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  1. This is what The Rangers are charging us at the weekend. Adult – £29 Concession – £22 (over 65s & 16/17 year olds) Under 16s – £11 Wheelchair disabled – Adult £16, concession £12 & £7 juniors with carer free of charge Ambulant disabled supporters pay the age appropriate price. Carer free of charge
  2. I'm not so sure. Hamilton have lost a few players and are no better, St Mirren are a shambles and Ross County are no better than us when we went up.. I think if we can get off to another good start, we could be ok.
  3. One thing with Hoppy is that you'll have the fittest squad in the Championship. Hoppy's teams are all about hard work, winning the ball back and being fitter than the opposition. What an amazing appointment for Morton. I genuinely think you boys will do well next year.
  4. So Livi fans what would you prefer to see. Dundee being relegated this weekend and us celebrating them going down at the Spaghettihad or them surviving for another week only for us to crush them a week on Saturday and send them down. I'm torn.
  5. This reminds me of us (Livingston) four seasons ago. Poor team, Mark Burchill as manager, we went down via the playoffs with Hopkin in charge after he took over just before Christmas. Everyone was calling for his head, the defence was shocking, it was all doom and gloom. The board kept Hopkin on, he built his own team and we ended up in the Premiership. Don't lose hope Falkirk fans, relegation may be blessing in disguise for you, if it happens.
  6. Maybe with Halkett in their defence, we'll only beat them 4-0 next time.
  7. I'd be shocked if Holt got sacked. We were expected to finish last. We're sitting in 9th, 16 points ahead of relegation play off with 10 games to go. A wee push and a bit of luck and we could get top 6. If you asked anyone at the start of the season if they'd take the position we're in just now, they'd bite your hand off for it. I think common sense is needed here. Holt won't be sacked, he's done too good a job for that.
  8. Well we know that Jonathan Sutherland reads P&B, called the game El Plastico as if it was his own joke. Get yer own material ya thief.
  9. They could have given some credit. I've seen it quoted a couple of times on twitter as well.
  10. I don't see a match thread for the game on Saturday. A tough game ahead for us against a very good Killie team. With Byrne suspended, how do you see us line up? I kind of liked the first half lineup before Byrne saw red on Saturday. I reckon we'll line up as follows Kelly Gallagher Halkett Lithgow Odofin Lamie Jacobs Lawson Pittman Robinson Hardie
  11. Aye, he grinds out dodgy looking plants, shoves it in his cookpot with the virgins and gives it to the players....
  12. Naw but we use a witch doctor as a physio and sacrifice a virgin before every game for luck. You boys cannae dae that as there's no virgins in Dundee....
  13. There is the full game replay of this game on Alba at 6pm. If you're not going, then you could avoid the score and watch it then.
  14. Spot on, I can't disagree with any of this. Holt seems so married to the 3-5-2 that we don't have many guys who can play at fullback outwith Lamie and the new guy. Our cover for them if we go to a back 4 is Gallagher and Lithgow. Erskine and Wylde have not impressed at all since coming in. I'm just glad we have a cushion going into the last few games of the season.
  15. I like that team but isn't Jacobs injured? Perhaps Lawson in for Jacobs if he is still out for this game.
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