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  1. Juve have been shite in Europe since they won the thing about five years back so we were third seeds in the draw. Group of death it is
  2. Signings! World class keeper on a Bosman from West Ham. He's English but was born in Malta so doesn't affect the nonEU quotas 'This Dutch lad cost the same amount as the overpriced Czech fella I've just loaned out but he's better and will get better as well. This guy, for some reason, I can register despite being nonEU and he only cost £5,000,000 will be a decent squad player but will sell him in a heartbeat to make room for Nando. Should give me a few options and has a great goalscoring record in Argentina where he's scored 1 in 2 the last few seasons or thereabouts from midfield Finally. £30,000,000 for a guy to take over the slightly iffy AML spot but the game wont let me register him and I can't loan him out. Hopefully he'll be satisfied with cup/European games
  3. Can't tell if this a bug or something but it is doing my tits in. Signed this Brazilian lad for a fair whack last season but he never joined until July 1st. I presumed selling Colley and Martinez would allow me to register him as a nonEU player but it wont let me click on him. The other nonEU player I signed at the same time I can add/remove as I like. Anyway I sold a Brazilian winger I quite liked just to free up space but it still says ineligible... Any ideas?
  4. this one is particularly annoying as Wadi Degla came 2nd that year in the league and I won the league and champions league double.
  5. Just realised I forgot to update on the end of the Juve season tl;dr Finished 4th after getting the cigars out when we confirmed CL qualification but no chance of winning the league with four games left. Won the Coppa Italia
  6. f**k up mate. Ye sound like Douglas Ross
  7. Now that I've won the WC, European and South American championships I might see if I can win the CONCACAF, African Nations, Asian Cup and Oceanic Cup. Anyway. Back to Juve
  8. Italy, 4th in the world, nothing really outstanding about their campaign until the last ten minutes of their semi final v France... 15 minutes in. The only highlight has been a free kick from Italy that went well wide... I took a calculated gamble and played Pinto Nunes up front today. He hasn't scored all tournament and has been playing on the right. Thought "f**k it!". A ball over the top of a static Italian defence and he runs on... If they had played my boy Chiesa at left back he woulda cleared that... Deep cross to the back post. My attacking midfielder in the world who is really a striker volleys it at goal. Keeper saves but he scores the rebound from a tight angle... Half time! Can't wait to see how I balls this up... 60 minutes.... No change in the score. My keeper done well in a one-on-one very similar to our own first goal. Vinicious Junior's came off for top goalscorer Fabio. Bringing and out and out winger on for an inside forward to stretch em a bit. 75 minutes... Centreback comes on for my tiring BWM to kick c***s in the midde of the park. Also some fresh legs behind the striker and made him a trequirista because, f**k it, it's only a game CIGARS OUT! My trick-or-treater beats two men and hits a fucking shite daisy cutter straight at the keeper who fumbles it and Luis Carlos taps it in.
  9. Side quest. I decided I will quit Brazil no matter what after this World Cup. Will it be a wipe out like my attempt with France? Let's see Group Stage Absolute cake walk. Smashed Denmark 4-0. They had already spanked New Zealand 3-0 so played the 2nd XI v New Zealand knowing even a slim defeat would see us through but we put 8 past them anyway. Lol. 2nd round v Japan Japan beat Jamaica 1-0 but lost 2-0 to Poland. 17th in the world. Should win... Really weird stats there. 60%+ possession for Japan and not a single shot on target. Defended brilliantly. Bit shaky up front but a coupla early goals in the 2nd half settled any nerves. 3rd round v The Netherlands. Eight in the world and my keeper in goal and two of my centre backs in defence but conceded 1 v Australia and 2 v Qatar so look a bit dodgy. Still they've won all three game so far Made hard work of it. Once again the other team dominated possession. Don't know where that's coming from. Was comfortable throughout but a bit nervy with two goals lost from set pieces. Quarter Final v Spain. Since they humped ma France team they've won the Nations League and Euros and lost only three games in that time. 1st in the world and tournament favourites.. Stats don't tell the whole story. 3-1 and more shots, shots on target and possession but this was a game light on highlights. Only when Luis Carlos, who usually plays as a striker, came on at AML did we really spark into action and he scored two belters. Defence was phenomenal. Semi final v Serbia. 11th in the world and lost their first game 1-0 v Burkina Faso before spanking USA 5-1. Needed extra to beat the swiss but then got a surprise 1-0 victory of the English (yey) in the quarters before putting four past Tunisia. Seem very hit or miss. We did not play well but, also, didn't play badly. A dodgy penalty for handball when a Serbia player had no one near him was required. So we are onto the final v Italy!
