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  1. How do you believe you've hooked someone in here? Was your aim "I'm gonna post things so people can laugh at me being an incompetent boomer idiot?"
  2. Didnae think Whiter Shade of Pale would work as a terrace chant but if they've made it work fair play to them
  3. I might give this a go later: The Vanished Podcast Not massively into true crime but I do like a mystery
  4. Smashing. Just need @HibeeJibee to do this for the East and I'll be a happy camper
  5. If Patterson's went for £10,000,000+ and they got £3,000,000 rising to £5,000,000 for McKenna I don't think it's that mental. Especially if there are clubs down south keen on him as they will pay over the odds for UK players
  6. I think McEntee will come in. Imrie was pretty ruthless dropping Hynes who hadn't done much wrong since the new gaffer came in. I think he's aware that even if McLean is playing well his lack of pace does force us to keep a pretty deep defensive line so after his error at the weekend I think he'll be benched
  7. Even if both clubs remain mid table in their leagues staying put makes more sense if Hickey is going to be good enough to play at a higher level. Bologna will most likely be ready cash in this year if not next and would also accept a lower fee than Brentford would. He could be playing in the Champions League next season, or the season after, and won't price himself out of a move doing so. There's no way Brentford would allow a player they've made quite a large outlay on leave as quickly and will command a far higher fee to do so.
  8. Wee request for the next version of this: could ye highlight the teams who are confirmed at each level? I think there's about half a dozen clubs who are certain to be in the third division next year so by the next time this comes roon it might be starting to take shape a bit more
  9. Look at this heartless b*****d making Jimmy Carr cry
  10. Slippery P hitting us with the sorta weird aggressive/cryptic messages that usually start every "and he was never seen again" story
  11. Despite Loki Doki being a bit of insufferable tube I really liked his Fort William youtube series. He really put a bit of character into his players. Was weird getting attached to fake players in a game someone else was playing (I was off work at the time)
  12. I'm now wondering how many international football tournaments are in game? World Cup Olympics 6x Continental Cups (Euros, Copa America, Gold Cup, AFCON, AFC and OFC Nations) Plus regional ones. How many are there?
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