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  1. How many football grounds are there in Scotland?

    I seem to recall it having a MASSIVE pitch
  2. C**** on a Train

    C**** on a tram thread for this pish
  3. Alloa v Falkirk

    Is that Russell or McKinnon's choice?
  4. How many football grounds are there in Scotland?

    You gonna look at grounds used in the ammies as well? I'd call Dunoon's stadium more of a football ground than some of the efforts you'll have listed as an example. I've also noticed in the past that Wikipedia lists Parkside in Shotts as a current Scottish football venue. Depends how deep you wanna go?
  5. Death Scenes

    In no order (spoilers await) Wash being impaled in Serenity Yer man getting decapitated by a pane of glass in The Omen Yaphet Kotto getting a bad case of wind in Live and Let Die Quint's Ahab impression in Jaws "Tears in the rain" from Blade Runner
  6. Morton v Ayr

    Also get to Manzils for some kai for the train home. Good curries and munchy boxes
  7. Second Division

    Thinking it more of a financial buffer. Lowland League II would have, theoretically, a bit more about it in sponsorship than a EoSPL and would appear more marketable. Would see them remain in a set up that they're used to. Or the LL might be feart (unlikely) that the best of the West might get what they're asking for and given equivalency with the LL or shoehorned into it. A 2nd division just below will let them say "Aye. Bang them in the 2nd division. Nae bother"
  8. Shagger Fantasists

    Only one I know of who came up with these lies was, oddly enough, a lassie. Started with her telling us she'd shagged a Morton player which I believed and got no real reason to doubt it but, being a Morton fan, I found it a nice juicy story. So she came back a while later listing a few other Morton players she'd shagged and that they all knew about it. Again, no reason to doubt it, football players are known for passing lassies roon like scud books (although maybe not in the Scottish 3rd tier as much as they do it at Chelsea) Started just ignoring her stories but at a party she started telling us all how the night before she had been in an orgy with half the team taking turns at her until my mate pointed out Morton were playing in Peterhead that night and would have been, at best, half way down the M8 at the time she was supposed to be being poled by half a dozen footballers. Then some guy from Greenock died in a car crash. Never knew him myself but a few of my pals went to school with him and he was happily settled with a bird (who I think was pregnant) and she was tearfully letting everyone know they had been having this year long affair (whilst being spitroasted by the Morton squad) and he was gonna leave his missus for her and had bought an engagement ring. Was putting on these crocodile tears saying he on the phone to her just before he crashed. Different mate said he should spent the money on a hands free kit instead. Never saw her much after she'd been rumbled.
  9. Second Division

    Makes sense from a LL standpoint. If Welfare go down they aint coming back up anytime soon with the quality in the EoS Premier and a few other clubs might feel the same so having a bit of a "buffer" might be in their best interests. Maybe the proposed WoSL isn't happening soon enough for a few clubs in the West Juniors. Throw in a coupla SoS teams and the best of the rest of the EoSFL Conferences?
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    Third wummin now saying Kavanaugh's a beast.
  11. Morton home win vs Dunfermline

    Still genuinely perplexed that McInally dropped McGurn for him and kept playing him despite him being shite
  12. Reasons to be Cheerful

    It was Caoimhe as it happens but it's the surname that's fucking folk up. It's a pretty common name but using a Gaelic spelling so when I say it they're like "That's not how you spell it."
  13. He's went to the trouble of red dotting any post I've made that hints at or glorifies the idea of violence toward Ray McKinnon. He's gonna be upset when my performance art piece debuts at The Beacon Centre in October "Stabbing Ray McKinnon: Macabre Reptilian Overtures"
  14. Reasons to be Cheerful

    New doctor in work is an Irish lass with a very Irish name. Obviously cannae tell folk her name but it has SIX mixings of letters that you only see in Irish/Gaelic that sound differently to what ye would expect in English. "mh" = v and "aoi" = e and all that stuff. So all the departments are wanting to speak to new doctor and phoning up asking for her with terrible attempts to pronounce the name and getting irate at me saying that's not how it's pronounced OR they've already heard her name and been asking how to spell it to send an e-mail and just straight up refusing to believe me when I give them the spelling. I had one very posh sounding consultant going absolutely raj at me and demanding to speak to the duty manager to complain about me only to have a grovelling apology twenty minutes later. Not supposed to be on the phones this week but this has made it totally worthwhile.