  10. My Europa League run comes to an end. After a 5-1 hammering of PSV at home they scored three goals in nine minutes early doors in Eindhoven. Squeeky bum time but we scored a few more to square it up. Then we played Schalke... Beat us 3-1 in Turin. Smashed us 5-1 away. In the Copa 3-2 victories in both legs against Atalanta got us through to the final... We've done well against Lazio in the two league games so hoping for some silverware there My main aim this year is Champions League qualification. The club needs it financially and I need it to end this game. That's on track but, despite being top at the halfway point, we'd dipped a bit. Serie A Champs might be beyond me but we have AC away next and Sampdoria at home at the end of the month. Apart from those two all our other opposition are in the bottom half of the table. Quite excited about next year. Here's the elder statesmen of my squad... Dragowski, Olmo and Bentacur are retiring. No great loss with any of them. This will free up £550,000 per week in wages. Martinez has been useful but is fading fast, Colley is back up at best and getting rid of both will free up two nonEU spots. Happy for Ajer, Rubino and de Ligt to stay. All have a year left in them even as back up but wouldn't KB a decent offer either. Gomes, Cangiano and de Ron can get to f**k asap. Feddal's on a two year loan but will play less next year Big rebuild on the horizon. Cannae wait. Iker Alvarez was available on a free at the start of the season and has over 100 caps. He'll be my third choice for the foreseeable just as cover so I can loan out younger, better, keepers and give them game time.
  11. There were a coupla more signings I'll get to later. I've took over a Juventus team bleeding money and who have missed out on the Champions League two years in a row. I sold their best player. We smashed the Europa League group stage as expected v Genk, Malmo and some Portuguese mob but how is the Serie A campaign going? We lost three of our first six matches including Juventus's worst ever defeat which happened to be against our biggest rivals. Lol Went on a wee run since then. Very tight at the top tho. Now I explained that I signed Pinto Nunes because someone else was going in for him and Durand on a two year loan but look at the other part of my strike force Who is this Dragutin Bronic? Like Nunes I had eyes on him and was hoping to leave him a year in Croatia then snap him up next year but some bigger teams were sniffing and I couldn't risk not getting him 15 goals in 13 games for me. I fucking love him. As does the rest of the world...
  12. A few years back I went Man U and won the domestic treble and the Champions League. I never made favoured personnel but I brought Phil Marsh on as a sub in a league cup game v Liverpool and he scored two injury times goals in a 2-1 and was instantly an icon.
  13. Two fellas come in on loan. Some shite utility lad who can cover left back as cover and a youngster who I gave his France debut to when he was 17 but has been fannying about in the Man City reserves/good loan spells ever since.
  14. This team isn't even in the Champions League this year and aint good enough to win it even if we were. A lot of our players are over 32. I need to start signing top quality young players now and, with that in mind, I sold our best player for £100,000,000 A bit gutted. I've voted him World Player of the Year about half a dozen times. Needs must. I especially needed a non-EU player to leave because this guy's release clause was suddenly being met and I was desperate to get him He's been in the Brazil squad a few times but yet to make a debut. I was close to signing him with Gremio and Cruz Azul. In two year time he'll be a better player than he who just left plus I made an £80,000,000 profit and knocked £100k a week of the wage bill. That bargain makes up for spending £25 million on this guy... My scouts got that one wrong. They had him up for up to five star potential and I was willing to overlook his important stats being in the low teens as I expect them to get a bit higher. Doubt he'll ever be first choice centre back now I see his full potential but he's not awful. £10,000,000 for this lad. He'll fight it out with the current #1, who retired at the end of this season, and will probably end up being back up when I get a real top notch keeper in but I aint too worried about that now. He's decent. Now, picture the scene, there's a left back in the Italy squad worth £60 million, beyond my budget, but when he was sold by his previous club he had a £35 million buy back clause and 40% of future fee negotiated. So yer man was able to get a £60,000,000 player for under £20,000,000 net. Nice. Got two amazing full backs now and a decent starting XI
  15. A few older players in amongst that and Argumosa wants to leave. Happy enough with my attacking options in the first year but might want to snap up a few decent youngsters to take over in due course. The real issue is defence Shit an old.Finished 5th last year. In the Europa League. Expected to get that again this year.
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