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  1. Live Football On TV | Football On Television In The UK (live-footballontv.com) SKY
  2. Fulham was halfway decent apart from the last 20 mins where it looked to me as if they decided a point was sufficient. Since then, it has been awful. McNeil is a disappointment as is Gueye to be honest. Goals look as if they are going to be hard to come by, so a struggle is almost definite
  3. I agree to an extent that DL is not the key issue. The main problem for him, or anyone else who takes the job, is the lack of funds, the structure, the instability and continual change of Board members. How many people have been on the Board in the past ten years? You cannot put together a long-term plan and deliver on it if those in charge are changing regularly. The CIC played a part at the time when everyone had to pull together to make sure we had a club, but I think it has had its day. As well as finding a new ground, I think a new ownership with the ability to fund some progress is as important. Otherwise, we could find ourselves at Crownpoint (or anywhere else) and struggling /declining. Remember we went to Broadwood and effectively got relegated in the first season killing any enthusiasm. For me, the structure and financing of the club are more important than the manager. If he has to go - I suggest speaking with Steven Naismith who this weekend was suggesting he would like a job beyond the national team coaching. Part time with Clyde and Scotland? Whoever it is, money will continue to be a problem both in terms of salary and budget for players.
  4. Yes, that was poor. Hopefully a much better performance and result to come on Saturday to get a lift. Off to Fulham next weekend, so I hope it is not another weak away performance.
  5. What additional insight or knowledge do you have that beings you to that conclusion?
  6. I'm sure we had contracts with NLC too. Anyway, once you are at a point of two parties having to refer to contracts then the relationship is rocky. Lets hope the other guy maintains the day to day and there is indeed nothing to see.
  7. Former Accies chairman Ronnie McDonald returns as chief executive and he outlined further changes at New Douglas Park after a “financially draining” 30 months took a toll on the cinch Championship side. Just when you thought stability & good relations were the order of the day...
  8. I agree - thought he did ok for the most part. On Kennedy, again thought he did ok, particularly going forward but needs to work on his defensive position. As for Rodden, I think some are being a bit harsh. When he came on he had about 10 mins with someone in front of him, before we went down to 10 men. He frequently got given a pass and when he looked down the line there was no out-ball, so he had to turn back or pass infield where it was crowded. Cuddihy on the other hand.....looks unfit, looks a little bit disinterested (disappointed he did not get his move maybe?). A couple of players would make all the difference. A full back and a good attacking midfielder perhaps.
  9. Lanarkshire stadium labelled an 'eyesore' as shocking new pictures show decrepit state (msn.com)
  10. The above mentioned Gerry Marshall and Pat McCluskey in the same photo
  11. I suspect Jimmy Choo is a shoe-in for someone at the wind-up on this thread.
  12. What do the French say for Deja Vu? Failed again and looking around for someone to have a hissy fit at....
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