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  1. David Campbell was a fucking bargain The hipster's Dave Watts
  2. That chippy in Anstruther has went downhill. Went last year and was a bit meh
  3. The 10% includes all sorts of weird stuff. Like... ye got a (male) mate who whenever he puts on weight it seems to turn into moobs rather than a belly? Good chance he started devolping the female bits for a weeeee bit longer than he should have in the womb. Although, as ye say, the gender debate is separate from all this weird and interesting intersex and non-binary sex stuff that's being discovered it does lend creedence to the idea that gender identity can and will be defined by so many things we've yet to understand. Neural pathways, hormone receptors, feotal oxygen levels... f**k knows. There will be a biological reason for gender dysphoria just as there will be a biological reason for homosexuality. FWIW I'm very.. uneasy about the need or want to find out what these biological reasons are (does it actually matter? if we do find a trans "gene" will parents get the option to turn it off during a pregnancy? could we "cure" homosexuality if we find out the root of it?, etc). I think although it's not directly related it can be used as a basis to make an argument from without, as Detournement claims, trying to use science to confuse people
  4. Never wanted to miss a promotion but certainly had seasons where I got an unexpected promotion and badly over estimated the quality of the team I came up with. Even if you're lucky enough to keep yer job after a relegation the team's confidence is shot to f**k and bouncing right back is impossible with the same players.
  5. Mayonnaise is acceptable on sandwiches when ye don't want dry bread but ye've ran out of butter. Anything more than that then yer just covering up the taste of the sandwich itself. Salad cream is far superior
  6. Naw. With a surprisingly high amount of mix ups. (Well it surprised me). Up to 10% of the population have at least one biological marker, of some kind, that belongs to the opposite sex. Chromosones, for example, have 16 naturally occurring variations and sometimes folk with bell ends might not have a Y chromosome and those with bobs and vagine will have one (or even two). The majority of these folk will never even know it. Then there's all sorts of other kinds of markers like skeletal structure, gonads, hormones, etc. etc. It's a separate argument to gender/gender identity but there's just no binary way to define sex in any animals outwith the abstract or the "duck test"
  7. Well... there isn't really in the sense there is no single binary definition of male or female that doesn't exclude a surprisingly large percentage of the population.
  8. Yeah he's a top flight goalkeeper on the up
  9. Keepers are different with call ups tho aint they? Lots of countries use the 3rd keeper spot and give it a young keeper or lower league keeper who's on the up rather than whoever is actually the 3rd best keeper in their country.
  10. Hebrew's a good example of how to save a language and make it thrive. So not is all lost but I see it going the way of Latin :/
  11. Conway might do a better job behind a striker in his old age. Not that I recall him every really "using his pace" as a winger.
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