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  1. To be fair he couldn't foresee his keeper chucking one in the net to get Morton back in the game
  2. Looks like the Friday Night Championship curse will continue as the team in front at half time go on to either draw or lose the game
  3. Looking at the highlights most good play/chances for Ayr came through Forrest and he should have scored when through on goal. Good goal and second half performance from Dundee
  4. Apparently QOTS have warned fans they will be chucked out if they feed the seagulls
  5. Good performance by Rangers but disappointed to have gifted this Danish team 2 goals
  6. Looking at highlights thought Arbroath were unlucky with the goal ruled out for offside
  7. Suspension carried over from his time at Stranraer
  8. Referee have given Dundee a lifeline with that penalty decision, they barely deserve it
  9. If you have Sky you can find BBC Scotland on Channel 457 in England
  10. Particularly with the 7.05pm kickoff
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