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  1. If we beat Morton we could be top. If we lose we could be bottom.
  2. Maybe the guy is keeping his options open? He isn't obliged to sign just because he has had a couple of trials
  3. Agreed. How much of the good performance was driven by the fact that it was England? Had it been Italy, Portugal or Germany away would we have got a 0-0 and looked in the game? Lets see what happens in Copenhagen and Vienna...no excuses
  4. Only took 5 pages. Sponsors money spread more thinly. The issue with the success of the national team is quality of coaching/new ideas/thinking linked to an unhealthy outlook in life for 15-19 year olds in this country. How many really good players at that age have failed because they could not hack the discipline required? The SFA has performance schools already, do they not? Put them in if it such a good idea - Holyrood, Braidhurst etc. How many players have they discovered, developed in recent years compared to the OF? Hungary, Switzerland, Croatia , Sweden, Ukraine have all performed well. We have had 23 years to spot what is wrong, and still can't see it.
  5. I think there are two points here. I am not happy at the Euros performances and I think the draw at Wembley is hiding some weaknesses, however you do risk getting a lower quality manager if you sack Clarke, so per haps persevere through the WC. More importantly what last night showed up is that the players are simply not good enough. Midfield is supposed to be a strength and it was nowhere near the Croatian midfield in terms of quality. Despite their bloated salaries, players like Armstrong, McGregor (good goal last night), Dykes , O'Donnell and McKenna are just not of an international level to help the team to progress.
  6. Did the players have a day at home last week with families or have they been at camp throughout?
  7. This. We are never brave, always a bit safe, no real mobility that you see in other teams. Rigid and frigid.
  8. And we could pay 7 quid for a pint I am going on Saturday - is that what they are charging?
  9. Don't forget grown adults with see you Jimmy hats. Cringeworthy beyond belief. It's like a clown show at the North Pier.
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