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  1. Football Manager 2019

    Saint Martin league is weird. 7 teams, 12 games, 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a defeat.
  2. Football Manager 2019

  3. Football Manager 2019

    Anyone seen this before!?
  4. Football Manager 2019

    Finding it REALLY hard to get into a game so just gonna go for a mad world journeyman tour. Rules will be: Need to stay in a country until I've won a national league or cup then I'll choose another nation and move on.
  5. Alloa v Morton

    Fucking Alloa are up to something anyway!
  6. Editor Data

    Every player on a free transfer Exactly as it says on the tin. Only issue is clubs wage budget at game start is their REMAINING wage budget in the editor. So, Man U, for instance, only have £400,000 pw to play with despite their current squad having nearly £5,000,000 wage budget. This is easily fixed on the editor if it bothers you but, I reckon, makes the game a bit more interesting. Each to their own. Mega Upload Link
  7. Editor Data

    Daft wee edit for anyone interested: Scotland FC in England Low rep team base in Vanarama North called Scotland FC. A handful of random Scottish players, originally available on free transfers, put into a team that play out of Murrayfield. Sugar daddy owner, low(ish) crowds but potential for growth. Can't find a way to make it so they can ONLY sign Scottish players like Athletic Club do in Spain with Basque players but a decent game if you want to tear through the leagues and beat the English I guess. Mega Upload Link
  8. Football Manager 2019

    Football Manager coaching/scouting legend Kit Carson died today. Was often available as a staff member, with no club, and had great coaching stats and would sign for almost any full time club. However it appears he died while driving to court to face charges of historic sexual abuse claims and was probably a suicide. Which is probably gonna be his legacy rather than him being assistant manager to my 2014 UEFA Cup winning Morton team.
  9. Swap ye for EdiBairn (but not his sockpuppets)
  10. The real tragedy of that game was Ross Forbes, who had been outstanding since he signed, having a 'mare and never playing well for Morton ever again.
  11. Alloa v Morton

    I can genuinely remember nothing apart from my visit apart from the fact that I visisted it. I think I've totally Mandela Effected myself or dreamt it and it's gave me a genuine existential crisis. Gonna need to go on Saturday now to confirm or deny it either way
  12. Alloa v Morton

    I've been to Recreation Park before but not for a Morton game. I can't remember what the reason I was, however, so I now think I may have dreamt my visit. If I find out Alloa have been inceptioning me I'm gonna be raging.
  13. Not gonna derail this thread. The 'revisionist' stuff was handled in the Morton thread, as well you know, and you are welcome to join the debate there.
  14. Would be if he wasn't left with the snake's squad of haddies
  15. Scottish Islands

    Gigha's shite