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  1. May not be fitting language from a club representative but he's not wrong with any of it is he?
  2. See if I find out Cameron Blues was at Word Up on Christmas Eve...
  3. Raith aberration aside we've looked reasonably comfortable defensively so agree it will be a low scoring shitfest. I got the impression Hopkin was using the League Cup as a pre-season tournament with wildy changing line ups to get everyone fit and get a run out but now he needs to start playing something close to our best 11 or, at least, any 11 that doesn't include Robbie Muirhead
  4. If Robertson is out I would go with the team above apart from Cooper who seemed to think he could spray passes like Pirlo but just kep losing possession. Considine instead.
  5. Cannae tell if we should rotate for this game, keeping folk fresh for a potential decider against Israel, or get the best team out and rest them once we've sealed the group win. I think any team that fits the current system from the current squad should still beat Slovakia... even with Paterson and McBurnie starting. Presuming we stick with the 3-5-1-1 that puts a lot of work onto the wing backs so I would certainly give Palmer a run out ahead of O'Donnell and maybe even rest Robertson as he has had a few 40-50 game seasons in recent years and this will be another. In defence and midfield a few players "deserve" a run out like Considine, Cooper, Armstrong and McLean so I would play a few of them. Dykes is out anyway so I presume it will be like for like with McBurnie. Let's go with Marshall McTominay Gallagher Cooper Palmer Tierney Jack McLean Armstrong Christie McBurnie Although if Christie needs a wee lie down play any two from Burke/Griffiths/Shankland/McBurnie upfront in a 3-5-2 instead of a 3-5-1-1. Or Armstrong behind a striker and keep McGregor on.
  6. I've already nicknamed her potential flat the Texas Book Depository (she's a Waitakere United fan. Not sure of any connection they have with The Spiders but McGlinchey's signing for her new local club didn't impress her despite 50 caps for NZ)
  7. Aye but HOW noisy? They'll be working from home for the next few months. Just dunno what sorta work is being done at Lesser and if her trying conference calls and the like will be manageble or a nightmare
  8. Slighty off topic but ma pal is looking into moving into a flat on Somerville Drive directly across from Lesser. What's the plans for that place at the minute? Will there be a load of construction and disruption and noise and that?
  9. I got a horrible feeling he's decided Chris Millar is a right back or something equally ridiculous.
  10. Have some sympathy for Messi. Played a 2nd string against Threave to keep folk fresh for the replay v Stirling. 3-0 down with ten minutes left and bring him on. Scores two and we equalise from his corner only to lose in injury time. He then scores 2 v Stirling while the rest of the team forgets how to defend and gift Stirling three sitters after being tackled in our own box. We are a truly dreadful football team with no hope of promotion without him
  11. Decided to switch formation a bit and move the DMC to AMC. In doing so Messi decided he'd prefer to play on the right wing cutting in and, fucking hell, it's worked a treat. Dropped points v Stranraer Reserves tho. That's a brass neck. Got Stirling Albion at home in the Scottish Cup
  12. I, for one, look forward to us romping the league in a Pep Guardiola-esque 3-7-0 formation with one centreback and various midfielders and wingers running about bamboozling the opposition with a beautiful combination of movement and silky one touch tiki-taka mixed in with the odd goal from Lewis Strapp long throws
  13. The Wallace Duffy loan has been cancelled but Josh McPake's wikipedia page was updated last night and now shows us as his current club on loan from Rangers
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