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  1. Fairly sure they moved fans from their own seats to sell them to both sides of the bigot brothers.... With free PA access for party tunes thrown in.... Obviously Rosie doesn't see irony before he posts nonsense.
  2. Exactly this. What's hard to understand? Rosie having a mare here [emoji1787]
  3. I think Clarke has done just about enough to warrant seeing out the WC qualifiers and for the SFA to have an overall look of his tenure at that point. We have already hashed the nation's league route and not exactly been flying in these qualifiers so far but he has an evolving squad now and let's see how he brings it forward. If we make a decent fist of it with an entirely improving style of play then he will have done enough to get next euro's. If it's continual caveman stuff playing hoofball with poor team selections then look elsewhere for next euro campaign.
  4. Had good spells in the game but didn't make the most of it particularly in the first 45. Accies shaded it and definitely much better at the "anywhere will do" defending than Ayr. Keeps it interesting.
  5. I would miss football but not as much as it would mean I started following a club rival so i would be stuck with the national team... [emoji1751] On second thoughts put the candy away n follow my fav bpl team.
  6. The show is definitely on the up again.
  7. Ayr in good form and thistle apparently in some sort of pessimistic turmoil. Easy one to call this. 2-1 Ayr with a side order of McCall bemoaning luck at the end of the 90.
  8. Great result and a really comfortable win for Ayr.
  9. A very good and much welcome win for Kerr and the team. Early days yet and time will tell however the boss seems to have the squad on board which gives it a decent chance. Hate lording it over another team [emoji23] but I will enjoy this result tonight for sure. Mon Ayr!!!
  10. Interesting appointment and can't say I am disappointed as he knows the club well enough. Much prefer an appointment like this to giving the job to a failure from another club.
  11. More fluffed lines against our over spending hammer throwing friends fae up bye. Cannot complain about the result when we miss as many chances as we did. Usual meh performance from referee but hey ho no excuses caley had a game plan and despite their defence living a charmed life it worked well for them.
  12. Since Fergie left it has taken Man Utd 3 managers and around £1billion to reach these levels of mediocrity. Fair play...
  13. Mourinho it is then [emoji849] Seriously though this is a good point. If McCall does leave then hopefully they will advertise the post and go through interviews with interested candidates like they done when they brought him to the club rather than a rushed appointment.
  14. Decent enough result considering the injury list and a well deserved 3 points.
  15. Great 3 points as always but has to be said thistle imploded with the 2 sending offs. Brannigan and Gordon obviously overdone the neuro toxins before the game crazy stuff from both. I thought the Forrest goal should have stood and the thistle penalty was soft at best however the result ended up fair so no complaints.
  16. Horrific decision from the linesman to chop that goal off. Guid heider for the first goal though. 1-1 but gonna be a few more goals in this by the look o it.
  17. Apart from possibly of these colt teams bringing decent crowds there is absolutely no benefits to be had with this madcap proposal. The super spfl looking to further diminish the integrity of a league set up that disproportionately benefits the premiership clubs. As already been said get this idea tae f**k!
  18. Not finished laughing at Falkirk yet it's not easy to shake that one [emoji849] Making the playoffs has been a fantastic and we'll deserved achievement from this squad. There shouldn't be any pressure on Ayr in these playoffs while the other 3 clubs involved are obviously budgeting for top flight football next season
  19. Just watched it there and I am rather disappointed tbh. I was hoping for more of a workout for the team for the bigger games ahead. Och well I don't suppose the shooting practice will have done us any harm. Mon Ayr.
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