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  1. I cancelled mine last April when it was becoming clear we would not see much in the way of live sport with crowds (for atmosphere). So far that is 9 months @ £25 saved, that paid for the ST for Clyde (I would have bought one anyway but now it is 'free'). Sky sports is losing the plot now anyway when you watch Sky sports news. I may consider renewing when crowds are back and the Ryder cup is on.
  2. Has last season's decisions set a precedent that they must follow? Any other option chosen now, would smack of favouritism to whoever it benefited. Missing the opportunity to set the rules in advance is really stupid - from the outside looking in.
  3. Unbelievable. Still 8 months away and EJ have cancelled these flights. Now scrabbling around for what will most certainly be more expensive replacements as accommodation is booked.
  4. Clearly not everyone is on the same page in football. Peter Grant of Alloa. “What Celtic did is nothing to do with anybody. It is nobody’s business. People are making an issue of health concerns. If they had been told before they went that they couldn’t go they would have said fine, we can’t go and that would have been it. That wasn’t the case. Listen, the criticism they are getting is not because they have flown to Dubai, it is because they lost to Rangers. If they had beaten Rangers and then flown away then no-one would have been bothering their backsides.
  5. That would leave us wit ha situation where a. we would be punished for players becoming ill in a pandemic trying to do their job and b. the spfl realising that there is a serious pandemic and cutting short the league in case people got ill trying to do their job.
  6. Don't forget they will be kecking it with regard to upsetting anyone wedded to the 10-in-a-row scenario. It will be like a scene from dad's army if they have to take a decision on that.
  7. I actually think we should just stop now. Put players back on furlough where possible, use the Govt grant for fixed costs. This could get very messy trying to call leagues with fewer than 50% of games played. I will go back to my suggestion of last year - merge L1 and L2 for one season. At the end of 2021/22 the top 10 stay in L1 and all others into L2.
  8. Scottish FA Board confirms three-week suspension of professional football beneath SPFL Championship | Scottish FA I have not read all of this yet, but we will have around 14 weeks to play around 19 league games plus Scottish cup ties. Assuming of course that 3 weeks is enough and it isn't extended. Implications are 1. An extension would mean players essentially starting again after an extended break - fitness implications 2. If weather is bad Feb/Mar then timetable becomes very squeezed 3. Could they call the league again? Would that mean Forfar down and Clyde in play offs? QP up and what about Brechin and LL again? O r do they write it all off? Peterhead have played three games more than Clyde and two more than Dumbarton. Falkirk one more than Airdrie. Messy again. Could be a repeat of last year and as far as I know they did not agree any rules for an incomplete season (not even 50% yet). Scottish cup - we would not play until early Feb at earliest - are the rest waiting for us?
  9. Is it possible a team of headline writers sit around a desk with their skinny lattes every day and work on what Old Firm headline will wind people up on here, and then review the posts the following day at the start of the next meeting?
  10. Make them sit in a room for 8 hours a day, every day for the rest of 2021, repeatedly listening to Margaret Ferrier's defence of her Covid related charge.
  11. Truly to finish off. I did answer, I said there isn't enough time to deal with all the important matters and that means therefore individuals have to prioritise. It is only illogical and emotional because you have already written it off as terrible without taking the time to think whether it has any merit. Enjoy your hobby!
  12. It's not a terrible opinion, it is just a different one to yours. I would argue you no one has enough time in their day to deal with all the important matters in our society. Your dismissal of my opinion as terrible actually supports my view that with people like yourself, if it doesn't sit well with your narrative then it has no value. If my opinion has no value then this 'debate' is a waste of my time and yours.
  13. However, if you just ignored the apparent bias, and got on with the really important issues in life like Covid, Child abuse, Syria, Uighurs and drug abuse, then you could actually make a positive worthwhile change, rather than spending time jumping on opinions about relatively marginal subjects. Only my opinion you understand.
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