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  1. Stirling Albion didn't play Whitehill in either 1986/7 or 1987/8, in 1989/90 we beat Whitehill 3-0 at Firs Park. It was Albion Rovers who lost 2-1 at Coatbridge to them in 1986/7. Our draw with WW was 2-2 at Forthbank in 2013/14, we won the replay 2-1
  2. The manager obviously doesn't fancy him, will he bother coming back? I think someone hopes there will be a repeat of a brief four year old memory of what he could do.
  3. I'm with you and I don't know which Albion will get the goal either.
  4. Unless Kelty can generate an 800+ home support after the first home games against each of the other 9 clubs, your league game average will be a disappointment.
  5. This thread needs to be closed, and replaced with the Biden Banter Years, it's time the new incompetent senile incumbent takes his rightful place as the butt of Scottish football's view of American politics.
  6. Both are sylph like figures alongside the Mark Yardley of yesteryear.
  7. I agree with your view of his first season. My recollection is that Dave was undone in the close season by the fiasco that was the John Neill attempted takeover. Neill had access to the dressing room and an input into that year's recruitment but without known funding Dave had no idea what was available for recruitment and if Neill did come in felt there would have been no place for him. The only signing of note I can recall was that of an overpriced Mark Stewart at Neill's instigation and we can all remember how that turned out. Politically, football-wise and administratively the club was at a low ebb and results showed it. Dave was an unfortunate casualty of the circus. Given his first year in charge and without the close season from hell I think he could have taken us forward, but results couldn't justify him continuing.
  8. Only one letter - from CL to EL, at least for the next tie.
  9. Nah, they're fairly vociferous on follow follow, but not in a good way you understand
  10. Ten men Dons just gone one up Spoiling to date, what could still be an ideal evening for the senior teams, St Mirren nursery have just gone 1-0 down.
  11. Pleasing to note that no B team is ahead, three are losing the other two at 0-0.
  12. Don't tell me the Head of Performance and Technical Analysis as well as the Head of Scouting gave bum steers to the manager for this game.
  13. Whatever the result I at least will be planning for a trip to Annan and an enjoyable pre-match in the Shed, nothing more long term.
  14. If Rangers had any integrity they might have said that they are unable to meet the requirements of the SPFL title sponsorship agreement and in consequence they are unable to accept any league sponsorship prize money to which their final league position may entitle them. Sadly, as Rangers and integrity are seldom if ever used in conjunction with each other, that will have to remain outwith the realm of possibility. It would be pleasant to think that Sky could be prevailed upon to screen virtual 'new sponsors name' across the Ibrox pitch throughout their matches and highlights this season. I fear though, that as Rangers, and the other cheek, are bigger than Scottish football, a supine accommodation in their favour will be reached.
  15. It was 30 March 1-0 v Stenhousemuir, since then 2 draws and 3 defeats. My memory is like yours, it seemed a lot longer ago than that, probably the result of the lack of goals at home throughout the season 11 from 11 league games! If we've turned that corner we must have hopes for tomorrow. Although with Mackin suspended I'm not sure that the manager has any confidence in Heaver or Bikey, still one of them is likely to have to step up tomorrow. Both offer pace which Mackin for all his other attributes, doesn't.
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