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  1. Thank f**k Dunfermline equalised. Our only hope this season is for them to keep Grant as long as possible
  2. Pl: 17 W: 2 D 7 L: 8 GF: 12 GA: 22 Pts: 13 As it stands with 10 minutes left. This kinda form over a season sees us end up on 26 points: the same figure we ended on in the horrific 13/14 season. Even that is better than the 24 points we are on track to pick up going by this season's record. Absolute fucking master stroke to offer a manager who only managed one win last season a two year contract. I'm away to the Falkirk thread to cheer myself up
  3. He's been hit hard with injuries. Not that he was ever gonna be the Scottish Ronaldo
  4. Right wingers love a good dugwhistle. Where they know, and everyone else knows, what they're getting at but, taken at face value, is harmless. They think it makes them smart and owns the libs.
  5. Strikers eligible for Scotland to have came through the youth ranks at the Old Firm who have at least one first team appearance since 2000: Rangers/Sevco Tom Brighton Steven MacLean Darryl Duffy Bob Davidson Ross McCormack Steven Lennon Rory Loy Barrie McKay Kal Naismith Calum Gallagher Ryan Hardie Dapo Mebude Celtic Mark Burchill Shaun Maloney Simon Lynch Craig Beattie James Keatings Denny Johnson Jack Aitchison Don't think I've missed anyone obvious there?
  6. It's a fookin' disgrace. Imagine how his mother felt.
  7. https://speakgaelic.scot/ "The BBC together with MGAlba (the company running the BBC’s Gaelic medium TV channel BBC Alba), Bord na Gàidhlig, the Scottish Government, and the Gaelic language college based on Skye, Sabhal Mòr Os***** have funded and developed a £4 million major new initiative to promote learning Gaelic. This involves the release of a wealth of new materials for online learning. These will be more extensive and in-depth than the highly popular and excellent Gaelic Duolingo course and will provide structured learning of the language in four levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners." Looking forward to this. Hitting a bit of a wall on duolingo/learngaelic and every little helps.
  8. Millionaire attacks ex squaddie and his mixed race wife on Remembrance Sunday Disgusting
  9. Law got 11 in 1963 Stein got 8 in 1969 McGinn got 7 in 2019 Fletcher got 7 in 2015 Dalglish got 7 in 1977 Post war anyway While looking this up I saw that four of Dykes six goals have been winners and the other two were the equalising goals in games we went on to win. He knows how to pick em
  10. The biannual World Cup has support in every confederation apart from UEFA and, to a lesser degree, CONMEBOL. I reckon ye'll see some kind of "intercontinental cup" that will just be the World Cup without European teams, Brazil and Argentina
  11. I didn't believe the pish about the ambulance being blocked off Wandsworth Bridge for a second. 2 miles and 15 minutes to get to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital from the turn off to Wandsworth Bridge over Wandsworth Bridge. 2.5 miles and 15 minutes to do the same journey over Battersea Bridge. No way is a ambulance driver gonna see a road blocked off en route to the hospital and choose to sit in the traffic when a route, that is just as quick, is available to them. I get there's an outside chance they never noticed the traffic until they turnt onto Wandsworth Bridge or were caught right at the front but, what I think has happened, is an ambulance has chosen to make a very slight diversion that they take all the time due to traffic but, on this occasion, it's been picked up on.
  12. My Aussie pal thinks they got the better deal in the swap deal that saw Souttar and Boyle sign for Australia.
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