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  1. 2200 at £10 average means Clyde will get about £8k. I think it is steep for a ground with few facilities and the likelihood of a drenching in January, however we were obviously complicit so it is what it is.
  2. Hopefully a venn diagram would show a major overlap of owners and ST Holders...…………………………………….
  3. And me. There is no logic to diving there...……….
  4. Pish town, pish people, pish stewards. Just pish really and I am glad it is you not us.
  5. I agree on Brown. I have no love for Brown at all, but all possible options should be considered.
  6. From the point of view of getting the qualifying monkey off our back then it would be great to win away for a change. However, the scope for some hammerings in the summer make it a double edged sword.
  7. I would think victory tomorrow is important from a financial perspective. A wee cup run would help in our plans to hold onto some players. Any no word on fit strikers?
  8. Just to build on this - want to watch Man C V Chelsea afterwards, and get food maybe. Is there anywhere showing football that will let under-age teens in ? Does Wetherspoons do football or do we need somewhere else?
  9. Sometimes you do not need 150 words when three will describe the situation most eloquently.
  10. Good for you. Hope that is sufficient recompense for being a real supporter of a very expensive to watch but very average team.
  11. Marshmalloesque deflection. 🤣 Hope our victories keep you down...
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