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  1. Once you leave school you realise that Thistle (or their fans) are no more irritating, disgusting or irrelevant than Alloa, Albion Rovers, Hamilton or Livingston. They aren't in the same league as Celtic for being a horrendous club with horrible fans. Yours in sport. PS and Hearts - I should add them to the not so nice list.
  2. Falkirk are providing a pay-per-view service for their live stream of tomorrow's League 1 match. Click here to visit the Falkirk TV website to purchase an pay-per-view ticket. Please note, tickets must be purchased by 2.30pm on Saturday. The pay-per-view price is £13.99. Never slow to charge more than anyone else. 🤑
  3. Last bit should be action number 1 for the recruitment team. By the way , what do you call a woman with her head in the oven? Bridie The old ones are the best!!!!😅
  4. Hopefully that prediction is delivered before we play you in game 18.
  5. It does. Importantly they play Forfar, Airdrie and Peterhead, all still in the bottom half mix, so dropped points in each of those for someone around us.
  6. This short season thing has something going for it. Every team has something to play for, so plenty odd results yet. Two 18 game seasons every year now please!
  7. First heard that song on a train from Bergerac to Bordeaux on the morning of the Norway game. Some Japanese tourists thought it was great fun. The novelty wore off a long, long time ago with that song. I was at Villa Park for the Holland game. Great day out and great defensive performance.
  8. IMHO the game at Somerset the previous week was the issue. We battered them, scored an own goal when 1-0 up and that is what opened the door for ICT. If we win at Somerset the game v ICT becomes a moot point.
  9. We'll never know. I was at the Leeds game as a young boy with my dad. 0-0 IIRC
  10. I can't see that many people asking for a refund, so surely it must have been more complex than that?
  11. I think you do. Putting job titles aside, you appear to be questioning the success of the club whilst stating that the individuals held senior posts during the period of abject failure.
  12. There are a few factors, some brought about by our own poor decision-making and some more out of our control. The decision to stop us playing in Europe in 67 was something we look back on with regret as it could have provided a real platform for building something longer lasting. Getting caught outside the top ten not long afterwards when leagues were restructured was also a big factor. The third was having to leave Shawfield, drifting for 7 years, and then after doing a lot of good work to close the deal on Broadwood we failed to capitalise on it. Finally, making an arse of the last couple of games in 2004 to miss out on promotion to the Premier was the final straw.
  13. Gary Murray and Angus Smith. Clipping from the Glasgow Herald here. Their forenames aren't in the clipping but I've read those in from elsewhere. How about that for journalism on the Hearts story? Just noticed it under the reference to the question about Clyde game scorers....
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