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  1. We're trying not to squeeze every last penny out of the support this year, we've asked for and been given a great deal from the supporters since lock down.
  2. Clubs at that level might having the makings of next year's squads but don't have their team for the season. I believe many of players changing clubs down here are on a small retainer with their wages to kick in when training starts. In completing their squads do clubs budget for players to go up, down or stay in the same league? Add to that those clubs will be required to take players off furlough before commencing training. Your suggestions appear to be pie in the Bovril sky with little awareness of the economics of lower division life.
  3. I think he may believe in the SNP and EU versions of democracy, lose the vote once, twice then keep coming back until the other side loses the will to live.
  4. It was 1965/66, though they got their own back 6-1 at Parkhead, that season we beat Aberdeen 2-1 at Annfield as well and 2-2 at Pittodrie.. How we have fallen!
  5. Team chosen by those motivated in support of their own club's players, it's all pretty meaningless, and it won't matter to anyone who didn't vote. Our supporters' club seems to have been very motivated.
  6. Two successful seasons, the third is the less successful one. We saw Morton, Hamilton, St Mirren and Ayr go down when we stayed up.
  7. Binos in the top league and didn't get relegated! Our succesful 2 season run in Division one ended the next year, and it was Motherwell joining us in the drop.
  8. Given your team is Falkirk, methinks that disruption of the premiership schedule was not uppermost in your mind when making that recommendation.
  9. Until all teams have their squads signed up it is too early to consider how we might do against the rest of the league. We have the makings of being competitive but so do a few others, maybe QP will do a Cove, but like last season most teams will be much of a muchness. With the projected late start to the season hope is unlikely to have turned to despair before that start of winter, it may even go beyond that.
  10. Since that meeting, the managers' signings would indicate that neither Duffy nor Bikey will be back, unless he's been getting squad players in early.
  11. Just about covered their annual wage bill in the last published accounts.
  12. If United can afford him, he's clutching at straws.
  13. Our new signings seems to be heavily loaded with forward players, hope we get round to thinking about midfield and defence before the playing budget is shot.
  14. An excited crowd and over excited commentators hide that a majority of games are pretty sterile. We're now seeing that in empty stadia with a flat commentary they are of similar quality as often poorly attended Scottish games.
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