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  1. I hope that you're right with this ending with an 18 game league, but fear that it will end up like an airport wait for a delayed flight where the bad news about further delays is drip fed every 30 minutes or so. Here tiers 3 and 4 would be on the receiving end of fortnightly announcements further extending the shut down of the lower leagues till it's too late to get going again. I wouldn't be surprised if the BetFred continues as the semi finalists are from the premiership. The Scottish cup could continue with all remaining teams below the championship thanked for their participation, with a suitable hand out depending on whether they were still in the draw or out at one of the completed rounds. Then the cup gets played out with the 20 remaining from the top two tiers, Alloa being the only side already out, and Morton - Dunfermline goes ahead to see which one will be in the next round, then 4 ties and 12 byes.
  2. He'll be getting even less in League 1
  3. Ian Maxwell admitted as much in saying that all he is interested in are the Sky and BBC tv deals. The supporters of every other team can enjoy TV football through clubs in which they have no interest. Sturgeon has been gunning for football for weeks now and the sfa duly obliged by giving her the part time leagues. It will come back to bite the sfa's bum when Sturgeon decides the part timers are not enough. If anyone thought that Neil Doncaster was a mealy mouthed so and so, Ian Maxell outdid him by the length of the M8.
  4. I'm with you on reconstruction with a proviso that teams in the 'Elite Leagues' are required to be full time.
  5. I fear it will last a lot longer than that, suspension of the season has been coming for some weeks now and is likely to end with abandonment of the remaining fixture list.
  6. Only if they're not getting washed between matches
  7. If only we could have had Sturguon's hot air blown on to the park this week !
  8. You're spot on, as we've learned to our cost several times in fairly recent years, don't get complacent. Win the game first then give fringe players a run out, you can be sure that Bonnyrigg will be in your faces from the off and if you give them a sniff they'll make you pay.
  9. Taking their cue from the EU and SNP, don't let a lost vote get you down just keep asking till the opposition loses the will to live.
  10. Their rage would not compare with that coming out of Tynecastle and Ibrox.
  11. But health is devolved to our SNP Government
  12. More likely Sturgeon will not let you back, having been in a hotbed of the infection.
  13. Given that the ground is frozen and more freezing overnight is expected till Saturday it may be some time before the game's played. The forecast is for milder weather from the weekend.
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