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  1. get it right roond ye

  2. Coldstream 3-4 Edinburgh United yesterday. Incredible game at Home Park. United 2-0 and 3-1 up conceded in the 88th and 91st minutes. With the game level at 3-3 they won it with Stephen Scott scoring a 93rd minute winner. Crowd 95.
  3. Have me on ignore out just pick and choose . Not allowed to take the mickey out of other clubs I’ve really heard it all now.
  4. I don’t do insults so I’ll keep this as polite as I can. You really aren’t very bright.
  5. Just wow ! Hopefully the real fans will make the trip down. I’ll be at the match in my seat GB .
  6. ... where were you when the Lolverpool squad was making up dedicated threads and posting page after page. Have you taken me off ignore GMan ?
  7. Dalkeith Thistle U20s 2-1 Edinburgh United U20s on Friday night. Crowd 69.
  8. Yesterday’s Bonnyrigg Rose v Threave Rovers programme ...
  9. Will be there as always too. Fair play to the SFA for giving out free tickets to youth groups. Although I had paid them for them and to call for a refund.
  10. Some upsets last night Spyro. Watched Dalkeith beat on form Edinburgh United 2-1 at Kings Park. Thought a draw would have been a fair result but could have been 5-5. Great league.
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