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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Seeing Tony Parks brought back a few memories there so decided to have a look at his wiki to see what he got up to after playing for Falkirk. His "honours" sections is great From saving penalties in UEFA Cup finals to coming up against Alex Bone in the diddiest cup of 'em all.
  2. Work colleagues

    Actually my direct boss is leaving at the end of December anyway so wont give a f**k and he's a cracking guy. The boss above him, who I had to resign to, is also top notch and I feel a bit shit that I've given him more work to do. My bosses here are great. The folk I manage are a mixture. Some wankers and some great folk. Partially. Missus was saying we should stick at it in London for a few more months, until we visit NZ in Feb at least, but after her boss gave her shit for not answering her phone when she was at a funeral she decided the sooner the better. Thought it best to hand mine in now so I got five weeks to train one of the ones below to do my job when I'm gone. Not that I'm actually needed or anything. The main reason is I want to be in Scotland when Ray McKinnon gets relegated with Falkirk.
  3. Football Manager 2019

    If yer looking for a fresh start/new club I could either add one to a league of yer choice on the editor tonight or make up a new league. From scratch would only take about one hour I reckon.
  4. Premier League 2018-19

    Chucking a fiver on Fulham as Premier League champion s 2018/19 now
  5. Things you want to share with P&B

    Mussolini hated pasta. Thought the introduction of pasta to the Italian diet led to Italian men being less masculine. He was the original wannabe alpha calling everyone else "Soy boy cucks"
  6. He was. Absolutely strolled any game he could be arsed. He just couldn't be arsed after a few months. Wasn't quick enough to play in the English top flight, for instance, but easily head and shoulders above the other defenders in the league at the time. Quite a lot of this stuff went on when we were in the 3rd division. We were used to comparing our players to 1st division players so when they played at an equally decent standard against the hammer throwers of the 3rd division it made a lot of us believe that John Adam, having a calm, collected performance against Queens Park at 19 was on a par with Derek McInnes doing the same thing at the same age against St. Johnstone. Also coupled with the fact that the team that got relegated the year before had the worst midfield in Morton's history made anyone who could make more than five passes a game seem like Xavi
  7. Football Manager 2019

    The draft thing's a bit shite as well if anyone's gave that a go. I do like creating a whole "new" league system with brand new clubs and seeing how that goes mind you. Usually make one of them up after I rage quit my main game
  8. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    f**k that. Back to broad Scots. Lallans, Doric or get tae f**k EAT: Insular Scots is alright in the northern islands as long as they keep it there.
  9. Work colleagues

    Jokes on him. I would steal a car. f**k his butter. Also handing in my resignation today. Exciting times. (Have to go before I'm pushed after nicking everyone's butter)
  10. Football Manager 2019

    Plockton away is the ideal Scottish Cup draw. Palm trees and a carry out!
  11. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Makelele I think it was. Then he won the Euros with them? Doubt Hutton will do the same for us. Anyways if anyone's gonna play at RWB I'd imagine it'd be Paterson who has a fair amount of experience at RB or RWB in Scotland even if Warnock is playing him as midfielder/striker now
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    The truest thing spoken on this forum since someone pointed out that Rangers died.
  13. Work colleagues

    So... they just sit there doing a shite with the door open and everyone in the canteen can see?
  14. Work colleagues

    Because one idiot, who has an actual pal at work who they enjoy the company of, decides to get them something when they're on holiday but then worries that folk will be put out of they don't get everyone something. So instead of just getting one person something decent and handing it over discreetly, or outside of work, gets a bunch of shite tat for everyone. This means the next person at work feels they need to do the same thing and the cycle continues.
  15. The Official President Trump thread