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  1. [citation needed] I can see that Dunfermline team absolutely swarming forward. If Blues is gonna turn out to be the white N'Golo Kante now's his chance to show it. The plan may be to doing them damage on the counter so we're gonna need a lot from the full backs as well as there's no width without them. I reckon we'll get skelpt.
  2. I'm sure the bigger former junior sides will probably bring bigger away supports than most L1/L2 teams (at least for a few seasons with the novelty of a new ground) but, even with an extra... 100 away fans compared to the 0 that some LL clubs bring now isn't that dwarfed by the loss in revenue from dropping out the league? (One for Shire and Berwick fans to answer) I guess it's swings and roundabouts whether you want an easier league to escape from, with lower income, or a harder league to leave but without the huge financial loss.
  3. In their last four Scottish Cup appearances Golspie have lost twice to Banks O'Dee 2-0 and 4-0. Now maybe BoD had the cigars out before the match even started but those results are pretty much what BoD get in league competition. NCL looks like a good fit for some of the weaker Highland League teams so the standard will improve and the standard in NRJ/Midland leagues will drops as their better teams make it to the HL. The best teams in the NCL might be a bit behind the best ex-Junior teams but, I dunno, in five years time the play off might be something like Clach v Forfar WE v Hall Russell United and I think there'll be decent parity between teams/leagues
  4. re: Blues. I don't think he actually has a 'position' anywhere in the midfield however I think as the attacking midfielder behind the strikers suits him better than any others. He can't play in a DM role because he is often ball watching and the game passes him by. He's often just kinda... near players but not near enough. He isn't bad at tackling but he's not close enough to put the foot in. It's a defensive liability. However he has shown he's got a decent shot and finish and I reckon could, possibly, do that sort of Frank Lampard/Tim Cahill thing of running ahead of the strikers from deep. Doesn't require a huge amount of creativity, flair or passing ability (he has none) but doesn't leave us short at the back either. It's also the type of position where you can be anonymous for 90% of the game (like he is currently) and still make a difference.
  5. The OF Colts thing is beyond odious, no doubt there, so we can throw out any idea of the LL doing the right thing and setting an example if that's their way of playing. However I think if they opened up further to set the example it would lower the chance of the SPFL opening up. If they're only going to go with half a promotion place to league with teams like Vale of Leithen, Stirling Uni and such I can only imagine the fear they'd have about dropping into a league with Talbot, Pollok, Linlithgow Rose, Bo'ness, etc. Like in England I think the only thing that will see promotion places opening up between league/non-league will be "bigger" clubs dropping down and repeatedly finishing just outside the promotion positions. Three or four years of Brechin getting beat in the play off or finishing just behind Buckie will make those worried about dropping down realise the bigger worry is not having a chance to climb back up. I think the LL and tier 6 will get something sorted long before the SPFL and tier 5 do.
  6. Possibly misremembering but I thought back then that seemed about right with the poor quality of both the EoS and Sos (and lack of licensed clubs) at the time. It was when the junior exodus began and talk of bottlenecks at the top of the EoSFL that it really kicked off
  7. It's a fair point but the LL has eight seasons behind it and they've still got just half a promotion spot. A real hypocritical position would be the Lowland League/Tier 5 getting extra promotion spots and withholding extra spaces from those below. I appreciate the LL were involved in bringing the WRJ in en masse in their current set up but why would those who moved expect an instantaneous increase in promotion spots unless that was a defined part of the agreement? If it was just a presumption on their part I don't think they can "rightly expect" anything.
  8. Apologies if I wasn't clear. I never meant the clubs have taken the huff, they've been grand, just a lot of moaning from the fans. More spots for promotion and relegation will come either side of the Tay and that can and will happen without demeaning the clubs who's hard work has created the leagues they're desperate to reach
  9. The WoSFL hasn't even had a season yet. They turn up years later, after doing all they could to dismiss the LL and pyramid as boys clubs and pub teams, and demand an immediate promotion place? It's a bit much. I agree there should be more promotion and relegation, and it will come, I just don't think it's a hell of a cheek to demand it right away
  10. There's been little to no need for opening up promotion/relegation between tier 5 and 6 until, well, now. There was nothing below the Highland League and two poor leagues with almost no licensed clubs below the Lowland League. I'm not even sure of the numbers of licensed clubs in tier 6 now. I presume EoSFL has a few now. Of course, now, it should expand and it probably will in a couple of years or so once this massive pyramid expansion settles down but having folk who spent years doing all they could to put down the Lowland League and the pyramid suddenly crying that there aren't enough promotion spots when they haven't even managed a season is a bit rich.
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