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  1. Apart from all the other reasons mentioned previously you can do Berwick to Perth in less than two hours. You'd probably need five hours to do Gretna to Campbeltown
  2. Slow down there cowboy. Let them sort out a goalkeeper first.
  3. You don't often hear about the single biggest new event of the last few years? Despite the effects of it being reported on a near daily basis? That's a bit weird
  4. Glad to see that thesaurus you got for Christmas is getting some use
  5. If this is the case I'm... all for it. These semi-official link ups between clubs are a good thing. Say John Smith comes through the Buffs U20s. Maybe gets the odd game off the bench but, suddenly, he's too old for the U20s to play regularly, the Buffs like the player, but don't want to stifle his development by keeping him on the bench. He signs for Eglinton. At that point he can, obvisouly, refuse to sign for Eglinton and sign for another clubs if he wants. Or he can still in (basically) the same set up he's used to and continue to improve. If he does well for Eglinton he can go back to the Buffs in future but, also, if he does well other clubs will appear. So maybe the Buffs think he's good but not really good enough for the LL where they are aiming for but Beith like the look of him. He stays in the game, clubs nurture players, other clubs sign players. It's all win-win. It's not like a B-team where you can trap a player in your system and hoard young players.
  6. HL will end up with three up/three down before Fort William are able to win a play off against the junior sides
  7. This reminded me of my mate learning Gaelic and I messaged him with that word and he didn't speak to me for three days thinking I was being sectarian
  8. The answer to both is Robbie Muirhead. Even after his multi-million pound move to Dortmund in the transfer window.
  9. I saw some interview with their new gaffer and he was saying there's a few players coming up from London with him. Still fries ma brain that Fort William seem to have a load of guys coming up from England to sign for them. I presume they're getting hospitality jobs through the chairman or the like?
  10. f**k. Yer right. I always thought it was entirely within Switzerland. Every day's a school day
  11. Again it's far from like-for-like as Liechtenstein has no border with the EU (although Switzerland is in Schengen so... kinda does?)
  12. I know there are ways it can work and, if independence comes to pass, there will be a solution at the end of it. It's just another headache and, depending on how well the "divorce" goes, could be a fucking nightmare.
  13. Agree in general but with rUK leaving the EU it could be a hassle. After indy most of our trade will be with the rUK and it will take time to build it up to be more international. Assuming an independent Scotland joins the EU that, most likely, means a hard border with the biggest trade partner.
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