging start to the game and had the better of the first half, but when Queens started exerting pressure in the last quarter there was a worrying gap between the back eight and front two so we were never able to hold onto the ball long enough to threaten. On the brighter side we were the only team in the league not lose at home today.
  4. Both our goalkeepers are unavailable for tomorrow, one suspended, one injured.
  5. No, squares pegs don't go into round holes we need to pick the best team for the occasion so some of the 'best players' may have to sit this one out.
  6. On the basis of a hat-trick against Andorra U 21, two against San Marino U 21, and 18 senior games? He's 6' 5" and probably out-muscled the colts, let him get some experience in the French league, only had 3 games to date.
  7. I've always felt that constant repetition of score and minutes played during commentary was indicative of a boring game with little to describe.
  8. I'm hoping that Saturday was being treated as a semi-competitive pre-season warm-up with the manager trying out players and giving as much of the squad as he could some game time. If not, mid-table mediocrity may loom again. I don't know if the necessary altered travel arrangements and changing facilities under Covid protocols could have contributed to the performance. In these uncertain times such would affect all away teams though. Next week against QP should tell us more about what to expect in the season to come.
  9. Irrespective of the reasons why supporters would buy season tickets for 2020/21, in the increasingly unlikely event of spectators being admitted to grounds it would be a foolish business to deny access to their customers who had paid for the product in advance in favour of cash customers on the day.
  10. I believe your reservations regarding numbers will be justified after the first flush of interest, and the further down the leagues you go, viewers will not be dropping off into a few hundred but more likely a few dozen. Hard to see more for us when home supporters at Forthbank are in the 400/450 range. I believe that a number will be like me, the longer the lack of live matches has lasted, the more I realise that it is the people I see at games that I miss and not the football itself, and that is from a lifelong Albion fan and 40 year season ticket holder including the season yet to start.
  11. I saw them three times last season and Bonnyrigg game aside unfortunately nobody pays to watch them. One of the games had more people on the pitch and touchline than came through the gate. I counted 32 spectators who were out numbered by players, substitutes, benches and match officials. You must have some fund raising set up to be able to run the team.
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