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  1. So back to the main game. We looked at the state leagues, went alright, meh, can't begin to explain my indifference. Sold a few squad players and signed some handy looking youngsters. There's a decent amount of squad players I picked on a free. And here's how the league looks
  2. AsimButtHitsTheWorldCup Chile in the World Cup. In a group with Wales and China (China's squad is still over 50% Gu R&F players) Game v Wales China and Wales then drew in the other game and ourselves v China?
  3. Some REALLY boring maths coming up but, hey, if others find interest so be it
  4. Is that total numbers or % of population? A fairer comparison would be the average of the attendances of other leagues with the top two removed as well. Could see Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, etc take a big hit too
  5. I know it's been mentioned on here before but why not keep the Regional Challenge Cups & use the Junior Cup as a non SPFL Clubs SFA Trophy? Could Incentivise the winner by giving them a bye to the 4th Round of the Scottish Cup the year after. The name of the cup, and who runs it, doesn't really bother me but I think a fully national non-league cup with a day out at Hampden at the end of it would be a great boost to tier 5 and below. I think by allowing clubs to play in the Junior Cup and senior leagues the SJFA are trying to push the Junior cup into that position. If the history and prestige of that cup mean as much as those who love it says it does it would attract better sponsors and crowds and be the natural fit for it rather than creating a new trophy. That's for the clubs to decide and if it suits them to do so I imagine they would go for it.
  6. Very good smooth brain. So if these accusers lied I can only presume they have been charged with perjury? Or wasting police time? Or any other number of laws in place to stop people lying in a court of law? *tumbleweeds* Still avoids the facts: what is Salmond hoping to achieve apart from his own salvation from accusations he's not been found guilty of? It's detrimental to his party and the Independence campaign.
  7. Still pretty high compared to most European leagues even without them
  8. Apples and oranges. Challenge Cup always has lower crowds. Need to compare gates for challenge cup home games and it shows there is a marginal increase.
  9. It's not a national cup so it's not the cup I speak of.
  10. Coronavirus epidemic means we shouldn't point out Alex Salmond appears to be more concerned with his reputation than independence?
  11. I think there is a (very small) rise in crowds for smaller part time teams when they play the Old Firm Colts in the Challenge Cup. Almost certainly caused by Rangers/Celtic fans in towns like Stranraer or Cowdenbeath using it as a chance to see their big team's wee team but that minor increase is negligible and I doubt very much would last if they were playing in a league as opposed to the one off novelty of a cup match. Long term it will do so much more damage to those clubs to be viewed as "equals" of other clubs reserves.
  12. My understanding is Salmond's defence was "I'm a sleazy b*****d but I never done anything illegal" Sex pest still seems to fit in that case. Also if he is gonna try and drive a wedge through the SNP and insist on bringing civil suits against the party and the Scottish government just so he can win an argument he's clearly more concerned about his own image than Scottish independence. On both fronts he can get himself firmly in the bin. He should shut up and enjoy his retirement as a free man
  13. I started Tiger King last night. Managed three episodes and found it a bit dull. Doubt I'll be going back into it. Agree that absolutely everyone involved is an arsehole. As such I had no interest in their dealings with each other.
  14. I think the hope from (some) in the Juniors is they can keep a decent sponsorship in place and entice former Junior clubs, and clubs who were never Junior, into gaining membership to get a shot at the cup and the money that goes along with it. Obviously the perceived history and prestige of the cup will play into those thoughts. There doesn't need to be a national non-league cup but, if there is to be one, there's no reason the Junior Cup can't slot into that position. It's up to the clubs to decide if that's the route they want to go down. If it doesn't catch on soon then the Junior Cup will just die a death and a new cup will created to fill that role.
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