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  1. I suspect that any decision will be based more on the fears of that unholy couple - Sturgeon and Leitch. Beware the Holyrood variant, it will ensure permanent restrictions!
  2. The executive committee have had a history of renewing managers' contracts in the close season, then sacking them in the autumn.
  3. Are those realistic valuations? Are any Scottish Premiership teams likely to be interested, or would bottom English championship/ league 2 teams be the market?
  4. Secession from UK may be possible but the SNP only want a different big brother in Brussels to look after them. Independence is not on the shopping list.
  5. It's four and a half years since we had two outstanding months from Bikey, he wasn't the same when he returned from Hearts and his intermittent appearances in the last two years have been disappointing to say the least. i'll hold my enthusiasm till we see what we're getting this time. I'll be delighted if it's the original player and not the L2 plodder we've seen since.
  6. On the optimistic assumption that attendance at matches may be allowed. There will be a new variant to justify continued restrictions.
  7. We've 19 players listed in the squad, although one is first team coach, one a reserve goalkeeper plus Cammy Thomson and Dylan Bikey none of whom have been announced as having re-signed. It wouldn't leave me devastated if none of them were back as players next season. Bikey in particular would free up resources needed to improve the team, if released. His contributions have been minimal since his last return to the CLUB If that four are off the playing budget, we might need another four or five to round out the squad, otherwise we must be close to 'No Vacancies'
  8. Spot on Ray, we've heard it all before in pre-season, and we're still in the same bloody league. Just have to hope that our expectations top our past experience this season.
  9. Apologies if this has been brought up already. Would Tayport be eligible for HL pyramid as they're on the wrong side of the Tay or like St Andrews have to enter in The LL pyramid?
  10. We had signed him as a 20 year old released by Rangers, he didn't get many chances and couldn't force his way into the side. He's taken his chance at BSC, so good luck to the lad in L2, I doubt anyone at Fortbank wishes him ill.
  11. Didn't really convince during his loan spell 6 years ago, although to be fair he was 21 and playing in a struggling team. If he comes I hope he's like a fine wine and has matured with age.
  12. For all the encouraging signings we've made in recent seasons, the teams on the park have regularly been less than the sum of their parts. We can only hope that the mould is going to be broken this year.
  13. Just as I was thinking City are looking neat and tidy without being threatening they go and score a cracker.
  14. The club is still formulating its statement deploring the actions of a small minority who do not the represent the countlesss upstanding pillars of society who form the majority of its support.
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