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  1. Yeah but Murray's header was clearly over the line so decisions evened themselves out
  2. Clark seemed to be that player and Shankland hasn't been as good since he got injured
  3. Hopefully with Arbroath game on Wednesday they will recover sufficiently to play
  4. Looking at 1885ben YouTube vlog it looks a bad decision by the linesman
  5. Alloa's winning goal looks clearly offside
  6. Looking at the highlights I don't see anything that the Inverness player did for their goal to be chopped off, keeper made an error and the referee has got him out of jail. Really silly goal to give away by Inverness
  7. First season playing full time football, will likely be next season before we see the best from him
  8. If you haven't listened to Off The Ball last Saturday you should as Ray Bradshaw(Soccer FM) and ex Thistle manager Gary Caldwell came face to face and Ray didn't hold back about Caldwell's time as Thistle manager
  9. Brechin City has a Vimeo account Hedge TV for its highlights nowadays Albion Rovers don't have highlights as far as I can find
  10. Expected Nisbet to score with the 2 chances he had first half but other than that we created very little. What is the music you play when you score?
  11. Thought it was a penalty but we got away with Nisbet taking an awful penalty
  12. Craw made the subs thinking about the Ayr game in midweek but given Ayr couldn't get today's game on, would have to think Tuesdays game is doubtful unless it warms up significantly
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