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  1. Could it not work in Sevco's favour the other way to? THey could say "The reason we never took this was because of how it would affect our partnership with Parks" Which is, of course, nonsense but nothing stopping them from saying it
  2. Although it is possible for any negotiations between Cinch/Sevco to have included adjustments to be made for a wee car salesman from Lanarkshire and, from a completely legal point of view, have nothing to do with the SPFL/Sevco/Cinch deal it does lend itself to potentially undermining the strength of some of the arguments Sevco will make about their refusal to go along with the deal.
  3. Dumbarton have been papped into the North Section of the Challenge Cup so I wouldn't rule it out.
  4. Rhu v Morton would be 5 miles as the crow flies and 30+ by car. Dunoon v Morton would be 8 miles as the crow flies and 80 by car. Campbeltown to Girvan would be 30 miles as the crow flies and... 200 by car. (presuming ye neve took the ferry)
  5. In McGinty's defence that sending off was the one thing that ensured we made it through the play offs. Imagine how many Montrose would have put past us if he had started?
  6. Both managers as dinosaurs. Duffy: An ornithomimus. Boring but long lasting, shows examples of minor changes in behaviour when required to evolve with those around them. Gus: A stegosaur. Dull, dim witted and archaic even by dinosaur terms. A brief, early, period of success before being easily overtaken by more adaptive competition.
  7. I've been going through all the highlights when I get a spare few minutes and, f**k me, that mistake by the Clachnacuddin keeper is the greatest goalkeeping error I've ever seen. So far the Sauchie game looked the best game, Dunbar's first was the best goal and Glasgow University's #2 wins multiple awards for being the least arsed footballer I've ever seen.
  8. Had a bit of free time at work and checked the results of the Scottish Cup 1st round against an ELO game calculator to see how well it predicted the results. Was pretty spot on for the majority. The system works!
  9. Highland League will get stronger as the lower end of the league drops out for the Tayside and North Junior's best sides.
  10. He's had six months. He's kept a hold of the players he wanted and brought in his own. If we're a soft touch now it's because he's made us one.
  11. League games under McPherson: Pl: 14 W: 2 D 5 L: 7 GF: 10 GA: 18 Pts: 11 Can we bin him now? Hopkin at Ayr levels of failure. Oh, wait, nah, despite only managing one win last season under him it was decided to hand him a two year deal. Fucking master stroke from MCT
  12. How would a LL2 be decided on? Just the 16 highest placed licensed clubs moving up at the end of this season and leaving the leagues below to organise themselves however they see fit?
  13. Unless Muirhead plays in it then it will be an improvement with Blues out
  14. Let's hope they don't spunk it on 4 straight bottom of the league finishes then
  15. Balls to Germany. Scotland outlasting England at an English World Cup is the real story of this save
  16. Haha. Look at this weirdo wanting to talk about the actual football on this forum!
  17. If one of the teams who voted in the Colts finishes 2nd behind a B team and gets dingied out of their chance of promotion I'll laugh so hard ye'd think Thatcher had died all over again
  18. That's understandable in bumbling rural backwaters like Dumfries and Galloway. In the bustling urban metropolis that is Inverclyde we expect better
  19. The same recent history that they're really proud of and have managed to remain clearly the best team in the Juniors despite playing more games than anyone else at that level? Surely not
  20. Our fearless leaders will now be patting themselves on the back using "At least we're not as bad as Queen of the South at this one thing" as evidence of the progress they are making
  21. A coupla reasons I guess. The first is they were trying their hardest to ensure no-one was screwed over by Covid cutting things short last time round and that lead to a bigger league. Also they're very keen on packing in as many games as they can before the weather gets mental in case covid does cut things short again and, finally, it's not that many games really. Only a handful of WoS teams are in the Scottish Cup so we can discount that in consideration really. Two or three games for a very small amount of teams isn't really worth a whole lot of consideration regarding the over all set up of the leagues and cups. The South Region Challenge Cup was always gonna be a big cup but they've regionalised it to help fit it in. I've confused myself with the Killie Pie/Demolition Cup and which one is which but one isn't for all clubs and the Junior Cup is invitational so, if clubs want to add half a dozen extra games, that's on them and no-one else. Seems an awful lot of huff and puff for a one off season that is affected by a once in a century event beyond anyone's control and will still see your club play less games than it did previously.
  22. Our club continues to somehow become more tinpot each week. Practically every other team in Scotland can sort out QR codes or something but we're inviting folk to queue up next to where all the home fans walk by to get into the game during another Covid spike.
  23. UEFA/FIFA doing it with putting Qatar in a European Qualifying group this year. CONMEBOL/CONCICAF tournaments for both club and national sides have involved guest sides. The Challenge Cup has had them for five years. The A-League, Malaysian, Hong Kong and Singapore leagues have had, or still have, guest clubs in their top flight. I'm sure there's more. Coulda said the same for Brechin for the decade before 2018
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