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  1. The above mentioned Gerry Marshall and Pat McCluskey in the same photo
  2. I suspect Jimmy Choo is a shoe-in for someone at the wind-up on this thread.
  3. What do the French say for Deja Vu? Failed again and looking around for someone to have a hissy fit at....
  4. We can put this away in a drawer until around July 3rd or so. At that point we will bemoan the lack of quality available and sign an appropriate L1 team which will derided on here.
  5. The posts above include a lot of noise around this, not surprisingly since the news is only 24 hours old and people need time to get their head around it. The shop, the buses, trains, DGW and everything else are short term small fry issues. The key here is to learn from the mistakes in terms of our role in not making Broadwood a success. Assuming a new site can be found and developed with partners at a sensible and sustainable cost then several questions need to be asked and answered. Will we invest in a commercial team? Will we invest in youth and community? Will we invest in a Board and Admin team who have the bandwidth to do all that needs to be done to support a flourishing club? Will we go and look at clubs elsewhere in the UK who have to do this sort of thing - e.g. MK Dons, FC United, Barnet (dispute with council) Will we maintain constructive and positive relationships with whoever our partners turn out to be? Will we price the football at a level that can attract a new community to the games - £17 for L1 in this economic environment is not going to do it. Money will be the determinant of much of the above. The support of whatever proposals come will also be key as no more mistakes/splits/failures are acceptable - last chance saloon.
  6. I see that we have a number of options for using up ST money on the website. I have a good bit left over so would like to buy some kit. Does anyone know if the shop is open at any time other than before a home game, as it says kit/training gear has to be purchased from the shop? Appreciate any helpful info.
  7. Just thinking about that on the way home. Question for Danny at next Q&A - how does he see the team set up and tactics changing now that we are without DG? It's now mid March and we have 16pts from 13 games and he has not been involved in many of those.
  8. Agreed. Splaine is most certainly key to our midfield for his sheer energy if nothing else. Call out for Jones too. If we are going to criticise his energy, application and skill most weekends then we need to acknowledge he did well today. As for the support - won't make me popular, but mainly got behind the team, whilst some still haven't completely learned a lesson.
  9. Utterly poor attempt at trying to recover a position. Bleating like sheep.
  10. Club in self-induced turmoil all week, the 'big' team in the division rolls into town, and still can't beat with all their crowds, money and ambition. And on top of that they have the shitiest commentator EVER. Same division again next year chumps.
  11. Seven pages, that's SEVEN fckn pages, and not one of these people have stuck their heads above the parapet to either a. Tell us their next steps b. Tell us to f**k off because they don't know their next steps or c. Apologise and just FRO So fckn angry. Shutting down for a wee while before I explode.
  12. If he sprints across the M74 he can reach South Lanarkshire. Watch out for the trucks though....
  13. Hello, is that EKFC club secretary? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hello is that Rutherglen Glencairn's club secretary? Bzzzzzzzzzzzz Hello is that Shettleston Juniors club secretary? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Eh hello, is that Spartak Moscow's club secretary? Da, hallo Clyde man!
  14. So not a final post after all. It took a much shorter timescale for the shit to hit the fan than even I anticipated. Even the most arrogant, naive and stupid people involved in this farce must be beginning to see the arrogance, naivety and stupidity of what they have done. A 140 year-old football club is now in serious danger because some people thought using their influence to get their way in a world where they are hugely out of their depth was big and clever. I would say take a minute to reflect on your actions, but there will be some involved who will still defend their position and refuse to see an alternative viewpoint.
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