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  1. I got a horrible feeling he's decided Chris Millar is a right back or something equally ridiculous.
  2. Have some sympathy for Messi. Played a 2nd string against Threave to keep folk fresh for the replay v Stirling. 3-0 down with ten minutes left and bring him on. Scores two and we equalise from his corner only to lose in injury time. He then scores 2 v Stirling while the rest of the team forgets how to defend and gift Stirling three sitters after being tackled in our own box. We are a truly dreadful football team with no hope of promotion without him
  3. Decided to switch formation a bit and move the DMC to AMC. In doing so Messi decided he'd prefer to play on the right wing cutting in and, fucking hell, it's worked a treat. Dropped points v Stranraer Reserves tho. That's a brass neck. Got Stirling Albion at home in the Scottish Cup
  4. I, for one, look forward to us romping the league in a Pep Guardiola-esque 3-7-0 formation with one centreback and various midfielders and wingers running about bamboozling the opposition with a beautiful combination of movement and silky one touch tiki-taka mixed in with the odd goal from Lewis Strapp long throws
  5. The Wallace Duffy loan has been cancelled but Josh McPake's wikipedia page was updated last night and now shows us as his current club on loan from Rangers
  6. It's my fucking Everest. I finished that season (finished 2nd in a very tight three way race) and been busy with other things but finished the Gaucho regional league. Ready to launch a new assault on it whenever I can be bothered getting back into it
  7. Although Romanians are fairly well spread out in London there's also areas where they have congregated like parts of Waltham Forest. Same goes for most diasporas. So they can aim to have a part of London to base themselves in. (Although I think FC Romania are playing in Bedford(?) that's easy enough to get from Northeast London. Scots in London are far more spread out. Even if they could find a groundshare I doubt folk living in Wimbledon or Wembley or Dagenham would make the effort if they were playing in Haringey for instance.
  8. I always remember him as "meh". Tackled a bit, passed the ball a bit, ran about a bit... beige AF. Like a short Kevin McCann. I've seen too many players who have dragged an entire team around them down to their pub league abilities at Morton to lump him with the types of Cham, Kelbie or Ramsbottom
  9. Just went through the list of players on wikipedia and picked a passable XI of players I had genuinely forgot played for us. Ryan Scully – Came in, played a decent amount of games but was a bit rubbish, got dropped, demanded a release, joined Dunfermline and was rubbish there too. Jay Shields – Seemed to be a bright young thing at Hibs who got released after falling out with John Collins so seemed like could be a good signing. Played a season, never done much wrong, never done much right then got released. Jordan Halsman – I know he played but I have no memory of him doing so Stephen Frail – Another one who I remember being there but no memory of anything he ever done in games. Darren Cole – Got his contract terminated at Sevco, went six months without a club, then we snapped him up out of desperation in that season we do not speak of. Best forgotten Kyle Wilkie – I seem to recall Accies fans being surprised he was released as he had potential so was happy we signed him but he must have left that potential in Lanarkshire as he showed none in Inverclyde. Managed to get a move to Livingston after a season of nothing at Cappielow. Kyle Thomson – His da was in Supertramp. He came over from college football in the states. Played one game as a second string team were embarrassed by Dumbarton then left a month later without playing. Simon Mensing – Played a game as a trialist. I’d forgotten about that Jon Newby – He had played in the Premiership and had nearly 200 games in the English League. Seemed a decent option. Was dreadful, debut goal aside, and punted back down south on loan before the transfer window ended. Kevin Kelbie – Ex old firm youth player who was banging them in the Irish league as a part time player so there was hope we had unearthed a gem from the wilderness until we saw him. He was fat, slow and couldn’t shoot. Naturally Stirling Albion snapped him up a year later. Stewart Kean – Just a bit shite. We had him for a season and he done nothing as he dropped down the leagues.
  10. Kinda gutted ye never hung aboot for the European run with the Icelandic lads
  11. If yer at a shite club and wanting to go up the divisions dont bother upgrading youth stuff. The quality you can bring through is limited by reputation (with a few rare exceptions). The guys you get through after... 3 years at Burntisland will probably be good enough for the Lowland League but, by the time they are, yer in League One.
  12. I hear the locals call him the latin Dave Watts
  13. For those who are confused. Four months ago I was asked which league I felt Glasgow Uni should go into the WoSFL. I stated they had a reasonable argument to be put into the top flight of the WoSFL. Four months later my opinion was quoted out of the blue because Glasgow Uni have been put into the 2nd tier (something we've known for a long time). This isn't weird at all. 😕 I can only apologise for this terrible shame I've brought onto this forum.
  14. David Campbell was a fucking bargain The hipster's Dave Watts
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