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  1. Where on earth are you getting that he's African-American though?
  2. Bizarre post What a load of utter deflection and whataboutery. It's very very clear that this was a muslim based attack. The only thing that remains to be seen was whether it was a lone wolf who is sympathetic to IS, or an actual planned IS attack.
  3. In the same way, you wouldn't expect cities like Nice in the French riviera to be targeted rather than the political centre in Paris. London is the biggest target in the UK but Edinburgh and Glasgow are right up there with Birmingham/Manchester/Liverpool/Cardiff etc as the next biggest targets. The suits as Islamic State's head office won't be psychoanalysing the current geopolitical status of the UK when planning which city to attack. Even if we were independent, Glasgow and Edinburgh would still be potential targets.
  4. I think we need to accept that Muslims are going to blow one another up regardless. That's just what they do. Our focus should be on preventing attacks on NATO, EU and Commonwealth nations.
  5. So they basically want us all to be muslim or die? That's justification for blowing them to smithereens.
  6. Not at all. You just have to look at the attacks in Turkey and Baghdad. In saying that, the Western world is desensitised to Muslims blowing one another up. It's when they attack an ally of ours like they've done last night that it becomes a serious problem for the UK.
  7. No, they don't want "intolerance". They want non-muslims dead.
  8. Perhaps not, but we'd be seen to be doing something. The recruiters wouldn't be able to get into the UK and potential recruits wouldn't get back in if they left to go to a training camp in Syria.
  9. This was a good post. Islam is 99% a religion of peace BUT the 1% who twist it are causing far too much devastation, how would you address this?
  10. Can you very specifically explain why?
  11. How on earth is IS nearly finished?
  12. Shut down all mosques and don't let Muslims in to the country. For the ones that were born here it would be a little harder but the best bet would be to not allow them back in if they leave.
  13. Sounds like the attacker was a French-Tunisian which suggests IS sympathies, rather than a pre planned IS attack I have to seriously wonder if it's time to ban Islam
  14. Federer as well. There's a school of thought that he might retire on the spot if he wins gold. Serbia v Great Britain in the davis cup this weekend Friday Edmund v Tipsarevic Ward v Lajovic Saturday J.Murray & Inglot v Tipsarevic & Zimonjic Sunday Edmund v Lajovic Ward v Tipsarevic
  15. Any word on who will be the Deputy Prime Minister? Of course, Clegg held it as a standalone post during the coalition, but since the General Election Osbourne has been chancellor and DPM, so it's entirely possible Phillip Hammond may get this tag.
  16. Rumours that Boris is getting foreign sec
  17. I'd love Murray to win wimbledon again but I'm under no illusions, Federer always destroys him in the big games. I'd even prefer him to play Djokovic.
  18. Andy needs Raonic to beat Federer to have any chance of winning this now
  19. May and Gove would be the best two candidates. I'd prefer those two to be the shortlist, with May winning
  20. I hope I'm wrong but Fed would beat Murray in the final in 3 or 4 sets
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