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  1. It is. You're just very stupid. This is also, sadly, incorrect. Britannia was the original name the Romand gave the island. When they named the province they had control over of they used the island name. Similar to Luxembourg being the name of the city and the state I guess. Same name for two places with one within the other. Also ignores the original name of Britain from the p-Celtic. Britannia wasn't made up from thin air. It was the latin transliteration of the name of the locals. (Although that doesn't mean the original Celtic name referred to the whole island. It probably didn't.) If we were going to argue that Britain refers to E&W as it was what the Roman's called their territory it should include Brittany as it was named Brittania as well (Brittania Amorica... spelling might be off) Britain is just a shortening of Great Britain. If it had any other meaning it would be the British Isles + Brittany
  2. Nope. You're just an idiot. The "great" in Britain refers to size and size alone. There's a weeee bit of debate about whether it refers to Britain being the largest of the British Isles (in a similar way to the largest of the Cayman Islands being called Grand Cayman, etc.) or if it refers to it being bigger than the other Brythonic area of Europe: Brittany. The Gaelic for Brittany, for instance, still refers to it as "Little Britain". Happy to help
  3. What level you loaning them out to? Try and get them to the level they're at. So if 2 stars is a Championship player don't let em go to League One. Try and get a feeder team sorted... Elgin or some shit. Help build em up to the required level and yer laughing
  4. Fucking hell. The idiot's showing himself up again Hopefully the pretty colours will help it sink in for him this time
  5. Probably gonnae catch Morton v Hutchison Vale. Kinda weird seeing that name without the Lothian Thistle attached now.
  6. The next IndyRef campaign should just be showing everyone the 2014 Better Together campaign. Vote No for cheaper energy bills, wage rises, lower inflation, to remain in the EU and we'll give ye more powers as well. Honest.
  7. Probably wont know what it means. Will just shrug "che?" before stabbing some gammon in the arse and riding away on a scooter
  8. Well we had freedom of movement with the good people of Greece for a coupla decades there without any issue so don't see why it would be an issue with Albania and other south eastern European states. This was previously answered on this very thread. I know you're an idiot but even you can use the search function.
  9. Don't really have a line on border control tbh. The current use of passports/visa/asylum seems to be working fine for the most part across the world. What do you mean countries "like" Albania. Can you name other countries "like" Albania and let me know what the common links between those countries are? Hard to give an answer until I know what you mean by "like" Albania.
  10. I'm not angry and I'm only abusive to arseholes like yourself and @Dawson Park Boy
  11. Yes, you don't see anything wrong because you're an idiot, we know that. But can you explain how this is a "play" on words? Is it a pun? Double entendre? In which way is the use of words used to denote, I dunno, a kind of wit or illicit a jocular response?
  12. So because I thought the word "invasion" was purposefully hyperbolic that automatically means I want completely open borders? You do jump to some ridiculous conclusions don't you?
  13. Just to confirm: Hyperbole for comedic purpose: nasty Hyperbole to stir up xenophobic idiots: fine Yoons are fucking weird
  14. Probably the word "invasion" which, generally, means an armed attack in order to conquer the existing populace. Seeing as I doubt there are sufficient numbers of Albanians to take over this island via dinghies from France and, even if there was, the complete colonisation of the British Isles is almost certainly not their aim I think him saying "invasion" if not wrong is clearly hyperbole and inflammatory language. The world really is a worse place for having him in it.
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